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The Failed Utopia

The ties of Nature were knit by God himself. Cursed be the stoic pride that would rend them asunder, and call it virtue! – Scott

I recently heard a conservative television commentator use the term “God given” to describe the American experiment in democracy. And of course he followed that blasphemous statement with the usual blather about how we Americans had to restore the democratic principles of our founding fathers or else be prepared to live in a left-wing totalitarian state.

I disagree with the conservative commentator. We already live in a left-wing totalitarian state, and we live in a left-wing totalitarian state because our founding fathers decided to break with the Christian traditions of the European countries. Prior to the American experiment in democracy, the European nations all attempted to unite the respective governments of their countries with Christianity. Even when countries, such as Britain, shifted to a more republican, democratic type of government, it was because some splinter group, such as the Scottish Presbyterians, wanted the freedom to have their own state religion. And in America, prior to the Constitution, every individual state had its own state religion.

The radical break with the European tradition came when the authors of the American Constitution introduced religious indifference as the governing principle of the American people. What at first seemed to be a strength to foreign observers such as Toqueville proved to be a virulent poison that was to spread across the ocean and destroy the European nations as well. The harmfulness of a religiously indifferent state was not detected initially because the American people were still largely a Christian people. The fact that the state was committed to religious skepticism didn’t seem to be a serious matter. It even seemed to be a good thing. Were not the wars of religion now over? And the second factor that made the secular state seem benign was the lack of contact the average citizen had with the government. When the bulk of a man’s life is spent working his farm and worshipping in his local church, he does not feel threatened by a secular government. But what if that government expands to such an extent that no aspect of the American’s life is independent of the government? And when the church he attends adopts the religious indifference of the government, and when his children adopt the religious indifference of the government schools they attend, will the American everyman still be proud to be an American? Not if he is still a Christian.

During my lifetime every “conservative” attempt to put a halt to the liberal express train has failed. And the attempts have failed because the conservatives never wanted to attack the religious skepticism that lies at the root of the American experiment in democracy. The antique Europeans looked at every aspect of their lives through the prism of Christianity. They often saw a distorted vision of Christianity because of their imperfect human nature, but they attempted to see life and live their lives according to their Christian faith. When Christianity is no longer seen as the guiding, governing light of a nation, the end result will be... -- well, the end result is the United States of America, a subsidiary of Satan’s kingdom.

It is futile to appeal to the “principles of the founding fathers” to rid our nation of the problems caused by liberalism, for the simple reason that the principles of our founding fathers are liberal. All the radical ‘isms’ that conservatives claim to currently deplore hold sway because America’s founding fathers thought mature, enlightened men could govern a nation without taking note of the Christian faith.

If we look at some of the evils of our time that conservatives have tried to combat by getting back to the principles of our founding fathers, we can get a clearer picture of the futility of appealing to liberal principles to eradicate the evils.

1) Legalized abortion – A Christian people does not abort babies. (1) If the United States was Christian, abortion would be illegal and doctors who performed abortions would be criminally prosecuted. But in a state governed under the principle that religion is a private matter and should not influence public policy, one is free to kill babies, because despite claiming religious neutrality the state cannot be neutral. Mankind will have a religion, as Blake tells us: “If man will not have a religion of Jesus Christ, he will have a religion of Satan.” Is he not correct? Abortion is more than just a right to modern women; it is a sacred right, guaranteed to them by our sacred, secular Constitution.

Carefully trained conservative opponents of legalized abortion always present their case against abortion in secular terms. “It is unconstitutional.” “The majority of Americans are against it.” It is useless to seek redemption from the devil. Isn’t that obvious? Apparently not. If you have sold your Christian birthright for a pot of secular lentils, you will be unable to see life in anything other than secular terms.

2) Kith and kin – Many conservatives often lament that the American family is not what it used to be. And other conservatives, such as the late Samuel Francis, are concerned about the lack of racial solidarity among white folk. Both declines are the result of a secular ethos that, under the new government of our founding fathers, replaced the Christian ethos of the European people.

When Christianity is the reigning faith, ties of nature have spiritual significance. A woman does not simply have a child and turn him over to the tribe; she becomes – when she gives birth – a part of God’s plan for the redemption of the world. She cooperates with God’s grace and brings forth a child to be consecrated to God. That natural tie between mother and child is a divine tie. And need I add that the father’s tie to his children is also ordained by God? But under liberalism, which is paganism revisited with a technological twist, biological entities such as children can be raised by the state, and their most important ties are to the state. It was and is inevitable that all family ties, ties of nature, will be extinguished before the American experiment in democracy comes to an end.

What we have said about the ties to our kindred can also be said about our ties to our race. They too are natural ties that God has ordained. He felt so strongly about the racial ties that bind us to one another that He came down to earth in person to destroy the Tower of Babel. (2) We come to know God through our common humanity. When the natural ties that keep us human are obscured or obliterated, we lose touch with God. If we seek to end legal or illegal colored immigration by appeal to the democratic principles of our founding fathers we will surely fail, because there is no secular solution to a spiritual malaise.

3) Feminism – The white male’s capitulation to the unsexed Lady Macbeths of the modern world is no less than a repeat of Adam’s original sin. He sought to love his wife outside of God’s love, but outside of God’s orbit there can be no love; there is only the reign of Satan. Nothing is more harmful to Christianity and more beneficial to Satan than the unsexing of women. When women no longer believe as the repentant Katherina believed –
Why are our bodies soft and weak and smooth,
Unapt to toil and trouble in the world,
But that our soft conditions and our hearts
Should well agree with our external parts?
-- then they become unsexed monsters. And the men who let them rule serve Satan.

It is the American ethos, those fine principles of our founding fathers, which has caused the elimination of any Christian influence in the body politic. The Christian vision is vital because the Christian vision is based on reality. Legalized abortion, racial Babylon and feminism are all utopian fantasies of men and women who want to make the real world, God’s world, conform to their perverted warped minds. When the American conservative -- and the European conservative who has followed the American example -- revert to the abstracted, distorted ideas of the Enlightenment in order to counter the newer enlightened ideas of their fellow dystopians, they are merely perpetrating a circular process within Satandom.

A true European response to liberalism will not consist of appeals to the electorate, or ‘get out the vote’ campaigns, or public rallies. What the European response to liberalism will entail is a steadfast commitment to maintain the natural ties of blood that bind us to our fellow Europeans and to our God. The godless Universalism of the American founding fathers is just as demonic as the totalitarianism of the former Soviet Union. There is only one God, and He presides over the hearth fires of men and women connected to Him through the natural ties of kith and kin that He wills us to maintain in order to stay united to Him. It seems ridiculous to have to defend kinship, racial solidarity, and a Christian patriarchy, but the fact that it is necessary speaks volumes about the plight of the European man. He has lost his faith, and as a result he has lost his identity and his will to survive. Restore his faith, which is no easy matter, and the will to survive will follow. So long as one European still sees Europe as His sacred Kingdom there is always the possibility that other Europeans will answer the call of the blood and become like unto the Europeans who honored kith, kin, and Him. +

(1) I know that St. Thomas is often cited to make the Christian case for abortion. But he is outside of the mainstream of the Christianity found in the Gospels and the letters of St. Paul. And even St. Thomas, after writing his obscene theories on ensoulment, said that which shall be a child should be treated as a child.

(2) A minister once told me that when God came to earth, as He did in the case of the Tower of Babel, He came to earth as the incarnate Christ. God appeared as Christ appeared when He walked the earth prior to his transfiguration. I love that interpretation. And it makes sense. The human face of God is Christ, past, present, and forever.

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