Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Law Above the Law

Hazleton, Pennsylvania, like many small towns throughout the U. S., has a problem with illegal aliens. The illegals were only asserting their ethnic pride by committing a few rapes and murders. And the cultural bigots of Hazleton responded in a most un-American way to the rapes and murders: they made it illegal for an illegal to work in Hazleton.

A very commendable step, but a Federal court ruled that the law passed by Hazleton to protect its citizens from rape and murder is unconstitutional. And of course the Federal court and the U. S. Government are insane and immoral. But what is our recourse when our own government is insane and immoral? Write a protest letter to our local congressman? No, I don't think so, because that would be the same as seeking redemption from the devil.

When a government forbids legitimate self-defense, that government is in league with those who rape and murder. One has to look to the law above the law in such circumstances. That law is the code of chivalry: "Such things will not be permitted despite all of their laws."

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