Sunday, November 11, 2007

Citadels of Hate

The white-hating whites are quite fond of finding groups of whites who object to the extermination of the white man and labeling such groups as "hate groups." But I don't see any hate in these groups. The worst that one can say about some of them is that they don't make a very articulate case for their cause. But in all of these groups there is no hatred. There is love for their own and a desire to fight those who would attack their own, but there is no hatred.

In contrast, those who do the labeling are full of hatred. The white-hating whites cannot even say the word 'white' without spewing venom. They are maniacally obsessed with eliminating everything that has any connection to white civilization. And if that means exterminating every single member of the white race (with the exception of them), then so be it. The barbarian races of color do not talk about eliminating white power structures and institutional racism as the white-hating whites do. No, the colored hordes are much more direct. They make explicit what is implicit in the white-hating whites' ideology. They want to kill, in the grand Haitian style, every single white person on earth.

It is the maniacal, satanic hatred of white people that has been institutionalized in this country, and not, as the white-haters claim, white racism.

Let's look at the five citadels of power in our country.

1) The government.
In 1965, the Johnson administration shifted the immigration quota of Europeans to non-Europeans from 90% European to 10%. Is this a government committed to white supremacy? No, it is a government committed to the elimination of white people. Is there any candidate today who dares to call for the restriction of non-white immigration? To a large extent, the illegal immigration issue is a red herring, which doesn't mean we should not oppose it. But even without the presence of one single illegal immigrant, we would still be facing a crisis because of the government-sanctioned, legal invasion of our country.

And if we look at the government's successful efforts to destroy white culture through integration, can we draw any conclusion other than the obvious one? Our government has institutionalized the hatred of everything white.

2) The money men.
In a traditional society, the landed gentry are the most conservative members of society. They have a vested interest in the status quo. In such societies, George Gilder's entrepreneur is seen for what he is, a destroyer of hearth and home. When a nation's economy becomes a money economy, the result is always a "Deserted Village":

Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey,
Where wealth accumulates, and men decay
The landed gentry need a "bold peasantry" if they are to survive, while the capitalist needs soulless "steel girders" to survive. One of the modern age's greatest blasphemies is the coupling of 'capitalist' and 'conservative.' Barry Goldwater was as much a radical as George McGovern. Capitalism is dependent on soulless men, which is why the traditional European white man has been banned from the soulless utopia of the money men.

3) The press.
If an objective observer from another planet came down to learn about our culture by reading our newspapers and magazines, and viewing the mass media circus, he would give the following report:

"Their newspapers are written mainly by white earthlings, but they write predominantly about black earthlings. It seems that white earthlings feel that other white men in the past and most white men of the present, with the exception of the white earthlings who write newspaper articles, are very bad men who will do terrible things to the good black men if they, the white newsmen, do not keep a careful watch on them. The white newsmen are very vigilante and watchful. They are always exposing something they call 'racism.'

"The mass media (their viewing machines are much more primitive than ours) does much the same thing as the print media. They watch for signs of 'racism' and they constantly show pictures of the good black people at work and play. The black people seem particularly good at bouncing-ball sports, which earthlings seem to value highly.

"The most curious thing of all is that the 'good' black people do not behave in a way that we would describe as good. They do things that our society would call evil. But apparently earthlings have a value system that is quite different from the one we hold to.

Please allow me to come home now, for I am weary of this planet."
4) Academia.
It was recently revealed that the University of Delaware was issuing white-hating instructions to its students. However, the instructions were nothing new; that type of vicious hatred of the white race has been the reigning orthodoxy in academia for the last sixty years. And the draconian methods used to enforce the worship of blacks and the hatred of whites get meaner and more vicious every year. Teachers such as Nikki Giovanni of Virginia Tech who openly espouse the murder of "honkies" are given tenure, and black "student" groups are pampered and protected while white student groups are banned. And the classrooms? It doesn't matter what curriculum is studied, it is all the same, consisting of one central fact: black is good, and white is evil.

5) The clergy.
The present Pope, when he was still a cardinal, stated that the next pope should be black. The "Christian" evangelist James Dobson regularly applauds white people who adopt black children. And white priests and ministers encourage and sanction marriages between the races. But they need to go further. Should not one's liturgical expression of their faith be in line with their stated faith?

Based on what I hear the Christian clerics saying, I have been able to put together a service for them that is more in keeping with their stated creed than the ones they are using at present:

As we enter the Cathedral, we see, at the altar, a large statue of a Buddha-like black man. The parishioners, who are all white, come before the black Buddha statue and prostrate themselves before it. They kiss the feet of the statue and say three Mea Culpa's for their sins against the black race. Then they crawl to their pews. A white minister or priest (whatever you prefer to call him) comes out and leads the congregation in the litany and the creed. The litany is an encyclopedic catalog of whites' sins against the black race which takes up 15 pages in the prayer book and 45 minutes to go through.

Then, before the sermon, whites recite their creed: "I believe in the great black Buddha, creator of heaven and earth, and not in Jesus Christ, the miserable imposter god of my former racist days. I believe in the holiness of blackness, the evil of whiteness, and the everlasting goodness of blackness and the everlasting evil of whiteness, world without end, amen."

The sermon consists of some homely examples of how the gospel of blackness can be applied to everyday life. The minister describes how good children can report their parents when they use the "N" word at home or when their parents fail to gather the family around the hearth fire to recite the anti-white litany of the church. After all, one's faith should not be something that is only a once-a-week Sunday thing.
Every citadel of power in the United States and the Western world is dedicated to the hatred of the white race and the worship of the non-white races, particularly the black race. Why? What is so different about the white race that makes it a pariah race? The difference involves vision. It is only the European who can see through the outward material world to the real world behind the material fa├žade. Only the European sees the puckish fairies on the green, the angels in the choir, and the Lord of history rising from the dead. There is no hosanna in colored barbarism or techno-barbarianism.

The white intellectual is in a headlong flight from his ancestor's vision of the empty tomb, because he doesn't believe it is empty. He stepped away from Christ and ventured out on his own. Now he is afraid of the dark and thinks science can replace Christ. The barbarian hordes share his hatred for the white race which took him out to a depth that he could not handle.

Every part of white civilization should be fought for. I never advocate Thomistic quietude, but should everything else be taken away, one thing will always remain with the European who refuses to abandon his white blood. And that is his vision of an earthly world that is rooted in heaven. The white man believed, and as a consequence he dreamt dreams and saw visions. The citadels of power are citadels of Satan. They bid us live in a desolate world devoid of everything that the white man used to revere. The European refuses to live in such a world. His world, the world of vision, is the real world. And yes, he will defend that vision against all the world, against the five citadels of power, and against all the forces of hell.

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