Sunday, February 04, 2007

Quoting Idiots

Pat Buchanan is fond of quoting a priest who responded to Whittaker Chamber’s lament about the death of the West: “What makes you think the West is worth saving?” Now, I’m supposed to bury my head, cover myself with ashes, and let the third world hordes replace my decadent, godless people. Well, there are many fallacies in that asinine statement of the priest.

1) No matter how decadent a people becomes, if they are your people, you must stand with them. That doesn’t mean you don’t fight them; of course you do. But you don’t hand them over to foreigners. Kipling’s poem “The Stranger” says it all.

2) Yes, Western culture as it stands now is decadent and anti-Christian. But it was the only Christian culture that ever existed. If the barbarian hordes were invading the West in order to restore the older Western culture, you might make a case for the ‘Goodbye, Whitey’ opinion of Buchanan’s priest. But the barbarian hordes hate the older Western culture and have shown themselves to be quite fond of the pornographic culture of the West. They will not Christianize the West; they will simply destroy the white Christian remnant. And only that remnant stands between mankind and the abyss.

3) The people of Europe are my people and, in my opinion, the creators of the greatest culture ever created. But they are not the people of Israel; when they slide, it is not part of God’s plan to let the Assyrians in the guise of Mexicans, blacks and Muslims, come in and chastise them. Buchanan’s priest would have us all meekly submit to the barbarian invasion because it is God’s judgment on decadence. But that’s more than we can know. We have to think with our hearts and ask ourselves if God really would want us to sacrifice our loved ones and the cultural remnant of his civilization to the barbarian hordes. Does it seem likely? My heart recoils from it.

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