Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Devil and John McCain

Shortly before his duel with Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton wrote to a friend and told him that he sensed he was dealing with a man in Aaron Burr who was possessed by the devil. He couldn't quite explain why he felt that way, but nevertheless he did. And I believe he was right. What kind of man, as it came out later, reads love letters, sent to him by his various paramours, to his daughter? A demonic man, that's who.

I don't have any hard evidence against McCain that would indicate that he is in league with the devil, but I do get an overwhelming sense, when I see him or hear him speak, that he is something more than simply a wrongheaded man. I get a very strong sense that I am in the presence of a man in league with Satan.

Although my feelings against McCain run deeper than I can articulate, there are some points that can be articulated. Two of the attributes of the devil are the satanic sneer and the ability to ape the good in order to cloak demonic intentions. McCain certainly possess those two demonic attributes. He sneered at those who opposed his amnesty bill, and he routinely wraps himself up in the flag whenever he is challenged on any issue. John McCain: 'the man of integrity' is the label he has acquired in the media from years of playing up to them, but 'the man who sold his soul to the devil' should be his real title.

A Hillary Clinton presidency would not be pleasant nor would a Barack Obama presidency, but both those individuals are merely the pathetic products of the modern world. They will do little good and much harm, but the harm they do will be done incrementally. In contrast, McCain has the Satanic pride to destroy the world. The nuclear holocaust that Goldwater never intended, except in the minds of the liberal media, under McCain will be a very definite probability.

There are no candidates who represent the interests of white people. A Ron Paul presidency would be a rear guard delaying action, not a counter-attack. In the absence of Ron Paul, is there anybody who can fight a rear guard action? Probably not. I would love to see Pat Buchanan, who is admittedly weak on the race issue, but the only man remotely connected to public life with an ounce of integrity, go to Romney and say, "Make me your vice president, and we'll pound home the free trade issue and the immigration issue and keep the devil out of the White House. But then I'm the same man who wanted Jefferson Davis to fire Bragg, resign the presidency, and turn the country and the war over to Nathan Bedford Forrest. Jefferson Davis didn't listen to me then, and I suspect no one will heed my advice this time either.

Addendum: Back in the Reagan days, I sent a $50 contribution to his campaign. In return, I got a "personal" letter asking me who I thought he should choose for his vice president. "Because you know," the letter said, "Reagan considers you one of his closest advisers." So I sent off another $50 and told him to make Pat Buchanan his vice president. And he didn't listen to me! I was shocked and devastated. "I thought I was one of your closest advisers!" I guess those other two close advisers opted for Bush.