Sunday, February 04, 2007


Chilton Williamson Jr. recently stated that “The Hagel-Martinez immigration bill (S.B. 2611) passed in May by the U.S. Senate would, quite simply and certainly, destroy forever the United States, even as the country exists in attenuated form today.”

I agree with Mr. Williamson. And I feel in regards to that bill much as I did when my mother died. I had seen, when growing up, another side to my mother, a non-liberal side. When death came, it cancelled out my hope that somehow the non-liberal side of my mother could be brought into prominence again.

Once the U.S. becomes a non-white nation, there will never be any hope that white Christian culture will be restored. That death might be easier to take if white Europe remained, but the countries of Europe are also passing bills similar to the U.S. Senate Bill 2611.

And all but the worst whites will find it impossible to adjust to the colored world of Babel. So many things halfway-house whites take for granted will disappear. Edgar desperately tried to convince his father that “his life was a miracle.” Well, the half-way house whites who would not be convinced that white European culture was a miracle will sadly learn too late that it was indeed a miracle.

The Christian hearth will be no more. A faith which holds that man is something more than nature will also be replaced. In its stead will be a natural religion, a syncretistic religion of voodoo, Catholicism, charismatic Protestantism, and Aztec devil worship.

I think Poe, with his insistent refrain of ‘nevermore,’ conveyed so well the feeling of desolation felt at the death of a loved one or at the death of something that is sacred. Nevermore.

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