Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I have before me an article from David Duke’s web page, titled, “New Orleans Descends into Africa-like Savagery.” He points out that the “New Orleans looting, robbery, rape, murder and mayhem is not about food and water. There are many distribution points. Absolutely no one is starving. No one is dying of thirst, save perhaps for a few hopelessly trapped in their attics from the risen waters. No, this mayhem is about morals in a man, not the amount of food in his stomach.”

Dr. Duke goes on to draw the obvious conclusions from the New Orleans tragedy: Whites are different from blacks. Without white guidance and control, blacks will always descend into savagery. It is not just permissible, it is essential and morally incumbent upon white people that they support their own race. The fact that they are not doing so is the primary tragedy of the latter half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st.

Doystoevsky used the image of the swine possessed by devils to describe the Russian intelligentsia. All of white Europe and European America is possessed by the same devils. There seems to be virtually no hope that the devils will be exorcised. No matter how blatant the savagery of the blacks and their anti-white hatred becomes, self-hating whites still persist in sanctifying black barbarism and demonizing white self-sacrifice and virtue.

I talked of battle lines previously. Well, there is a clear battle line that can be drawn between the black and white. Whereas not all who stand with the white race are Christian all who stand against it are most certainly not Christian. That the Faith is Europe and Europe is the Faith is true in a much more profound sense than Belloc realized.

Those on the pagan right are much more Christian in ethos than the post-Christian whites lurking inside the various churches, but they need to look past the current anti-European churches to the Christians of other eras. It was only a few of the utopian lunatic sects that promoted race mixing and the worship of the noble savage. So why let the Christ-hating, European-hating, modern Christians steer you away from the God-Man?

Our Lord told us that some devils can only be driven out by prayer and fasting. I think the devils inside the white-hating whites are such devils. And by saying that, I do not mean that we should not fight the white-hating whites and the black barbarians; I mean that we must recognize that the antidote to Gnostic Christianity – which is at the heart of race-mixing and black worship because the white Gnostic makes out of his own fantasies a false image of the black – is not paganism but real prayer-and-fasting Christianity.

No black barbarian, no post-Christian white can stand up against a Christian who, having purified the weak vessel that he is through prayer and fasting, fights for His reign of charity. Sir Walter Scott’s hero in The Surgeon’s Daughter marches straight into the valley of the shadow of death because he has that within him that cannot be purchased in the open market or found in any religion, save one.

Twas the hour when rites unholy
Call’d each Paynim voice to prayer,
And the star that faded slowly,
Left to dews the freshen’d air.
Day his sultry fires had wasted,
Calm and cool the moonbeams shone;
To the Vizer’s lofty palace
One bold Christian came alone.

Without Christ, there is no mercy. And we only know Christ through the European. It was the European who absorbed the incarnation into his blood. What will the world be like without mercy, without the European? It will be like the New Orleans Superdome.

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