Monday, May 28, 2007

Satanic Legions

‘Twas the hour when rites unholy
Call’d each Paynim voice to prayer,
And the star that faded slowly,
Left to dews the freshen’d air.

Day his sultry fires had wasted,
Calm and cool the moonbeams shone;
To the Vizier’s lofty palace
One bold Christian came alone.

-Sir Walter Scott
The recent torture murder of the young white couple and the white reaction to it was quite representative of what has been happening in the white European world for the past fifty years. Generally the white victims’ deaths are met with silence. In some rare cases, such as that of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, there is a small protest by some courageous white men. That protest is always accompanied by a larger protest from white-hating whites, many of whom call themselves Christian.

It’s difficult to fathom how someone can claim to be Christian and then come out in favor of brutal murder and torture, but that is now the case, and has been for the past fifty years, in the nations that used to comprise Christendom. But are the white haters really Christian? Of course not. And it is a waste of time and effort to dialogue with them, first, because they have the whip hand as the North did after the Civil War, and those holding the whip are not going to dialogue with those under the lash. And second, you cannot dialogue with non-Christians, because such individuals have no desire to seek the truth. They have only a desire to achieve power.

I think the late Pope John’s reaction to the torture-murders of some of his own Catholic missionaries in Africa – he was saddened but full of loving kindness for the perpetrators – is the supreme example of the type of professed Christianity that is not Christianity at all. Indeed I think it no less than the worship of Satan.

If you side with Pope John and the white-hating whites who protested against the white protestors in Knoxville, you are standing with the sneering, Christ-hating, Gnostic man-devils that have plagued Christendom throughout its long history. The dauntless European, the true Christian, who follows St. Paul’s teaching in 1 Corinthians 13, has always sought to protect the helpless and punish home when the helpless were massacred. To punish home. That is a Christian sentiment. All the Gnostic verbiage by sacrilegious popes and Protestant ministers cannot wash that desire out of the blood of a true Christian.

We must face the reality, however, that there are very few Christians left. The vast majority of whites have united with the colored races to form a culture that can only be described as the incarnation of Satan. It should be clear to us now. We fight against the forces of hell. They are an enemy without mercy, without pity, without love. They are fueled by a hate that passeth all understanding. It is impossible to understand how Satan, who was in daily contact with the Lord God, could still hate Him and hate him enough to form a kingdom opposed to everything holy and Christlike. Where Christ was gentle, Satan was harsh; when Christ rebuked sin, Satan praised it; in everything Satan opposed Christ. And there is an exact parallel in our own times. Whereas the old Europeans adhered to the code of chivalry, the new Europeans call such a code sexist. While the old Europeans believed that Christian men had to fight in the name of the God of mercy against merciless barbarism, the new European sides with the merciless barbarians. Everything is reversed; we live in hell.

And for practical purposes, leaving the dispositions of their souls to God, we must assume that the vast majority of whites will remain implacably opposed to white European Christians. They have been exposed to Christianity through the great poets of the West and in the faces of their European ancestors. And they have spoken with the voice of those who are legion, and they have said, “We prefer barbarism.” Granted, it is a kind of techno-barbarism they prefer, with themselves at the top of the social order. The white-hating techno-barbarian could not live for one day with the Aztec or the African in their native environments; what he envisions is a kind of multi-racial series of condos or housing developments with himself in the nicest one. And he certainly doesn’t envision that he, the epitome of satanic enlightenment culture, will be devoured by those lower on that satanic food chain which he has substituted for Christian Europe.

In a very real sense, former white Christians have become Judaized, and by that I mean they hate Christians with a hatred that is fueled by religious zeal. Shakespeare has depicted this kind of hatred in Merchant of Venice. When Shylock is offered thrice the bond, he refuses – he will have his pound of flesh:

“I pray you, think, you question with the Jew.
You may as well go stand upon the beach
And bid the main flood bate his usual height;
You may as well use question with the wolf
Why he hath made the ewe bleat for the lamb;
You may as well forbid the mountain pines
To wag their high tops and to make no noise
When they are fretten with the gusts of heaven;
You may as well do any thing most hard,
As seek to soften that – than which what’s harder? –
His Jewish heart.
And just as a northern Copperhead can be more southern than a southern liberal, so could a Jew be more Christian than a Christian if, like Shylock’s daughter, he converted to the religion that requires mercy and not sacrifice. But the vast majority of professed Christians are now like the vast majority of Jews: they hate the things of Christendom with a passion.

I liken the white Christian’s situation to that of the old Western good guy who walks out to fight the bad guy in the final shootout. But when he faces the bad guy, he discovers that there are two more bad buys armed with Winchester rifles behind him, one lurking behind the saloon door and the other poised behind the bedroom window of one of the loose women of the town. Now, if the hero is a man with a fervent belief in the power of democracy and dialogue, he will plead with the bad guy and tell him that “By golly, this just ain’t fair.” And when that fails, which of course it will, because the bad guy does not believe in fair play and chivalry (that’s why he’s a bad guy), the hero will plead to all the silent citizens of the town hiding behind locked doors. “Don’t you know these are bad guys? Don’t you know if you let them kill me that you will be next?” But the “good” citizens already know that the bad guy is a bad guy -- that’s why the majority of them like him and why the rest are too afraid to oppose him. So the gunfight takes place and the hero takes two rifle bullets in the back and six Colt .45 slugs in the belly, delivered by the bad guy standing over his body.

But there is another scenario that could also take place. Let’s suppose our hero is not one who believes in dialogue or democracy. He knows that the bad guy is deaf to any appeal stemming from the Christian honor code. And he also knows that the townspeople either are against him or are indifferent. So what does he do?

Well, he still goes out to face the bad guy, but being forewarned by his wise blood, he takes measures to ensure that if the match won’t be totally equal, at least it will be one in which he has a fighting chance. That’s all he wants, a fighting chance, and then let God do the rest.

I’m not far afield when I take us out into the mean streets of the Old West. The Western hero has his roots in Europe. And the European hero is filled with a love for the God-Man, who loves with a love beyond all understanding of the satanic intellect. The zeal which that love inspires can overcome Satan and all his legions. It has in the past.