Sunday, September 02, 2007

War Means Fighting and Fighting Means Killing

When reading the proclamations of La Raza and viewing their demonstrations in which they display severed heads, in effigy, of whites, I think of the words of the old B-Western cowboy hero, Wild Bill Elliot: "I'm normally a peaceable man, but…"

And of course that "but" meant "there are some things a man can't ride around."

I love the real Walt Disney. He cast a wonderful bouquet of flowers on my childhood, but his generous white soul cast a false picture, in The Three Caballeros, of fun-loving Mexicans south of the border. They are not so fun-loving, unless you call carving up white people "fun."

One thinks of the old ditty, which I'll paraphrase:
Whitey thinks it wrong to fight,
But La Raza thinks it's fun and right.

If only one side fights a war, I don't think we need a military strategist to tell us who the winner will be.