Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Worship of Darkness

“And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.” John 3:19

There are so many illustrative moments from which you can choose to reveal the new black-worshipping religion of the white man in all its glory. I choose the recent Jimmy Carter-moment. “The overwhelming majority of people who oppose the Obama health care plan are racist,” he solemnly and piously intoned. Would that it were true. How did it come to pass that the Christ-bearers have turned to the worship of the generic black man? Let’s go back a ways.

The Europeans came into the Roman world as conquerors, but they were then conquered, not by force of arms, but by a story. This is something about the European that we must never forget. He cannot be conquered by outside forces; he can only be conquered if he willingly gives his consent to the conquest because he has first given his heart to the conqueror. The Europeans saw no shame in acknowledging Christ because they saw in Him the true Hero-God, and they loved Him for His heroism. And why shouldn’t they? He faced the ultimate enemy, death, for their sake.

It is difficult – no, not just difficult – it is impossible to fathom why the white man has forsaken Christ for the black man. We’ve seen the heights to which the white man can rise, and now we are seeing the depths to which he can sink. Is there any limit?

The great European poets have always depicted Satan as a rather apish fellow. Lacking originality, he tries, often with surprising success, to ape the good in order to seduce the faithful. I don’t think the new black faith is a great masterpiece of apemanship, but it seems to have worked beyond even Satan’s wildest expectations. There are some surface resemblances between Christianity and the black faith, but they are only surface resemblances. If we go below the surface, the two religions have nothing in common. But that is the key. The European has forsaken depth. He is afraid of what he might find there.

We first note that Christ’s birth was miraculous; He was conceived by the Holy Ghost and born of the virgin Mary. And His birth was humble; he was born in a manger surrounded by beasts of the field. In contrast, the generic black man’s birth was not a miraculous birth, it was an abstract birth. He was conceived in the abstracted mind of the white man, and he was born in Africa, surrounded by the beasts of the jungle. Christ came to earth to free us from sin and its consequence, death. The black man was anointed our savior so he could free the white men who believed in him from the sin of racism and from death at the hands of the black avengers.(1)

The new story of the black man which has conquered the liberals’ hearts lacks many elements the old Christ story contained. One striking omission is the lack of a spiritual component. The new faith is a ‘this world only’ faith. The white man is saved temporarily from physical death if he worships the black man, but there is no personal resurrection when the white man eventually dies from natural causes. The black God cannot resurrect the dead.

Another missing component is the personal, human component. Christ was a personal God who cared about individual human beings. The new generic black god cares only about the black herd and those whites who worship the black herd. Let us never forget Ratzinger’s plea for a black Pope, any black Pope.

And finally there is the missing attribute of charity. Where in the new faith is charity? There is only room, in the black faith, for bestial cruelty on the part of the black gods, and cowardly acquiescence to the cruelty on the part of the white faithful. Is the black faith worthy of the white man’s loyalty and devotion?

That Jimmy Carter and the liberal elites of America and Europe believe in the black faith I have just outlined is indisputable. But the non-elite who do not have any power do not really believe in the black faith with the fervor of the elite. The great unwashed give lip service to the black faith because they want to survive. Since there is no charity in the new faith, anyone who appears to be other than an enthusiast for the new faith is a candidate for elimination. The liberals are always searching for racism, which is an apish, obscene parody of our Lord’s words, “seek and ye shall find.” The liberals always find racism. And the non-elites are defenseless against the liberals, because they don’t believe in the old faith, which is the only faith that could sustain them against the onslaughts of the enthusiasts of the new faith. You can’t wield a sword with a limp-wristed, vague faith in the democratic process or in the benevolence of liberals.

The apotheosis of the black man could only occur in a post-Christian society. The white Christian of old Europe always had a mistrust of the black. When the black’s baser nature was controlled, he could occupy a place in the lower tier of white society, but when the Negro was granted equality, or worse, supremacy, his cruel, barbaric nature created a hell in whatever country he dwelt. No white Christian ever believed in black equality or black supremacy.

The post-Christian, however, must elevate the black for the simple reason that the post-Christian’s technocratic faith needs a generic, barbarian god. To those who equate whiteness with intellectual brilliance it seems incredible, this marriage of the technological white with the barbaric black. But spiritually they are the same. The liberal believes in the material world only. His world of science does not go beyond what can be seen in nature. And when the white liberal looks in the microscope at the natural world, he sees the black man, the pure natural savage. Obviously even the Negro is not just a product of nature, he has an immortal soul. But the liberal is blind to the things of the spirit. How can he see a quickening spirit in the Negro if he can’t even see it in the culture of the old Europeans? The liberal’s mind is immersed in the Darwinian logic of the jungle, so it was inevitable that he would make a god of the black barbarian who comes from the jungle.

The non-elite in the half-way houses often try to separate the racial Babylon of the brave new world from legalized abortion, gay rights, and the rest of the liberal agenda. This is not possible. It was first necessary to destroy Christian civilization and replace it with a racial Babylon before perversions such as legalized abortion and gay marriage could be deemed acceptable. Think about it. If a people is so perverse that they let the white blend with the black, is there any other perversion they will not permit? Just give the Bob Jones University people time. Now that they have repudiated their ancestors’ beliefs about race-mixing, they will, over time, repudiate their ancestors’ beliefs about legalized abortion, gay marriage, and Christ’s resurrection from the dead. The path to liberaldom is that downhill, slippery slope that we have heard so much about. And at the top of that slope is race-mixing. There is no stopping the slide once a man becomes part of racial Babylon.

If we look at the history of European man it appears that he always gets himself in trouble when he views himself as the "thinking, rational man" in contrast to the "poetical man," the man who “sees life feelingly.” The “thinking man” can always keep God at a distance or recreate Him as an abstraction, a figment of the rationalist’s mind. But the man who sees with his heart, which is only a physical organ to the scientists, cannot abandon the Christ he has seen at the European hearth fires. All that is essential in the European man is connected to Christ. Separate him from Christ and he ceases to be a man; he becomes ... well, he becomes what he is, a techno-barbarian who worships the black man and gives his consent to all the barbaric rituals that go along with racial Babylon.

The scientific man believes he is facing reality by staring at nature and then anointing the black man as king of the natural world. The European man, the man who sees through the natural world, sees life as a quest. The natural world simply provides the raw material, the background for the hero’s journey through the labyrinth of existence. And as Shakespeare so rightly observes, the labyrinth of existence is the human heart, and we must constantly strip off the outer layers to get to the core. And then we discover the person who is the object of the quest: “And thou, all they, hast all the all of me.”

There is no such thing as a merely passive virtue or just an active virtue. The internal process of stripping away the false layers in our hearts corresponds with our refusal to accept, and our battles against, the false concepts of reality which the scientific men, the men of unreality, try to stuff down our throats. The reason the non-elite are powerless to resist the scientific men of unreality is because they have not cleaned the sludge from their hearts. They don’t really believe in the new black faith of the elite, but since they can’t see any other reality – and they do see that the new faith is the ruling power – they acquiesce.

We must ask ourselves, “Is this the promised end?” Does Jimmy Carter speak for white Christians? The European who still has a heart of flesh will not accept the new faith and the new order. But are there any Europeans left? There must be a few, and a few are enough. Christ triumphed over Satan and his legions, and so will the faithful few who see through the eyes of faith. +

(1) I’m not suggesting that the barbarians will spare the liberal’s life, but in the liberal’s abstracted fantasy faith he dreams of averting death by worshipping and appeasing the black man.

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