Friday, February 22, 2008

The Amazon, The Mau Mau, and the Devil

There are three tribes represented by the remaining, viable, presidential candidates: 1) John ‘The Devil Man’ McCain represents the Neocon Tribe, 2) Hillary Clinton, the Feminist-Amazon Tribe, and 3) Barack Obama, the African Tribe.

The Neocons’ first choice was Rudi Giuliani, but they will gladly settle for McCain because the continuance of the capitalist war in the Middle East is the Neocons’ top priority. One cannot appeal to the Neocons’ sense of humanity; they have none, but you would think that such learned men, who fancy themselves hard-headed realists, would be able to grasp the simple fact that every country in history that has squandered its money on foreign wars has ended up on the scrap heap of history. But the learned men are not wise men; they are mere caricatures of men who keep reality at bay by hiding on the top floor of the New Tower of Babel Hotel.

Our dear feminist candidate, Hillary, has run into a dilemma. Females, but not femininity, are good and must be supported, especially if they are running for a position that has not been held by a female before. But unfortunately for Hillary, when the liberals demonized masculinity they exempted black males. It is only white masculinity that is proscribed. Ivanhoe is evil, but Nelson Mandela is good. So feminist Hillary has to compete with a black male who is a liberal saint simply because of his color just as she is a liberal saint because of her gender.

Barack Obama is the logical consequence of years of ‘noble black savage’ propaganda. The only surprising thing about his candidacy is that he was not immediately inaugurated when he announced he was running for President. His candidacy has placed the technocratic white males of the Democratic Party in a bind. They have been extolling the goodness of black and the evil of white for eons in order to get the black vote and to demonstrate to their fellow technocratic whites just how liberal, compassionate, and wonderful they are. But they had always looked on themselves as the Father Moses figures who would lead their black foster children into the Promised Land. They didn’t envision that the blacks might prefer their own black Moses. Now technocratic whites such as John Edwards must sit back and watch others lead the faithful to the Promised Land.

Of the three candidates, John McCain is unquestionably the worst. Hillary and Obama love the devil for their own ends, not for himself. McCain genuinely loves the devil for what he is. But the prospect of any one of the three candidates becoming President is a horrific prospect.

There is nothing in the platforms of any of them that indicates they have the remotest idea of what constitutes a civilization. Which is why the tiny remnant of Europeans must not forget what constitutes a civilization: because at some point – we don’t know when – after people like McCain, Clinton, and Obama have completely obliterated every last vestige of civilization, it will be necessary for the Europeans to step in and rebuild it. For this reason, we must never become like unto them. We live among them, but we “are not of them.”

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