Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Return of the Whiteman

I saw just a few snippets of the Democratic and Republican conventions – any more would have been too painful. The two parties make me think of C. S. Lewis’s observation that the devil often invests two seemingly opposite groups with his evil designs in order to fool the struggling mortal into making a choice between two similar evils in different guises. Then, no matter what decision the mortal makes, the devil wins. What were the words of that old song? “Anyway you look at it, you lose.”

In viewing both conventions one can’t help but feel he is getting a glimpse of what hell must be like. We see a bunch of little devils running around celebrating pandemonium. And is there any unifying principle underlying the pandemonium? Yes, there is. The unifying principle of both demonic parties is hatred, hatred for the older, white, Christian civilization of the European people.

The United States is not a nation. The people of the U. S. are not bound by a common religion, a common heritage, or a common race. In the absence of authentic ties that bind, the satanic tribes within the U. S. prey on each other and unite only when the common enemy, the white European, seems to threaten the continuance of their tribal celebrations and rituals.

In reality there really is no group of Europeans threatening the demonic tribes. But the demonic tribes always bring up the possibility of the return of the white man in order to scare other tribes into supporting their tribe. And we should take note of that. The white technocrat, the Amazon, and the colored barbarian have a deep-rooted fear of an organized, committed body of white Europeans. They take their cue from their master.

And at some point, when the white man finally abandons the satanic notions of equality, fraternity, and democracy, he will have to reclaim his civilization. At present, the small remnant of white men who support white people frame their defense of the white man in terms of rights: “The white man has a right to his own culture just as the black, or the Asian, etc. has the right to his culture.” But doesn’t that assume modern democracy is a valid form of government rather than a creation of the devil? What is the reality of the white man’s contact with non-white cultures? The reality is that when the white man acts democratically, trying to incorporate non-white cultures into white culture, the barbarians of color, who do not think in utopian terms, view the white man’s attempt to include them in his culture as surrender. They view themselves as conquerors and proceed to act as they think barbarian conquerors should act. The white technocrat keeps playing the part (and believing it for the most part) of the benevolent Atticus Finch, extending a helping hand to all mankind, while the barbarians of color look on him with contempt and step up their arrogance and brutality at every new “benevolent” gesture of the technocratic white man.

“I’ll respect your culture if you respect mine,” only works when the cultural differences are nuanced differences within a higher, common, religious culture. For instance, an Englishman might prefer the paintings of John Constable, and a Scotsman might prefer the paintings of Horatio McCulloch, but both still share a common race and a common faith from which their cultural heritage is derived. (1) There can be no shared cultural experience between the colored and the white because they do not have a common bond. The only way a white can mix with non-white is if the white gives up his heritage. And of course that is exactly what is happening today. (2)

It is impossible for a genuine white man to have a “you-respect-my-culture-and-I’ll-respect- your-culture” relationship with the colored races. The barbarian of color does not have any intention of respecting other cultures. The very idea of respect for another culture comes from the Christian white man. And from the white man’s side: do we really want to respect the colored culture? Do they have a right to their culture? No, they don’t. No one has a right to be a barbarian. The white man might have to allow the barbarians of color to maintain their bestial civilizations in their own nations, because the cost to white people would be too great in trying to convert them, but no white man should ever permit one single barbarian of color to exist in a white nation. And please don’t tell me it is impossible to remove them. It is quite possible, once the will to protect and defend His civilization becomes firmly re-established in the bosom of the white man.

The white Sons of Martha magazines all tell us that white people will be a minority in the U.S. by 2045. The European Sons of Martha magazines make similar projections for their own nations. And then they urge us to vote the nightmarish vision of pandemonium away. How, pray tell, can we “vote white” when voting white is not an option? Was there a candidate in any national or local election who ran on a segregation platform? Was there a candidate who ran on a “send the blacks back to Africa, the Chinese to China, and the Mexicans to Mexico” platform? Of course not. But the non-whites do run on such platforms. They don’t espouse equality and fraternity; they espouse death to 'whitey'.

The American Civil War should have served as a warning, just as Haiti should have served as a warning, to all white people that diversity does not mean harmony and understanding between the races, it means the extinction of white Christians and the triumph of the colored minions of Satan.

Prior to the Civil War there were hundreds of anti-slavery societies in the South. But when the Civil War commenced, the anti-slavery societies disappeared. Why? Because the North did not want to send the blacks back to Africa, they wanted to place the black man on an equal basis with the white man. Every Southern anti-slavery plan called for repatriation of the blacks. The Southerners knew that black freedom without repatriation meant miscegenation and the destruction of European civilization on the North American continent. Why then, when the worst nightmares of the white Southerners have become enshrined into law, do white conservatives still prop up the illicit government of the United States?

During World War II there was an official French government that was largely a puppet of the Germans. And then there was an unofficial government in exile led by Charles de Gaulle. As the French did in World War II, so now should the white European-Americans establish their own government in exile. It need not be (in fact, it should not be) a parallel carbon copy of the satanic American system. Circumstances will dictate the structures of the government in exile. The important thing is to establish a European government that stands in opposition to the United Diverse Government of America.

Most men by the time they reach their mid-fifties, as I have, have buried one or both of their parents and lost some close friends. One sees, if he has just a slight touch of the poet in his soul, that life is fragile and quite unpredictable. There are few things one can really control. But there is the discovery of Hamlet. One’s soul is one’s own. You can claim your one moment in the sun when a man is called “to say one,” or you can let that brief moment pass. The magnificent grandeur of ordinary (ordinary in the sense that they weren’t famous) white Europeans of the past was that they did "say one." They consecrated their brief mortal lives to Him and became part, not of some universalist melting pot, but of His Kingdom. Life will always be fragile and unpredictable, but it won’t seem meaningless if we dedicate it to the rebuilding of His Europe.

If it is true that Abraham Lincoln just dashed off his Gettysburg Address on the back of an envelope on the train en route to Gettysburg, then he truly was a great genius; it is a magnificent speech. However, despite its brilliance, it is a false speech. Did our forefathers really intend to bring forth on this continent a new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal? Quite possibly some of the framers of the Constitution had some such utopian notions in mind. But did the great mass of European immigrants have such notions in their heads or their hearts? No, they did not. They came to this country for a variety of reasons, some secular and some religious, but they all came with the central tenet of European civilization burned into their souls. That tenet was that no man goeth unto the Father except through Him. And their second conviction was related to their first basic tenet. That second conviction was that European culture had to prevail over the non-European cultures, because in the absence of European rule there would be nothing but pandemonium.

When I look at the Republican and Democratic party conventions, it seems that hell is empty and all the devils are at the conventions. But I know that pandemonium will not ultimately prevail. It is the ordinary Europeans who quietly dedicate themselves to rebuilding His civilization that will triumph. They will triumph because they have that within them that is the antithesis of pandemonium. They have the charity that never faileth. +

(1) The European landscape painters I admire, such as Constable and McCulloch, all adhere instinctively to Blake’s dictum, “Where man is not, nature is barren.” They humanize the natural world and remind us who visited this earth and shed his light on nature.

Horatio McCulloch, Evening View from the Bluff

(2) The reason why the capitalist is so gung ho for diversity is that he wants the white man to abandon his cultural heritage for capitalism. He wants to see the colored and the white unite under one glorious capitalist banner. The infamous Coke commercial expresses the capitalist’s deepest yearning.

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