Sunday, June 18, 2006

Not a Proposition, Part II

What was good in the United States came from the traditions and culture of white Europe. The good had nothing to do with the U.S. Constitution. As the U.S., at first gradually and then swiftly, abandoned the traditions and culture that sustained her, she took ill and died. The country we now live in has nothing in common with the country that once existed. Mexicans openly boast that the southwestern U.S. is now part of Mexico, a white male professor is fired for using the word ‘niggardly,’ and a liberal, white, talk show host is fired for mistakenly using the word ‘coon’ instead of ‘coup’ in the same sentence with Condoleezza Rice’s name. The only race that ever created a Christian culture is now a pariah race in nations that were created and sustained by that race.

And it is whites who have turned whites over to the barbarians. It was white men who changed the U.S. immigration policy in 1965, and it is white men today who have opened up our borders to the colored people of the world. On this issue, church and state are united. The propositional Christians hold hands with the propositional neocons and celebrate the colossal tower of Babel that is the United States.

There are only a few small pockets of resistance to the colored invasion. By and large, white people are not fighting back. Why? There are many reasons but I think the primary reason is religious. The colored races, whether Aztec or African, have a simple pagan view of race: “My race shall conquer and subjugate all other races.” The white man, when he was Christian, had a different view: “My race must conquer and then rule benevolently because without white rule, mankind will descend into darkness.”

As long as the white race was Christian, the colored races were held at bay; but a hideous Gnostic cancer reared its head and opened the colored flood gates. When Christianity became a theory rather than a faith, sin became corporate rather than individual. Evil no longer existed in individual human beings; it existed in groups of human beings. And of course the white male became the source of all evil. The only way a white male could atone for his whiteness was to renounce his white heritage and worship the men of color. One can see a microcosm of this hideous white atonement every time there is some kind of sporting event. White males fill stadiums and gather around the television set to worship the gods of color. In the post-Christian churches, the priests and pastors regularly denounce the white race and extol the virtues and sinlessness of the colored races. The current head of the Catholic Church wanted, or so he said, a black Pope to worship.

The second ‘why’ I ask, having seen that whites have encouraged the colored invasion because they are no longer Christian, is why have the whites abandoned Christianity?

The reason is that paganism is a lot easier. In the Old Testament, the Israelites were always returning to Baal. A personal God who demands a behavior above and beyond pagan behavior can be a very depressing God. But while the gods like Baal, Cybele, or Mithras do not place great ethical demands on their adherents, neither do they respond in an ethical, understanding way to man. That is why our European ancestors preferred Christ to the pagan gods, despite the fact that Christ demanded self-sacrifice and heroism.

The white man’s return to Baal has not made him happy. He never seems quite at home with the colored races. Try as he will to be a ‘natural’ man like the people of color, he cannot do it. He is uneasy, a “brooding melancholy resides in his soul.” This is why the Christian churches have not completely disappeared. They exist as halfway houses for the white man. He can go to them and eat their pagan cakes with Christian icing while he tells his melancholy soul that he has the best of both worlds, the pagan and the Christian. But the Christian-façade churches are halfway houses to hell. When complete paganization occurs, even the halfway houses will be annihilated.

There are some whites who could be brought back to the fold if they could be shown the desolation to come, but they lack vision and heart. They can’t picture a world where there is nothing but the barbarian night; and they do not love the old European civilization enough to yearn for something more fully European than the modern halfway houses.

The journals and magazines that constitute pockets of intellectual resistance to the colored invasion seem to have a policy of “let’s get the facts to the white people and stir up a spirit of righteous indignation.” This is certainly a worthwhile endeavor, but it is not sufficient. Giving the facts to white people will only stir up a tiny non-Gnostic minority. The Gnostic majority will remain unmoved. The New Orleans tragedy was a case in point. What happened in New Orleans was third world barbarism on a scale the major media outlets could not, as they usually do, completely ignore, but it didn’t convert any white people to the white cause. The experts put their spin on it: “It was only a handful of blacks,” “Anybody would have done the same thing under those conditions,” etc. At the root of the race problem is the white man’s deep-rooted conviction that truth, religious and secular, comes from experts. As long as the majority of whites have this Gnostic view of existence they will never be roused to resist the colored invasion. Yes, give the facts to those whites who have not fallen prey to the Gnostic-Thomistic heresy, but then take the battle into the camps of the three greatest enemies of Christian Europe: the organized churches, the organized forces of academia and the media, and the organized forces of corporate capitalism. Above all, the white Christian counterattack must go against the Christian churches, which have spawned the Gnostic heresy that has killed Christianity in Europe and its satellites.

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