Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Death in the Mountains

John Clark concludes an article entitled “Horror on the Border” with these words: “We can only hope that an aroused American citizenry will demand action from this year’s presidential candidates.” Is Mr. Clark serious? The republicans are about to nominate a man who has promised to turn the country over to the barbarian hordes and give us war without end in the Middle East. If you’re playing the ‘lesser of two evils’ politics, Hillary Clinton is the lesser. The aroused American citizen? John McCain couldn’t have been more obviously demonic if he sported the traditional tail and horns. And yet the Floridians voted for him. And the seniors, members of the much-touted ‘best generation,’ voted for the devil man in large numbers. Perhaps the generation that trusted good old Uncle Joe Stalin is not really the ‘best’ generation.

The colossal error in Clark’s article is the reference to American citizenry. There is no American citizenry. We are a nation of warring tribes. We have the technocratic, neo-con tribe, the Mexican tribe, the black tribe, and the Amazon tribe. But there is no white male tribe. A few white males exist, but they are statistically off the radar screen.

There will be no rear guard to protect our flight. So there will be no time to regroup, increase our numbers, and counterattack. The enemy is amongst us, and they are slaughtering the pathetic remnants of our army. We have no choice but to fight. Surrender is not only morally reprehensible, it is impractical. The enemy does not extend mercy to the vanquished. They are the devil’s own, and mercy is not an attribute of the devil.

The time for politics is over. It is now time for Rob Roy and William Tell.

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