Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lord God of Hosts, Be with Us Yet

It appears that the lesser devil, Hillary, is about to be eliminated. That leaves us the demonic Mau Mau vs. the demonic technocrat. It’s difficult to say who will be worse.

I don’t believe, as some Kinists have suggested, that an Obama presidency will ‘wake up and mobilize white people.’ I would like to see that happen, but I don’t believe it will. And I don’t believe it, because Americans are the most conformist people on the face of the earth. They think whatever Big Brother tells them to think. The New Orleans debacle a few years back was a case in point. Despite the obvious fact that the black savages were committing horrible atrocities within the Superdome and throughout the city, white America accepted the verdict of Big Brother: “It’s only natural considering….” and “You must understand their…”

There is nothing that will make the liberal, white post-Christian give up his black-worshipping faith. And as long as the conformist, anesthetized, white Everyman dutifully complies with the “you must understand” instructions of the American hierarchy, there will be no reaction to anything a black barbarian does, whether he is the president, a mayor, or a street punk.

I think the fateful moment on the heath occurred under the pontificate of Pope John XXIII (1). Whether you are fond of the Catholic Church or not (and I’m not particularly fond of it), you must concede that the most visible representative of Christianity on this earth is the Pope. And when Pope John said that he had “no feeling of hatred—only loving charity and forgiveness” for the Congolese troops who tortured and murdered white missionary priests and nuns, the new Christianity, the worship of the black man, was given official sanction. Every single white Catholic who still believed that Christ was God and man should have left the Catholic Church at that moment, for the head of the Church had just announced his atheism. And as each individual Protestant pastor performed similar acts of public atheism, their parishioners should have left their respective churches. It makes sense for Rev. Wright’s black barbarian parishioners to sit and listen to black, satanic ravings (after all Satan is their master), but why should white Christians listen to it? They wouldn’t if they still believed in Christianity. But they have lost their faith. They believe lies because they listen to the Father of all lies as he speaks to them through the mouths of their pastors and the demigods of the media and the academy.

Day after day, week after week, we hear the refrain from white liberals that Obama the great will bring about racial harmony. What does that mean? I suppose if the white liberal thinks about it at all, he envisions a Coca-Cola commercial or a multiracial rock group. He does not envision the New Orleans Superdome, Haiti, Rhodesia, or South Africa. But that is exactly what racial harmony means to the black. It means the harmony that comes after savage blacks have gorged themselves on the blood of the white man. It has always been thus, and it always will be. American and European whites are not immune from the same racial “harmonies” that destroyed Haiti, Rhodesia and South Africa.

Obama’s presidential run is only a symptom of the disease; it is not the disease itself. The white-hating disease will be with us, whether McCain or Obama is president. The white liberals abandoned the Christian faith of their European ancestors for the faith of the sneering intellectuals whose prototype is the Archangel Satan. But the one drawback of a faith that is completely abstract is that it is bloodless. So they infused the blood of the black man into their sterile, abstract faith and came up with a new religion. I think a rather appropriate symbol for the new faith might be a white head, something like the head of the late Adlai Stevenson, on top of the body of some black athlete. But of course that is the white man’s new faith. The black man has a different vision. His god is all black and his racially harmonious world does not include any white man.

I know that the right wing pagan would have us counter the black faith with either our superior intellects (but the liberals have that) or with a faith in our blood alone (but the blacks have that). No, it is only through our faith in a God to whom we are connected with our spirit and our blood that we can hope to remove the virulent black plagues from the lands of the European people.

The upcoming presidential election presents us with an “any way you look at it you lose” situation. It’s not the lady or the tiger; it’s the tiger or the crocodile. The right wing democracy gurus would have us look to our local elections. “Put local congressmen in who will resist the policies of a McCain or an Obama.” Yes, we can do that so long as the local elections provide us with any candidates who differ from Obama or McCain, but how likely is that, considering how dependent every local candidate is on the good will of his party leaders?

If I sound like a broken record on the subject of democracy, it is because I have been listening to a broken record for my entire life. Over and over again I hear the voices of practical men telling me that we can turn the corner if we only will unite behind Candidate X. And sometimes our candidate wins and inevitably disappoints by what he fails to achieve, and more often, our candidate loses and his opponent disappoints us in what he does achieve.

When we were children and complained that we were bored, what did our mothers say? Well, admittedly my mother often said, “Then I’ll find something for you to do.” But just as often she said, “Use your imagination.” In other words, “Be a white man.” The black man has no imagination, and the white technocrat has abandoned the imaginative life of the spirit for the fun-filled life of the empirical man of science. But scientific thinking is just another form of voodoo. Throughout the Old Testament, continuing through the New Testament, and then through the history of Christian Europe, we see that God reveals himself only to those who see life in the mode of the fairy tale. In the fairy tale, evil is real and is embodied in the devil. And God is real as well and He is the Christ, the Son of the living God. The fairy tale hero does not see life compartmentally. He sees it in its entirety. There is not a practical, worldly realm and an otherworldly, spiritual realm. There is only one realm, the spiritual realm, in which all living creatures play a part in the great conflict between good and evil. The hero doesn’t ask, “Is this practical?” or “Is this politically correct?” He asks, “Is it God’s will that I give battle?” And if it is God’s will, the fairytale hero gives battle, and he lets his imagination, grounded in his heartfelt vision of His Lord, determine the means he will use to fight whatever evil he encounters. “Alfred the Great is past history. You can’t do what he did anymore; it isn’t practical!” the sensible, politically-minded men tell us. Of course, we can’t do exactly what Alfred the Great did, but we can see what Alfred the Great saw behind the material façade of this world. And we can feel the same love for the same God that Alfred the Great loved. And then we can use that vision and that love to defeat those same forces of evil that Alfred defeated. The façade of the enemy and the physical state of the battlefield are always different, but the spiritual components are always the same. It is the same old story: God vs. the Devil. If we give passive assent to the Devil by refusing to fight outside the parameters of the democratic structures of the Devil, we will be unworthy of our European ancestors. They joined their blood with His and fought on whatever ground the enemy fought on, and fought whatever enemy their Lord commanded them to fight. How does that old hymn go? “The Son of God goes forth to war… Who follows in His train?”

(1) The fact that the Mother Church has become a whore gives me no pleasure. But it does little good to deny it. Christ has been replaced, in the Catholic Church, by the great black Buddha. And the Protestant churches differ only in degree, not in kind. They, too, have enshrined the Black God in the hallowed place once reserved for Christ.

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