Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The New Black Church

I once, when still a member in good standing of the Catholic Church, attended a dinner party which was also attended by a white priest. The priest was the pastor at the church where most of the parishioners were black. When one of the white dinner guests asked him, quite innocently, why he didn’t say the rosary before mass in the black church, the priest replied that “devotion to the Blessed Mother was not part of the black faith.” Now, the important issue here is not whether you think Catholics place too much emphasis on the Virgin Mary; the issue is white betrayal. Why should a guardian of the faith sacrifice a major devotion rather than offend black people? It was not a case of wanting not to offend the sensibilities of new converts from Protestantism unaccustomed to such devotions, because no white convert was ever exempted from the rosary, nor would he have expected to be exempted. No, what was going on in that parish, orchestrated by the kindly Father Trendy, was the repudiation of European Christianity for a new, black Christianity.

The new creed was never written down, but if put into words it would read: “White European = The Antichrist. Anti-white European = Christian.” So, welcome the black Übermenschen faith.

The new black faith was, of necessity, everything the white faith wasn’t: it was anti-European instead of European, and it was black rather than white. It suddenly became very Christian to call murderous thugs like Nelson Mandela “great saints,” and to support the Africanization of not only Africa, but of Europe and the United States as well. It was good to shout, “Africa for blacks!” – and our clergymen led the cheering section – but it was a very bad thing to shout, “Europe and its satellites should remain white!”

Well, we will soon have the black Europe and the black church that our churchmen seek. But like little children who get sick when they are allowed to consume as much chocolate cake as they demand, the white-hating, white churchmen will sicken and surely die when they are forced to worship in a black-dominated church, because the black faith is not the Christian faith; it is a very cruel faith that knows not charity.

If white Christians truly looked on blacks as human beings instead of fantasy figures, they would see that blacks are “half devil and half child,” and they would take the appropriate steps to deal with the demon children. The first step would consist of strong and fierce suppression of their violent tendencies, and the second step would include evangelization and charitable outreach á la Albert Schweitzer. But there should be no step that includes mongrelization and white capitulation to black devil worship.

This is not just some little theory of mine. Look at the evidence. Look at Haiti or New Orleans or any of the African countries. What kind of faith is it that prevails when blacks predominate? It is a faith without the Gentle Savior that the men and women of Europe and the first apostles came to love. In the new faith, we bow down before an African god, a cruel god, a barbarian god.

And of course it is insane and contradictory for the black-worshipping white clergyman to want the black faith to prevail, because if he truly loved the black man (which should not be our main reason for supporting European Christianity), he would want the black man to give up voodoo Christianity and adhere to the faith of the white man. But like the swine in the Gospel story, our white clergymen are determined to plunge headlong over the cliff. We don’t have to go over with them, however.

The white betrayal of whites is not confined to liberal clergymen. Even so called conservatives and traditionalists in the Catholic and Protestant churches are quite willing to play the race card in order to advance their own agendas. They fantasize that if they kowtow to a black constituency, they can keep them under control with their superior grasp of the technique of clerical manipulation, and thus be the power behind the tribal hordes. But that will not be the case. The Gnostic liberal and the Gnostic conservative-traditionalist always overestimate their abilities to control events. What will happen to the Gnostic clergymen was acted out on the silver screen in countless jungle movies. The movie, Tarzan and the Lost Safari, starring Gordon Scott (the last decent Tarzan) is a case in point.[1] And I make no apology for taking an example from a simple story because what their “wisdoms could not discover these simple fools have brought to light.”

In the movie, Tarzan, with the aid of a great white hunter, tries to lead the white survivors of a plane crash through the dangerous land of the Opar men. Unbeknownst to Tarzan and the white survivors, the great white hunter has made a deal with the Opar men; he will deliver the whites into their hands in exchange for ivory. But things go awry for the great white hunter. The chief decides to kill him as well as the other whites, reasoning thus: “You betray your own people, you will betray us.” Tarzan, because he is Tarzan, manages to turn the tables on the black Opar men and free all the whites, except the treacherous great white hunter who is killed by the Opar men (he does not win who plays with sin).

In real life, the blacks will indeed kill the treacherous white hunter, but there will be no Tarzan to rescue the rest of the whites.

And again, it is not a question of liberal vs. conservative. When the concrete, personal faith of the God-Man becomes an abstraction to the liberal and the conservative, then both are the enemies of the antique faith of the white man. The liberal churchman sees the black man as the great and pure new Christian who has been on the fringes of European civilization and who has not taken part in the building of it. Hence, he is the only pure one. He has had no connection to the great evil – European civilization.

And the conservative envisions millions of black adherents aiding him in his warfare with the liberal churchmen.[2] Of course the conservative never imagines that instead of gaining new adherents to his intellectualized version of Christianity, he will end up in the same stew pot as the liberals.

The modern clergy are determined not to see the black man as he really is. And of course that is entirely in keeping with their view of God. They are determined not to see Him as He really is. And there are none so blind as those that…

[1] It is amazing how accurate the pre-1960 jungle movies are in their betrayal of blacks. There is always a great white-capitalist or a group of greedy white capitalists who will sell out their fellow whites for gold. And the black natives always want one thing. They want to murder and torture whites. It is certainly remarkable to see how true to their much celebrated African roots American blacks have been.
[2] For instance, fundamentalist Henry M. Morris in his book, The Long War Against God, plays the race card by equating evolutionists such as Darwin with racism and therefore smearing all “racist” whites as Darwinists and Nazis.
The late Rev. Jerry Falwell regularly equated Southern slavery and legalized abortion as the same type of social evil, thus jettisoning his white Christian ancestors while kowtowing to modernity.
And on the Catholic side, Michael Davis of the Latin Mass movement, threw an Italian Cardinal, who spoke out against the election of a black Pope, under the racial bus in order to gain black and liberal support for the Tridentine Mass movement.

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