Friday, March 26, 2010

Bound by Faith and Honor

“Post-Christian Europe is hell, and we can’t vote hell away. Satan is not a live-and-let-live type of guy. He hates with an everlasting passion.” – CWNY

The passage of the health care bill is one more milestone for the followers of Satan. A few Republicans and the usual lineup of ‘conservative’ talk show hosts have vowed to ‘fight’ the bill. Of course they don’t really mean they are going to fight in the ‘war means fighting and fighting means killing’ sense. They mean they are going to hold more ‘tea parties’ and challenge the constitutionality of some of the provisions of the health care bill in court. All this, we are told, is going to be done because ‘we the people’ have been denied our rights. ‘The people’ were against the health care bill, and the democrats rammed it down our throats anyway.

There are two major fallacies in the conservatives’ fight plan.

1) Democracy is the least democratic form of government. In a democracy a tiny oligarchy who have mastered the art of slight-of-hand politics, pandering, and the manipulation of the masses always rules.(1) The democrats knew that the electorate opposed the health care bill, but having slithered their way into power they were not about to consult the base populi before they voted. Certainly a few democrats feared that voting for the bill might lessen their chance of being re-elected, but they weighed that chance against the pride of building Babylon, and pride won. All liberals are not without beliefs. Many do actually believe in Satania. So it will not avail the conservatives to appeal to the majority of the people against the liberal oligarchy, because the liberal oligarchy does not recognize the humanity of anyone outside of the oligarchy.

2) There is no longer ‘a people’ to appeal to. A people have a common faith and one race. Prior to the 20th century, you could say ‘the English people,’ or ‘the French people,’ etc., and everybody would know that you were talking about white, Christian people who lived in a certain geographical region. And even in the United States, the nation founded on anti-national, anti-religious principles, you could say ‘the American people’ and assume that the phrase meant white, Christian people. Now, what does the phrase ‘the English people,’ or ‘the French people,’ or ‘the American people,’ mean? It means nothing, or worse than nothing, it means the great universal kingdom of Babylon. But it is worse than Babylon, because in the new Babylon all people are welcome, except white people. It is the earnest desire of all Babylonians to eradicate white people.
No appeal to the American people can reverse a law made by liberals, because the liberals have painstakingly eradicated the very idea of a ‘people’ from the European’s heart and soul. He doesn’t dare think of his fellow Europeans as his people. Nor do any of the conservative opponents of liberals urge white people to think and act as a united race. Far from it -- they carefully avoid any reference to white people or the Christian faith. And yet the liberals talk about white people when it suits their purposes. There is no such thing as white people when they talk about cultural identities that need to be preserved. Then there are only Africans, Mexicans, and Indians; they are a true people. But when protest groups like the ‘tea party’ organizations arise, composed mainly of white people, then there is such a thing as white people. And the protest groups can be demonized and dismissed because white people are evil simply because they are white.

The Christian Faith has suffered the same fate as white people. When Christ can be invoked to condemn racist white people(2), then He is invoked. But when Christians condemn abortion, homosexuality, or any of the liberals’ protected perversions, then the liberals’ wall between church and state goes up.

It easy to see what Europeans need to do in order to survive as a people. They need to believe in the same Christianity that Walter Scott and all the millions of his kindred Europeans believed. But we cannot simply wrap up the older Christianity and hand it to the modern European, telling him it will make him whole again. The modern European is not inspired by anything connected to Christian Europe. And in the absence of any love for the old Europe, the people of modern Europe will become extinct.

I’m at a loss to understand why the modern European finds the culture of Shakespeare, Lee, Arthur, Alfred, Roland, and Scott so dull and uninspiring, but I must conclude that it is so. The modern European’s soul has less light in it than a burned out candle. He is a caricature of a human being who plays with his technological toys and prays to the savage black god to deliver him from the evil of his boring existence.

A white man who still feels his pulse quicken at the mere mention of Jesus, the warrior king, who feels he is there with Alfred in his great struggle against the heathen, must not succumb to any form of liberalism, not democratic capitalism, democratic socialism, communism, or neo-paganism. He must follow the way of the cross, the way of the Hero-God. And he must do this because he is the last of the bred-in-the-bone Christians. If the European stands up to liberalism, if he is a sign of contradiction to liberalism’s decadent, degenerate, and unspeakably foul world, he will, at the very least, save his white plume. And possibly he will stir the seemingly dead corpse of a fellow European enough to inspire him to see the Europe beyond modern Europe, the Europe of white plumed cavaliers who serve the King of Kings.

When I use the term culture, I am not using the term to describe going to the opera or an art museum. I use the term culture to describe the life of a people in its entirety, the things that make up the fabric of their daily lives. For this reason the cultural approach to religion, in my judgment, can never be an insignificant ‘extra,’ for how can the world in which we live and breathe be of no consequence? The human element of life is the cultural element. If their God is not part of their culture, a people have no God. He can’t exist only in church parchments read in Sunday school or church on Sundays. The reason the remnant of believing European Christians are so confused and divided in their loyalties is because they serve Satania all week and Christ on Sundays.

What the churchmen regarded as dross – European culture – the devil claimed for his own. Now only a remnant band of splinter churches even hold to the Christian faith on Sundays. The vast majority of white church-going Christians worship the black icons of Satania every Sunday.

The age of prophecy is over; nobody can foretell the future with the certainty of a Jeremiah or an Isaiah, but a Christian can prophesize in the Dostoyevskian sense: The European cannot live without Christ, and Christ comes to us through the human, through the cultural element. Without a spiritual connection to Christian Europe, the European’s heart will dry up and die. It won’t help to copy an external rite from the past or to start preparing our food in the old European style. What is needed is an internal sea change. We must pledge our hearts to the Old Europe, and live and breathe the same integral faith of the antique Europeans. They didn’t mix their blood with the heathens, abort babies, or ‘downsize’ human beings, and neither shall we once we have restored Christ’s white plume to our hearts and to the heart of our culture. +
(1) Shakespeare’s play Coriolanus is the definitive work on the liberals’ methods of manipulating the masses to destroy an older, more honorable regime and replace it with a new, self-serving, liberal regime.

(2) I think we can agree that the editors of Time magazine do not care one iota about Christ’s reign of charity. So I thought it was more than just a little bit hypocritical of them to claim Glenn Beck hates Jesus Christ because he opposed Obama’s health care plan. Mock on, Voltaire, Rosseau, mock on!

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