Saturday, February 13, 2010

One Oath

“... when once our grace we have forgot,
Nothing goes right;...
-- Measure for Measure

Racial anemia is not a disease from which only white Americans suffer. It is a worldwide epidemic. White people in Sweden, Spain, Britain, Finland, Poland, New Zealand, and every other white country suffer from the same racial anemia as in America. Some white countries show more advanced symptoms of racial anemia than other white countries —Holland for instance – but every white country has the same disease.

Having never been Christian, the colored races are free from racial anemia, because racial anemia only occurs when a Christian people seek to return to paganism. The cross of Christ is a two-edged sword. Having once taken it up, as the European people did, it cannot be put down without the most severe consequences.

Christianity without the cross is liberalism, and racial anemia is the result of liberalism. Too little note was taken of Pope John XXIII’s forgiveness of the black torture-murderers in the Congo. His act of ‘Christian benevolence’ revealed a growing cancer in the vitals of Europe. The Christian, in imitation of his Lord, sacrifices for others, first for his kin, then for his kind, and then for others outside his kith and kin. But self-sacrifice is difficult. It’s much easier to do as the colored races do, sacrifice others to fulfill their selfish needs. However, having once been Christian, the white person can never be a happy-go-lucky pagan. He must couch his paganism in Christian terms. Hence, the selfish sacrifice of others to the tender mercies of barbarians is given a Christian cast by such liberals as Pope John XXIII. At the heart of such ‘loving charity and forgiveness’ is a selfish, blasphemous desire to be rid of the cross. The Christian precept, 'we must die to self,' is replaced with the pagan precept, 'we must make others die for us.' This is also the dynamic that drives the abortion industry. A pagan Aztec eats the heart of his enemy because his enemy is his enemy. But a post-Christian European, because he is a post-Christian European, must justify himself. He doesn’t sacrifice babies on the altar of his selfishness; instead, he aborts babies for their own good: 'There is nothing as terrible as an unwanted child.'

For centuries the blood wisdom of the white man told him that his personal salvation and his people’s salvation were to be found on a cross. But now the white man is afraid of his blood. He listens to a different drummer, a satanic drummer, who whispers satanic advice into the white man’s ear.(1) “Avoid the cross – it is a lie and a sham. Seek enlightenment, not pain. Go to Africa, go to the East, to Buddha, to the Obama, to Confucius, or the Dalai Lama, but never go to that man on the cross.”

The young neo-pagans openly spit on the cross of Christ while the older neo-pagans subtly reject the cross by characterizing Christianity as an ‘imaginative invention of those marvelous Europeans.’ But the Europeans’ glory was not that they invented a wonderful, imaginative religion; their glory was that they answered His call. The Europeans heard a voice in the mist, and they walked through the valley of the shadow of death to keep a tryst with their kinsman and their Lord.

I’ve read the neo-pagans’ plan for the restoration of the white man by 2020, but I see nothing in the plan about the European’s covenant with God. Go through the European’s history; everything the European ever did of lasting consequence was done because he kept faith with his God. Even if the neo-pagans could achieve their goal of a white-dominated society by 2020, who would want to live in such a world? A Godless Tower of Babel with whites at the top is still a Tower of Babel. What the faithful European wants to see is a renewal of the covenant between God and the European. We can’t possibly know the day or the hour when the European restoration will take place, because the grace of God is a mystery. Why do some men respond to it and others reject it? We don’t know. We do know that Europe became Christendom because Europeans responded to God’s grace.

It will avail us nothing if we achieve equal rights within heathendom or if we teach “white history” without mentioning Christ. The European achieved world dominance because he sought and found the God above the gods of the colored tribes. Without his God, the European is a pathetic member of the rainbow coalition of colored peoples.

In the magnificent Western movie, The Searchers, the main character, played by John Wayne, refuses to take an oath to serve in the Texas Rangers. When asked why he refuses, John Wayne’s character replies, “I figure a man’s only good for one oath at a time. I gave mine to the Confederate States of America.” When the devil came to the European and asked him to form a covenant with science, he should have told the devil that a man can only make one covenant and that he had made his with Christ.

The scientific method when applied to the study of man is nothing more than a return to paganism. Man seeks to harness the forces of nature in order to attain mastery over God. And what has been the result of the European’s covenant with science? He now worships at the shrine of technological barbarism and at the altar of the natural black savage. There is a fearful symmetry between the white man’s abortuaries and the black man’s blood orgies. That synthesis of blood is the modern world. The gods of the technological barbarians and the black barbarians demand the blood of others.

There is another symmetry, a sublime symmetry, that stands in direct contrast to the fearful symmetry of the technological white barbarian and the savagery of the black barbarian. And that sublime symmetry is the symmetry between bardic Europe and the Christian faith. Whenever we plunge to the depths of the European tradition we find that He is there. The God of the antique Europeans shed His blood for others; He gave His blood freely rather than demanding our blood.

We should have no room in our hearts for any other oath than the one we gave to Him, blood of our blood, heart of our hearts. And surely if the European will renew his covenant with Christ he need not fear the pestilence of liberalism or the destructive fury of the black savage. In Him and Through Him is the way of the European. +
(1) Why did Thoreau assume that a different drummer would be a benevolent drummer? The different drummer is Satan.

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