Sunday, June 04, 2006

Murder Most Foul

Only two men, Shakespeare and Doystoevsky, would not be surprised at the depths of depravity that our society has reached. Doystoevsky, because he had great vision and because he lived in a century where the seeds of decadence were starting to sprout; and Shakespeare, because of the depth of his vision and his unparalleled insights into the human soul, would not be surprised. But if we were to take any other man or woman from any century other than the 20th or 21st century, they would die from shock if they could see what we have become.

Murder like the Shiavo murder is something that goes on daily in our hospitals, but this murder took on a particularly depraved aspect when the news hounds gleefully reported the torture and death of the young woman. Unspeakably foul. Only Shakespeare could have written about it.

I kept hearing about the ‘law.’ Jeb Bush couldn’t call out the National Guard and order a military doctor to put the feeding tube back in because we “must respect the law” you know. What law? There is no law in this country. True law comes from God. It is a by-product and not a thing in and of itself. If the law is not God-based then it is not a law. We are a Godless nation and therefore a lawless nation. Naked power – no, let’s put it more strongly – satanic power rules this nation. Lukewarm pagan-Catholicism and moral majority Protestantism will be crushed like mush before the star-spangled citadel of Satan that is the United States. We need the fire of the Old Testament prophets and the sword of King Arthur if we truly want to rid the nation of a depravity that is unrivaled by any previous civilization, whether it be Nazi Germany or Sodom and Gomorrah.

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