Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Empty Tomb and the Risen Lord

Smile praises, O sky!
Soft breathe them, O air,
Below and on high,
And everywhere!

Awake thee, O spring!
Ye flowers, come forth,
With thousand hues tinting
The soft green earth!

Ye violets tender
And sweet roses bright,
Gay Lent-lilies blended
With pure lilies white!

Sweep tides of rich music
The new world along,
And pour in full measure,
Sweet lyres, your song!

The black troop of storms
Has yielded to calm;
Tufted blossoms are peeping,
And early palm.

Sing, sing, for He liveth:
He lives, as He said: --
The Lord has arisen,
Unharmed, from the dead!
“Christ has risen,” is the bold declaration we make at Easter, and the reply is equally bold: “Indeed He has.” Everything else that ever happened in human history pales in significance to Christ’s resurrection from the dead. Then why spend so much time on secondary things such as the plight of the white European? We spend time on “secondary” things because such things are the building blocks of faith in Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

The halfway house Christians who believe in Christ’s resurrection from the dead but accept the liberals’ vision of a mixed race world should have a problem with their racist view of the world. (And it is racist to insist that white racial solidarity is evil.) They should have a problem because the belief in Christ’s resurrection from the dead has faded as white people’s faith in the distinctiveness of the white race has faded. Is that just a coincidence? No, it is not. If a man takes the Bible seriously, he can see that God took great care to insure that the secondary things, the building blocks of faith such as a man’s connection to his race, were kept in place. He destroyed the Tower of Babel in the pre-Christian era, and in the Christian era, in the person of Christ, He told the apostles to “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations.” He did not abrogate nationhood in the new dispensation. He still wanted people to retain their racial distinctiveness.

There is nothing in the Old or New Testament that justifies race-mixing. Quite the contrary, our Lord seems to have opposed it, because when men have a distorted view of their racial identities they also have a blurry, distorted view of God. He becomes all things to all people, part Buddha, part Socrates, part Dalai Lama, but not the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and St. Paul. John Paul II’s obsession with racial diversity and his obsession with the Assisi ecumenical conferences where Christianity was blended with Buddhism, Hinduism, and animism, was a hideous example of how the type of spirituality that welcomes racial diversity also opens the door to the non-Christian, pantheistic nature religions.

There is another compelling reason, from a Christian perspective, why the European should maintain his white racial identity. Let me frame that reason in a series of questions. Who composed The Messiah? Who wrote King Lear? Who painted the Sistine Chapel? Who was the founder of the Lutheran church? The Methodist church? The Mormon church? Who penned the documents that the Catholic church relies so heavily on? The answer to all the questions is – of course – a European and the Europeans. Do we really, if we care about the Christian faith, want the white race to blend with the colored races and become extinct? The liberals have answered that question in the affirmative, and the halfway house Christians, either from cowardice or deficiencies in the heart and the brain, have gone along with the liberals.

This idea of diversity which the liberals and the halfway house Christians accept as Gospel is poison to Christianity. The idea comes from the evil genius of the great hater of the human race. If God will not allow him to destroy mankind directly, he must then destroy mankind by taking from them that which makes them distinctly and uniquely human, their blood ties to their kith and kin. If Satan can diversify those blood ties he can sever mankind’s tie to the God whose divinity is contained within His humanity. Without a human dwelling, a distinct hearth fire, our Lord will have no place to rest His head. He cannot reside in a diversified hearth because such a hearth has no humanity, no warmth.

The greatest danger for a European Christian who has somehow managed, despite the constant liberal onslaught against his race and his faith, to stay Christian and European, is despair. He gets tired of being a pariah, so he gives up trying to maintain his white, Christian identity. The joys of Babylon, the perfumes of Arabia, are waiting for him if he will only affirm that there is no connection between the white race and Christianity. But the faithful European will not ultimately succumb to despair. He will not succumb because he is the Christ Bearer. He carries the cross and the vision. Both are great burdens, but both are also sacred burdens. The cross and the vision give the European the knowledge that “my Redeemer liveth, and that He shall stand at the latter day upon the earth, And though worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God. For now is Christ risen from the dead, the first-fruits of them that sleep.”

Lo, the gates of death are broken,
And the strong man armed is spoiled,
Of his armour, which he trusted,
By the stronger Arm despoiled.
Vanquished is the Prince of Hell;
Smitten by the cross, he fell.

That the sinner might not perish,
For him the Creator dies;
By whose death, our dark lot changing,
Life again for us doth rise. +