Sunday, July 08, 2007

Of Peccaries and Wal-Mart

A friend of mine moved to Arizona about 10 years ago. At that time, the apartment complex where she moved was inhabited by predominantly white, English-speaking people. Now the apartment complex is inhabited predominantly by non-English-speaking Mexicans and Middle Eastern Arabs.

Besides the daily fear of robbery and assault, my friend must also live with the different customs of those Aztecs from south of the border, one of which is to allow peccaries, a breed of wild pig, to roam the apartment complex.

Nor are those not directly located on the borders immune from the Aztec invasion. (I use the term 'Aztec' because the illegal and legal Mexican immigrant is seldom of the white Spanish breed.) My cousin, who owns a small farm, has told me about a long row of trailers near his land which house the Mexicans who work at the local Wal-Mart. In this particular Wal-Mart, my cousin reported, the workers were not permitted to sit at any time during the working day. They even eat their lunches standing up, and they probably are not even allowed to sit down to die.

No pot-bellied, country club Republican should be allowed to claim he is a capitalist and a conservative. There is nothing conservative about capitalism. The capitalist wants open borders, which destroy nationhood; he wants a low minimum wage, which destroys home and hearth; and he wants an ever-expanding, ever-changing economy, which destroys home, hearth, and nation.

The big-wig capitalists at the turn of the century were called robber barons. Their descendants are even worse. We are entirely too gentle with them considering they have robbed us of something more valuable than money: our European heritage.

Ere I own a usurper
I'll crouch with the fox
So tremble false whigs,
In the midst o' your glee,
Ye have not seen the last
O' my bonnets and me.

--Sir Walter Scott

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