Sunday, October 28, 2007

Reclaiming White Civilization

The "racist" remarks of John Watson hit the liberals hard because John Watson was a member of the liberal pantheon, a Nobel Prize winning scientist. A scientist! One of the elect!

The traditional condemnations by white liberals and black leaders followed quickly upon the heels of Watson's remarks. And of course we know that the white liberal outrage is feigned. They all know Watson's claims are correct; there already have been an infinity of "scientific" tests showing that blacks are less intelligent than whites. The white liberals have been hoisted on their own scientific petards. They made a god of science, and their god constantly embarrasses them by presenting them with findings that support "racists."

This "more intelligent" debate is not something a white European should engage in. It is tempting, when the enemy will accept no evidence that is not empirical, to cite intelligence tests in arguing the case for segregation and white autonomy. But that is not why we should segregate, and defend to the death white civilization. It is the European's spiritual sense of life which sets him apart from the other races. And that spiritual sense of things cannot be quantified or measured by any empirical study. It is simply there, part of the fabric of reality. And when we deny it, we are in a flight from reality.

Which brings us to the professed white Christians. They are adamant that the hatred of the white race and the love of the black race is mandated by Christianity. But did not Jesus Christ claim He was the truth and that same truth would set us free? Is there anything truthful in the liberals' racial Babelism? No, there is not. The races are not equal. The races were not designed to be mixed. And yet the white Christians aggressively assault every white Christian who refuses to bend his knee to the multi-racial idols of liberal Christendom.

In my early, zealous days in the Catholic Church (1), I taught C.C.D. classes on Sunday. I vividly remember going through the various Church Councils listed in the textbook, and explaining what each did. Every council, with the exception of the Second Vatican Council, was associated with the condemnation of a particular false doctrine, which was listed beside its name. But the Second Vatican Council had no such condemnation of a heresy listed by its name. That Council's summation read, "Condemns racism."

That's what it all comes down to? Two thousand years of Church history amounts to "Condemns racism"?

And of course this Christless, black-worshipping Christianity is not confined to just the Catholic Church; the Protestant churches are equally culpable. The Christless Christian churches have spent that "unbought grace of life" that Edmund Burke spoke of. We are no longer in a position of "if these shadows are not altered" our white civilization will be destroyed. Our civilization has been destroyed.

So we are facing a different situation than the white Southerners of whom John Sharp Williams wrote about, and even a different situation than Anthony Jacob wrote about in 1965. We are no longer talking about saving white civilization; we are talking about reclaiming it. Of course, any Spenglerian student of civilization will tell you that no civilization, once dead, has ever been reclaimed. But when talking about European civilization, we are talking about a completely unique civilization. No civilization was ever built on the premise that one man, who was also a God, broke the chains of mortality and rose from the dead. The type of men and women who believed, in the depths of their souls, in that miracle are not men and women who can be defeated by some mathematical, Spenglerian process of history.

That passage from the Psalm 130 always comes to my mind when I think of the white race: "Out of the depths have I cried to thee, O Lord." Spiritual depth is what distinguishes the European from all other peoples, not scores on some pseudo-scientific intelligence test.

Most white people today are soul-dead zombies. I don't say brain-dead, because you can still meet many brilliant, but soulless, white men. But occasionally you meet one of the remnant. Do you recall Kipling's "One in a Thousand"? It always seems like a miracle: "A man with a soul, a European!" Europe was the Round Table and Christ was our Arthur. His knights are certainly a wandering remnant now. But whenever they meet ("where one or two are gathered together in my name"), they form Europe. And from such meetings, a great civilization, the only civilization, will be rebuilt.

European civilization was based on a communion of souls. Whenever depth spoke to depth, He was present. And link by link an invisible chain was forged that bound European civilization together. The white technocrat must prevent white people from forming the type of bonds that would reconnect the chain. Their rule can only continue so long as European culture remains an anti-civilization which worships the generic technocratic man over the man of flesh and blood. Everything that stinks of humanity – ties to kith and kin, loyalty to a personal, humane God – must be systemically eliminated. I don't suggest that there is a conscious conspiracy to eradicate that element of the European, his spiritual depth, which connects him to God. It is more effective than a conscious conspiracy; it is a satanically inspired conspiracy (when the European rejects Christ, he is open to the satanic whisper). In the name of equality, brotherhood, rationalism, science, etc., we must all forgo communion. We must never gather together in His name, because he (the satanic 'he') forbids it.

The reason that only white men are forbidden to form ties of blood is because it was only white men who linked their blood with the spirit and blood of the God-man. That type of blood faith is anathema to the technocratic man, who wants the non-white cultures to be immersed in the pride of blood, because their blood is linked to the altars of the Aztecs and the magic of the voodoo priests. The religions of the colored tribes are generic; they all come from hell. Only the civilization of the European had a religion that was non-generic and personal and that was connected to heaven and not to hell.

This is why the technocratic white must always support the colored, and not the white. His coreligionists are the satanic colored and not the white Europeans.

We cannot see the divine links of the chain being reforged to recreate Europe. But we know the links are being forged every time Europeans of depth, of blood and spirit, come together in His name.
(1) Once, after working past the dinner hour at a Catholic College, I stopped at the chapel for the usual reason one stops at a chapel. But I was surprised to see a nun in the chapel (normally, the nuns avoided the chapel.) The nun informed me that I couldn't use the chapel that evening because they, the nuns, were expecting a busload of blacks to visit them. "We are bringing some blacks up from the city," the nun said, with ecstasy in her voice.

Now, you might defend the nuns by claiming, "What is more natural; they are trying to convert the heathen." But that would be disingenuous of you. The nuns were bringing the blacks into the church to worship them. And by so doing, they were worshipping themselves, for what is the essence of the new Christianity? It consists of taking the correct stance on the racial issue. If you worship blacks, you are a saint, and you then have leave to worship yourself.

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