Saturday, June 13, 2009

So Long as the Blood Endures

“They have chosen cunning instead of belief.” – Aslan

Hatred for the white male is the primary passion of the colored races, and hatred for the white male is also the primary passion of the white liberal. I need not give you, the reader, a detailed list of all the gory torture-murders (done with the full approval of white liberals) and of the many outrages perpetrated against whites by the coloreds. There are nationalist publications out there that give out that kind of information, so let’s take the liberals’ and coloreds’ hatred of the white male as a given and proceed from there.

I am deeply concerned that there has been no Christian response to the onslaught of the liberals and the colored barbarians. To date there have been two types of white males offering some ineffectual resistance to the liberal and barbarian assault. The first ineffectual resister is the American conservative. He thinks affirmative action is wrong as well as reverse discrimination. And he tells his liberal brethren about it:
What is being done to Frank Ricci is exactly what was done to black folks for decades. Great black ballplayers who might have become legends like DiMaggio and Lou Gehrig never got the chance because they were black. Black students were denied admission to prep schools, colleges, and military academies because of their color.

Now, what was done to them is being done to white folks. And it is just as wrong as it was then.
Such appeals are 1) completely ineffectual and 2) morally wrong. They are ineffectual because liberals do not believe in representative democracy; they believe in government by the elect (themselves) and in the extermination of the non-elect (white males). And such appeals are immoral because they perpetuate a blasphemous Tower of Babel idea of nationhood. It is a Christian people’s duty to keep their institutions free from the taint of barbarianism. It is not their duty to allow the barbarians through the gates of their city in the name of some satanic principle of equality.

The second ineffectual resister is the neo-pagan. His appeal, unlike that of the conservative, is not to the liberals but to the disenfranchised white electorate. “Vote white,” he urges.

“But why should I vote white?” the disenfranchised white asks. “Because you are white,” the neo-pagan replies. That answer is not enough to satisfy the white Everyman. He needs a metaphysic, and the neo-pagan has none to give him.

What is missing from the conservative and the neo-pagan is passion; not the passion which one associates with romance in the limited sense of the word, but the type of passion that Christ demonstrated on the cross. “This monster Death shall not prevail.” Christ’s passion was rooted in His love for suffering humanity. He did not leave us defenseless against the cruelest of all enemies or without hope in the face of death. The Spanish soldiers who witnessed the Aztecs tearing the hearts out of their victims felt Christ’s passion well up inside them, and they said, “This shall not go on.” And what, as we look at the history of the European people, has been the essential difference between the people of color and the Europeans? The difference is that the passion of Christ became the passion of the Europeans. When faced with devilish onslaughts against God’s reign of charity, such as African cannibalism and the Indian suttee, Europeans said what He would have said: “This shall not go on.” They didn’t take a poll to decide whether there was a consensus against cannibalism or the suttee, they simply put a stop to it.

The passion that comes from a blood connection to Christ is the only passion that produces heroes willing to fight the liberal and the colored. How did Kipling put it? “So long as the blood endures, I shall know that your good is mine: ye shall feel that my strength is yours.” If we sever our blood connection to Christ (and we have done just that), we will no longer know what good is, and we will no longer have the strength to fight the white techno-barbarians or the colored barbarians.

The American conservative has substituted an idea about God for a blood connection to God, so he lacks the knowledge and strength to champion the white man’s cause. And the neo-pagan has betrayed his blood because of his commitment to a future society where the best minds rule; he also lacks wisdom and has no strength. The weakness of the conservative and the neo-pagan shouldn’t be that hard to understand. Christ did not present us with a magic talisman; He gave us His blood on the cross. The type of heroism that defeats liberalism and barbarism came from Europeans who were connected to Him through the blood.

It is my contention that it was Europeans with the Blood Faith that kept the European garden free of colored vermin. Then, in a kind of magnified version of Ten Little Indians, the Europeans of The Blood started to disappear. And when the conservative-liberal and neo-pagan Men of the Mind replaced the Europeans of The Blood, Europe as Christendom, as a distinct, racial unit of people, died out.

The conservative, the liberal, and the neo-con all drink from the same liberal pool of the intellect, divorced from the blood. Their progenitor, the greatest exponent of the liberal religion of pure mind, was George Bernard Shaw. To him, the sacrifice at Calvary was pagan superstition; civilized men needed a more refined religion, a religion that celebrated and honored man’s intellect; they needed the Greek philosophers. Shaw and the Greeks did not believe that spirit and blood could mix. Wisdom had to come from pure mind. But the experience of the white man contradicts the Greek philosophers and shows that blood and spirit commingle in the body of man and in the body of the Man-God.

Satan built his kingdom on earth, piece by piece. Christian Europe was separated from Satan’s kingdoms of color by four enormous walls. Every defection from a spirit-and-blood faith to the propositional faith of the Greeks eroded the walls of Christian Europe. Finally, the walls crumbled.

It is absurd to expect to clear the rubble of liberalism and barbarism away from Europe with conservative, representative democracy or with neo-pagan Gnosticism. The cleansing of Europe needs heroes greater than Hercules; it requires Christians of The Blood. If we think about it logically it would seem that the Europe of Ratty, the Europe that I love, is dead forever. But man does not live by logic alone. The course of history is not always inexorable. And if it is twilight for the European people, there is still something left for the European to do. He can be faithful to Christ’s Europe until the end, as Tirian was faithful to Aslan’s Narnia until the end:
“Well done, last of the Kings of Narnia who stood firm at the darkest hour.”
We are the last Europeans; if we are faithful in Europe’s darkest hour, Our King, the real Aslan, will greet us as Aslan greeted Tirian.

The Buchananite conservative, the liberal, and the neo-pagan all look to a Europe that is different from the Europe where Christ dwelt. The Buchananite conservative wants the equality of the dung heap, where whites, who have sunk to the level of blacks, can work and play with their new equals. The liberal wants a mind-forged republic of superior intellects who rule over inferior intellects. Of course, the sign of an inferior intellect will be a belief in the fairy tale God of the white man. And the neo-pagan looks to a future where he, the disembodied, soulless automaton, rules an empty, soulless world with the power of his giant brain.

The barbarians of color have never believed that God’s spirit resides in the blood. For them the blood is something one gives to the gods as a sacrificial offering in order to propitiate them. They believe the spirit of the gods resides in the natural world. In a perverse aping of the good, Satan has very cleverly arranged a great wedding feast of the clever ones. The barbarian of color, the democracy-loving conservative, the liberal, and the neo-pagan all eat at Satan’s special banquet. The feast is for those too “vital and earthy” and for those too intelligent to believe in a God who took flesh, dwelt among us, and mixed His spirit with our blood. But He did precisely that, or so I believe, as did the Europeans of old, who were strong in defense of their kith and kin. Without the strength of a blood faith, we are helpless before our enemies. But with such a faith?
I am going to be a storm – a flame—
I need to fight whole armies all alone.
I have ten hearts; I have a hundred arms;
I feel
Too strong to war with mortals—

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