Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Unholy Alliance

We supposedly have a free press in this country, and yet every major print and television news outlet always prints the same stories. Odd, isn’t it? And the major news outlets never print the real story, the story that concerns the real man, Unamuno’s man of flesh and bone. The real story for a man of flesh and bone for the last 38 years has been the colorization of the United States, capped off recently by the importation of Somalians and Bantus from Africa to small towns throughout the United States. And by colorization I don’t mean the process of turning black and white pictures to color; I mean the deliberate undermining of white European culture by an unholy alliance of post-Christian whites and non-white barbarians.

Of course, our media elite is part of the clique that has allied itself to the barbarians, so one would not expect them to report on the “real story.” But the colorization is an event that has never before taken place in human history. No race has ever before invited other races to annihilate it. Races and cultures have succumbed to other races and cultures – through invasion – but no race and culture has ever before said, “Come on in and destroy our race and our culture.” The white race is unique in this.

The white race is the only race of people that accepted Christianity in depth and breadth – meaning that most whites were Christians – and it penetrated deeply into many. Certainly other races had Christians among them, but not to the extent of the white race. Is this disputable? No, I think not. The 1930s movie called The Mask of Fu Manchu had the Fu Manchu character cursing the hero by calling him a “white Christian,” correctly linking white and Christian. One can also now link white and post-Christian. Just as only the white race formed a Christian culture, now only the white race has formed a post-Christian culture. And there is a certain sympathy between the post-Christian and the barbarian: both hate the old, white Christian culture. It is this mutual hate that makes the post-Christian white think he can blend with the colored races and form a brave new barbarian race and culture. But there is a significant difference between the colored barbarians and the post-Christian barbarians. The post-Christians are technocratic barbarians. Whereas the Aztecs tore out the hearts of human adults and children in public ceremonies, post-Christians tear out the hearts of human infants behind closed laboratory doors. And whereas the modern post-Christian capitalists sits with his laptop computer and downsizes unseen thousands into oblivion, the Negro walks the streets of our cities and chops up thousands of innocent whites in a perfect imitation of the Mau Maus of the old Belgian Congo.

The white post-Christian thinks by mating with the colored, sharing his prosperity with the colored, and sacrificing his fellow whites to the bloodlust of the barbarians (“always thee, and never me”), he can save his own precious, sterile, technocratic life. But it won’t work for the simple reason that the white technocratic barbarian will always have more wealth than the colored barbarian. And since the barbarian mind always thinks inequality comes from exploitation, the result will be envy, bitterness, and reprisals. Ultimately, the alliance won’t work out well for either set of barbarians. The colored barbarians, once they have succeeded in destroying the post-Christian barbarians, will be incapable of sustaining the wealth and prosperity of the technocratic barbarians and will descend into chaotic self-annihilation. This is already happening in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and in the major cities of the United States.

It used to puzzle me when I heard members of the Catholic old guard rejoicing over the natural savages, usually the Negro, who they believed were going to re-Christianize the West. I didn’t understand, from a Christian standpoint, how the old guard could delight in the destruction of the remaining vestiges of Christian civilization. And I didn’t understand, from a simple pagan standpoint, how white men could rejoice in the destruction of their own people. It was only when I came to understand that the old guard were in that Catholic half-way house with their heads steeped in Greek modernity and their hearts with the old Europe, that I realized they didn’t see the black man as he was. They saw only an abstraction. Hence the black man became, in their sick minds, all that the white man once was: brave, chivalrous, and Christian. But ‘tis not so.

The logical question to ask when looking at the post-Christian civilizations of modern Europe and the U.S. is this: “Why not let the whites perish?” They should not perish, for this reason: The white race possesses “the ten just men.” There is still a remnant of the white race – there will always be a remnant – that is holding together what little of value is left in this Satan-worshipping modern world. In addition, our only link to the Christian past is through those ten just men. If we sever that link by completely destroying the white race, we will cut all races off from God.

I have no exact statistics on this matter, but I do know that there are a great many whites in the halfway house. Their minds are with the unholy alliance, but their hearts are still with white, Christian Europe. A friend, a Jewish rabbi, one of the ten just men, once told me a story about one of those halfway-house whites. This man was an old-fashioned librarian who loved and treasured his books, particularly the older ones. He looked upon himself as a guardian of a precious heritage, yet he had all the modern liberal notions about the colored races. My friend pointed out to him that if “those people” came into power, his old books and what they represented would disappear from the earth.

There are white post-Christians who have turned their backs forever on their own people and the old Christian culture, but there are many in the halfway house who could be reclaimed if their Greek minds could be subordinated to their European hearts. One must wage a two-front war: on the one front, uncompromising defiance to the unholy alliance of the colored barbarians and the white post-Christians, and on the other front, uncompromising refusal to yield one inch to the halfway-house Christians until they listen to the dictates of their own hearts and embrace holy, sacred Europe in its entirety.

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