Friday, May 22, 2009

To Whom Shall We Bend the Knee?

“When hope seems nearly gone
God’s relief to us
Is surely won.”

The liberals were not satisfied with just one Obama coronation at the inauguration; they need to have a whole series of coronations in which they can genuflect to their god. The Notre Dame graduation was another Obama coronation. Such spectacles are helpful because a white European Christian, because he is a white European Christian, often tends to worry that he is being too harsh, too judgmental toward liberals. “Perhaps,” he says to himself, “I can win them over with gentle persuasion; it’s not necessary to treat them as enemies who are beyond the ken of humanity.” But when the Christian European sees the bedecked and begowned white liberals spitting on the cross of Christ by applauding a black barbarian baby killer, he knows that he dare not deal with liberals. They are beyond the ken by their own volition.

The liberals, and I include the neo-pagans in the ranks of the liberals, worship and respect only the species; they have no respect for the individual human personality. And this is because they have returned to the worship of impersonal nature. Nature is only concerned with the species, not with individual personalities. Christianity placed man in a world apart from nature, at the center of a universe governed not by nature’s laws but by the law of a God above nature. In Shakespeare’s play The Tempest, we get a glimpse of the spiritual reality behind the physical facade of the natural world. When Alonso sees how Prospero, through the power of his art, has made the entire island fall in line with the divine precept of “charity never faileth,” he declares that, “there is in this business more than nature.” The liberal has formed a different opinion. He feels no divine stirrings in his own heart and sees no spiritual dimension in his fellow man. His declaration is that “there is nothing more than nature.” It is best that we know this about the liberal. He will always side with the generic herd against individual human beings. When Pope John Liberal refused to condemn the murder, by blacks, of individual Christian women, he was being true to the liberal faith. The black herd is more important than a human being. When the liberals applaud a pro-choice politician, they are again being true to their faith. The rights of generic womanhood are more important than individual babies inside the womb.

The liberal doesn’t know why he hates white Christians of the old stock. If asked to explain his hatred, he would probably use such words as racist, fascist, and sexist to describe them. Racist because the white Christian does not worship the Negro, sexist because the white Christian does not revere Lady Macbeth and her feminist counterparts, and fascist because the white Christian does not believe God is a liberal democrat. But the real reason that liberals hate the European Christian is because the intransigent European of the old stock holds the belief that each individual soul is of “eternal moment”; that generic humanity is nothing when weighed in the balance against one distinct personality created in the image of God. “How can mankind progress?” the liberal asks, “if recalcitrant individuals, claiming to have immortal souls and obligations to a creator above nature, get in the way of the onward and upward march of humanity?” Christian eschatology separated from a belief in the risen Christ is a very dangerous force. The liberal’s answer to his own question about recalcitrant Europeans is “death.” The white man must be eliminated.

Melville likens souls in peril to drowning men in his novel Pierre:

“For in tremendous extremities human souls are like drowning men; well enough they know they are in peril; well enough they know the causes of that peril; nevertheless, the sea is the sea, and these drowning men do drown.”
Is this our fate? We know we are in peril, but can we do nothing to avoid the inevitable death sentence? No, it is not our fate. Melville went on to write Clarel: A Poem and Pilgrimage in the Holy Land:

Then keep thy heart, though yet but ill-resigned --
Clarel, thy heart, the issues there but mind;
That like the crocus budding through the snow --
That like a swimmer rising from the deep --
That like a burning secret which doth go
Even from the bosom that would hoard and keep;
Emerge thou mayst from the last whelming sea,
And prove that death but routs life into victory.
The eyes of the existentialist cannot see past an ocean perishing, but what does the Christian European, who sees through the eyes of faith, see? He sees his Lord walking on water and bidding him rise and walk toward Him. Impossible? “We who are about to die demand a miracle.”

The non-liberal European of the 21st century sees a different world than the European of the 1950s. Christianity was no longer the faith of the majority of white people in the 1950s, but the Christian walls of the European fort were still in place because satanic consistency takes a little time. One by one the walls were removed. The first to be dismantled was the outermost wall, the wall of faith. Philosophical speculation made that wall unnecessary. And since philosophical speculation made a wall of faith superfluous, there was no need to keep up a wall between the races. “There is no one true faith distinct from other faiths, so there is no need for a wall between people and cultures.” And finally the innermost wall, the walls of the womb, were violated by the liberals. “Since each human being is not unique, it is the herd we must preserve, not the individual.”

The symbolic leader of the liberal herd is now The Obama. He seems to be a mere caricature of a human being, but then so do all non-Christian, non-Europeans seem. They have no substance; they are merely shadows. But the liberals need a man without substance for a leader because they have rejected the God of substance and His people.

In my late teens, I went to one of Satan’s universities. One course in particular stands out in my mind, a course in philosophy taught by a rather aggressive, secularized Jew. All the philosophers on the required reading list were militant atheists. Bertrand Russell was particularly loathsome, and I remember reacting strongly against him. He was so sure that no force of will, no sentimental invocation of a fairy tale god, could change the fact that man was alone in the universe and would turn to dust when his physical life on earth came to a close. I was a reluctant agnostic at the time, but Russell’s confident, conceited assertions stirred my blood. If I were mere dust, then why the divine longings? And why did I see something more than dust in friends and family? And what about Him? We can’t just dismiss Him.

My final push from agnosticism to the cross of Christ came when my philosophy teacher conducted a very aggressive assault on the “anthropomorphic” God of the Christians. If he had confined his criticisms to Christianity as an abstract system, or had he criticized Thomism or Calvinism or any of the other theological explanations of the Christ story, I might have remained in a religious limbo, but he went after Jesus. And that I could not abide. His attack on the divine personality of Christ put steel in my heart and killed my religious lethargy.

The great benefit of the Notre Dame coronation, in which Father Obama gave his blessing to his people, is that such a blasphemous attack on Christ can put steel into one’s heart. Such a people who would denounce Him for Obama must be resisted, must be fought with, must not be allowed to prevail.

When God speaks to Saint Paul on the road to Damascus, He does not say to him, “I am Christianity,” or “I am the force.” He says, “I am Jesus, whom thou persecutest.” The person of Christ! That is who the liberals want to keep out of their brave new world. And to insure that He stays out of their world, they must kill the memory of Christian Europe where His image shown so brightly. Because if the great unwashed, who have embraced liberalism because they know nothing else, could see the face of Christ they would turn from liberalism to Him.

There has been a great change in the liberals since the Obama coronation. They have taken off their masks. They no longer think it necessary to put a more pleasant face on Satanism. Is such confidence in the triumph of Satan warranted? Who rose from the dead? I don’t think it was Satan. Ah, but liberals don’t believe that Christ rose from the dead. But just as Christ burst from that dark tomb into the light, so will we, when hope seems nearly gone, witness the triumph of the cross. It’s the little internal battles we fight in His name that will make the difference. So long as the battle is fought, and the prayer is uttered, “In Jesus’ name,” the European will prevail over what seems to be an all-triumphant legion. The true European knows not seems.

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