Monday, May 21, 2007

Black Hell

The brutal (brutal is too polite of a word, but words fail me) torture murders of the white Knoxville couple, Channon Christian and Christopher Newscom, at the hands of black savages was not unusual. It has been going on in Africa for the past 60 years (see Anthony Jacob’s book, White Man Think Again) and in this country for the last forty years. And it will not end until white people become a clan.

I was very disheartened recently when I received an email from a white man who was responding to an article I wrote entitled, “To Win or Die with Europe.” In the article I made the point that white people needed a spirit of clannishness rather than a spirit of “democratic humanity.” The emailer thought that our common European heritage was an insufficient starting point for a call to arms. Well, if it isn’t a starting point, I would like to know what is. Europe and America have destroyed themselves with internecine warfare. Surely it is time to turn our faces to the enemy (they’ve seen our backs) and stop devouring our own.

I don’t know if there is anyone else who feels this way, but I must add that I am sick to the very depths of my soul with the ‘wise’ counsel of those who suggest we write petitions and support the Republican Party. What has democracy ever done for my people, for white people? Democracy only makes sense if your society is entirely white; voting then means you are only deciding which group of white people to elect. But when the brutish apes outnumber the whites (which, if you count the whites who have betrayed their race, is the case in the United States) then democracy is not an option. Oh, you might write a petition or file a law suit as a delaying tactic, as the communists do when they are not in power, but ultimately the goal is counter-revolution, not democratic reform.

The white-hating whites who even bother to take note of new, brutal murders will tell us that we must understand, we must be patient, we must recognize the complexities of black culture. But it is the antique white man who does understand. “Here they come, black as hell and thick as grass,” were the words of Private Wall, one of the brave defenders of Rorke’s Drift. The linking of blackness and hell is appropriate. The Scots believed that when the devil visited earth he did so in the form of a black man. If not literally correct, the Scots were certainly metaphysically accurate. A society that lets black savages run rampant to rape, murder, and torture is so close to hell itself that one need not quibble over which is the more hellish. They are one. Lieutenant Chard, also at Rorke’s Drift, in very simple words tells us what we must do in the face of black savagery: “Never say die or surrender.”

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