Saturday, March 03, 2007

In Defense

Recalling two past events has stirred me to make yet another defense of the old South, which was, after all, the most important European culture on the North American continent.

I recall reading several years ago an interview with a Southern flag enthusiast who stated that he didn’t support what the Confederates had fought for but honored the flag because it was part of his Southern heritage. What rot! Symbols have value because of what they symbolize, and if you can’t respect what your ancestors fought for, it’s best to abandon the banner they fought under. Why continue to go to church when you’re an atheist?

In the same vein, I recall a lynching museum in Georgia being opened several years ago. It was announced that the museum would present a detailed history of all the lynchings perpetrated on Southern blacks by Southern whites. Pardon me if I don’t rush down to Georgia to visit the museum. I presume the museum curators claim they are merely presenting the truth about white injustice to blacks. But are they presenting the truth? I say no. What they are presenting is a maniacally, demonically inspired attack on a culture (the European culture) to which white liberals and their black cohorts are indebted beyond any possible hope of repaying.

What you will not be told in the lynching museum is the reason for the lynchings. I’m sure because the South was still Christian during that period most of the lynchings were in response to barbaric crimes. Harper Lee would have us believe that all Negroes accused of crimes were innocent victims of white liars, but she herself is a liar. What about lynchings which stemmed from pure hatred of the Negro? Well, I’m sure some lynchings did stem from pure hatred of the Negroe, and those individual acts are to be condemned, but not the Southern culture in its totality nor every single lynching. And it should also be pointed out that there was no hatred of the Negro before the Civil War. During that time, while the North imposed wage slavery on fellow whites the South imposed a more benign, chattel slavery on the Negro. The black man enjoyed better health care and a better family life than the white factory workers in the North.

The hatred for the Negro came after the Civil War, when the whites suffered untold barbarities at the hands of now-ascendant Negro barbarians. Negro virtues, nurtured by whites under chattel slavery, were suppressed, and their vices, enflamed by white carpetbaggers, were given full reign. Another San Domingo was in progress when the Klan stepped in and stopped it. This is one of the most glorious pages in the history of the European peoples, and it is presented – and believed to be by Southern and Northern white liberals – as an infamous period of white history.

The memory of barbarities committed during the black ascendance and the continual efforts of Northern Utopians and Southern liberals to force Negro equality on the whites led to a hatred that had never existed before on the part of many whites toward the Negro.

And of course the South, which represented the European half of our country, was right about the issue of Negro equality. There never has been, nor can there ever be, a nation with two races on terms of equality. One race always predominates over the other. When Negroes have been in the majority, such as in Haiti, they have slaughtered whites. When they are in the minority, they seek to conquer by interbreeding, which they have done in Brazil and are doing in the U.S. And when Negro-ization occurs and the white man is no more, there is only an equality of the dung heap, a hellish nightmare of a dung heap from which there is no hope of redemption.


From The Leopard’s Spots by Thomas Dixon Jr:

The origin of this Law and Order League, which sprang up like magic in a night and nullified the programme of Congress, though backed by an army of a million veteran soldiers, is yet a mystery.

The simple truth is, it was a spontaneous and resistless racial uprising of clansmen of highland origin living along the Appalachian Mountains and foothills of the South, and it appeared almost simultaneously in every Southern state, produced by the same terrible conditions.

It was the answer to their foes of a proud and indomitable race of men driven to the wall. In the hour of their defeat they laid down their arms and accepted in good faith the results of the war. And then, when unarmed and defenseless, a group of pothouse politicians for political ends renewed the war and attempted to wipe out the civilization of the South.

This Invisible Empire of White Robed Anglo-Saxon Knights was simply the old answer of organised manhood to organised crime. Its purpose was to bring order out of chaos, protect the weak and defenseless, the widows and orphans of brave men who had died for their country, to drive from power the thieves who were robbing the people, redeem the commonwealth from infamy, and reestablish civilization.

Within one week from its appearance, life and property were as safe as in any Northern community.

When the Negroes came home from their League meeting one night they ran terror-stricken past long rows of white horsemen. Not a word was spoken, but that was the last meeting the “Union League of America” ever held in Hambright.

Every Negro found guilty of a misdemeanor was promptly thrashed and warned against its recurrence. The sudden appearance of this host of white cavalry grasping at their throats with the grip of cold steel struck the heart of Legree and his followers with the chill of a deadly fear.

And the capitalist carbetbagger’s part in the drama?

“You know Simon Legree, who owns these mills. If a disturbance occurred here now the old devil wouldn’t hesitate to close every mill next day and beggar fifty thousand people.”

“Why would he do such a stupid thing?”

“Just to show the brute power of his fifty millions of dollars over the human body. The awful power in that brute’s hands, represented in that money, is something appalling. Before the war he cracked a blacksnake whip over the backs of a handful of Negroes. Now look at him, in his black silk hat and faultless dress. With his millions he can commit any and every crime from theft to murder with impunity. His power is greater than a monarch’s. He controls fleets of ships, mines and mills, and has under his employ many thousands of men. Their families and associates make a vast population. He buys Judges, Juries, Legislatures, and Governors, and with one stroke of his pen to-day can beggar thousands of people. He can equip an army of hirelings, make peace or war on his own account, or force the governments to do it for him. He has neither faith in God nor fear of the devil. He regards all men as his enemies and all women his game.”

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