Saturday, November 14, 2009

What Men Fight For

Let England be imperilled, and Englishmen will fight; in such extremity there is no choice. But what a dreary change must come upon our islanders if, without instant danger, they bend beneath the curse of universal soldiering! I like to think that they will guard the liberty of their manhood even beyond the point of prudence. – George Gissing

In the wake of the Fort Hood murders I don’t think it is amiss to ask, “Why was a Muslim in the United States Army, and why was he not only in the Army but also promoted to the rank of major?” And if you answer my first question with the usual nonsense about how the United States respects all faiths and all colors then I must ask a second question: “Why are there any white males in the Unites States Armed Forces?”

The mark of a man is not how willingly he fights or even how well he fights. The mark of a man is what he fights for. The profession of soldier is not intrinsically evil as the Quakers would have it, but it is not intrinsically good as patriotic scoundrels of last refuge fame would have it. A soldier is as good or as bad as the cause he gives his allegiance to. And the American soldier swears allegiance to liberaldom. He belongs to the liberals heart and soul. He has sworn to spread the benefits of liberal democracy (abortion, pornography, feminism, race mixing) to every corner of the earth. (1) What man who guards his manhood would fight for such a country? There should be no white males in the United States military. The fact that there are white males and what is worse, white females, in the U. S. military indicates just how satanic the white European culture has become. We send our boys and girls to the great liberal Moloch to use them as he pleases.

The liberal party line is that democracy is ecumenical; all religions are equally excluded from participation in the democratic circus. But this is not the case. All religions accept the Christian one are welcome in the brave new democratic world of the liberals. The official liberal party line also asserts that the U. S. Government is color-blind; all races are equal before the law. But this is not the case. The white race is an outlawed race and the black race is a deified race. Does the accusation of black racism ever result in punitive action by the government? Of course not. But alleged white racism? The list is endless. Every day whites are punished for the sin of racism by the law’s indifference to the murder of whites and through the punitive damages exacted from whites who make ‘racist’ comments.

Prayer and fighting are intimately linked. What we fight for will be determined by who or what we pray to. When white people abandoned Jesus of Nazareth, the God of the hearth fire, the God of nations, for a philosophical abstraction they ceased to fight for hearth and nation. They now fight for the democratic, utopian state of tomorrow in which there is one mixed race and one cosmic mixture of every god save the one true God.

The late John Watson, pen name Ian Maclaren, wrote eloquently of Christ’s desire to ease our fears about the next world by enveloping that world in images of our homes in this world.
Jesus, who had stated many of the deep things of the spiritual world in the terms of our common life, now declares Heaven to be another name for home, and so makes a winsome appeal to the heart. This world is indeed like unto an alabaster box of ointment very precious, whose fragrance fills the life. Into it has been gathered our most sacred memories, our tenderest associations, our brightest hopes. It matters little whether the home of one’s childhood has been a cottage on a hillside or a house in some city street, round it is woven a romance of interest that grows with the years, to it travels back the heart places alike of work and thought with wistful regret. As the years come and go we see our home through a golden mist, wherein all things are beautiful and perfect, and so there is no home that is not a prophecy. As Jesus himself was the Son of Man, that perfect Antitype after which in all ages men’s minds have gone forth, so must that place from which He came be—above all we have dreamed—Home.
Our homes – that is what the Christian fights for, not for democracy or liberty or equality. I think it is significant that as our theology became more impersonal and abstract (and by ‘our’ I mean white people), so did our wars. It is easier to kill large numbers of people when they are called collateral damage. And it is easier to use terms like collateral damage when God is a philosophical concept rather than a personal savior.

I think the most cruelly frivolous lines of poetry I ever read were Chesterton’s lines about the Irish:
All their wars were merry
And all their songs were sad.
There are no merry wars, but are there wars in which we can see, amidst the bloodshed and carnage, God’s grace at work? If Christianity really was, as I maintain, the heart and blood of old Europeans, shouldn’t we be able to observe a difference between European warfare and non-European warfare? At first glance it appears that there is no difference between the pagan and the Christian warrior. But if we take a second, deeper look something called chivalry emerges in the European mists -- often more honored in the breach than the observance, but still a very palpable, living creed. Civilian populations were not routinely put to the sword, and while the killing never ceased, there was, during the Christian era of the European people, a recognition that one’s enemy was also spiritually one’s brother and entitled to Christian quarter when captured and “all holy rites” when killed.

The techno-barbarism of our bombing raids on Iraq and the presence of white Europeans in the ranks of the Great Multi-Racial Army of Liberaldom are indications of the death of Christianity. A Christian people distinguishes between non-combatants and combatants, and Christian men do not serve in Satan’s army. When the European ceased to view Christianity as a religion distinct from all other religions he also became blind to the distinctions between the European people and the people of color. In his blindness he now fights only for abstractions, such as democracy and equality, which promise him, should he emerge victorious, a place in a Christless utopia of the future. And while the New Age soldier fights for the new satanic order, Christian Europe is left without any defenders.

The United States with its mixture of white and colored races presents us with a hellish vision of Babylon. The Europeans, the Christ-bearing people, have forsaken their God and become one with the people of Babylon. The reason our military is in such disarray is because America’s conflict with Iraq and Afghanistan is an internecine conflict. Two competing factions within Bablyon are fighting for supremacy. Neither The Obama or The Bush before him could articulate a real difference between the United States and the Arab nations they were attacking, because the United States is part of Babylon.

Writing in 1965, Anthony Jacob warned Europe about the emerging Babylonian state that was coming to fruition in the anti-nationalist land mass called the United States. Instead of arming themselves, spiritually and materially, the European nations turned their nations into American-styled Babylons. There is now, for instance, no difference between a street in Harlem, Amsterdam, or Nairobi. Babylon rules!

There is one hope, and it is a genuine hope, for the European. If he takes up the discarded cross and faces the white techno-barbarians and the barbarians of color who inhabit the new Babylon, he will discover, as Gideon did, that a few hundred faithful are more than a match for a host of barbarians. But the few hundred must be faithful.
And the three hundred blew the trumpets, and the Lord set every man’s sword against his fellow, even throughout all the host; and the host fled to Bethshittah in Zererath, and to the border of Abelmeholah, unto Tabbath. – Judges 7: 22
(1) James V of Scotland died, Scott tells us, of a broken heart because he couldn’t persuade enough of his countrymen to do battle with the English. Such was often the case in the days of what our tyrannical democratic dictators often term the age of monarchical tyranny. In the Christian past, in contrast to the democratic present, men thought that the causes they killed for and the causes they risked their lives for should be causes that they, and not their government, chose.