Tuesday, January 15, 2008


"Ron Paul Scandal!" the headlines ran. And of course the "scandal" was not an illicit affair or a campaign finance misdeed, it was "racist remarks." The remarks appearing in Ron Paul's newsletter of 1992 were not racist remarks, they were simple statements of fact about the black barbarians in our midst. Ron Paul understandably, but regrettably, tried to get out from under the racist label by dissociating himself from his own publication. It won't work – it never does.

The only consolation Ron Paul can take from the accusation of racism is that it is unlikely to lose him support from his hardcore followers, who have given him about 10% of the vote. But of course his aspiration is to become the president of the United States, not just to make a good showing.

It tells you something about this fine land of ours when men and women such as McCain, Huckabee, Obama, and H. Clinton, who are united in their satanic hatred of everything decent, can actually run for public office and get votes, while a decent man like Ron Paul has to put up with slander and abuse for speaking the truth.