Saturday, April 10, 2010

European Soil

“And some fell among thorns, and the thorns grew up, and choked it, and it yielded no fruit.”

Language, as Richard Weaver tells us, is sermonic. And what was the sermon the liberals were preaching when they reported the murder of a white South African nationalist as the murder of a “white supremacist”? We know what they are telling us, because we have heard nothing else for the past 50 years. They are telling us that he deserved to die because he loved his own race and wanted them to survive as a race. That is what is meant by ‘white supremacist,’ and the penalty for that crime is death. If the white South African nationalist had been a black supremacist, he would have been called a ‘freedom fighter’ or maybe even a saint, which is what John Paul II called Nelson Mandela. But he most certainly would not have been called a black supremacist, because supremacists are evil, and no black can be evil. When they murder, they are black nationalists, freedom fighters, or else ‘deprived youths lashing out at whitey after years of torture and abuse at the hands of whitey.’

There is something else in the liberals’ sermon that we should note. There is a warning. They want us to believe that the white nationalist South African was murdered because he was a ‘white supremacist.’ They do not want us to think that he had a very good chance of being murdered even if he had not written or spoken one word in defense of the white race. The liberals want white people to believe that so long as they are without sin, so long as they vote for Obama, condemn South Africa and Southern American white supremacists, and cheer every time there is a mixed race marriage, they will be able to sleep safe and sound in their beds. But they are warned; if they tread the path of white supremacy, which means white solidarity against race-mixing and bestial savagery, they will be exterminated. And of course it is another great liberal lie. A white man increases his chances to die in the one-sided race war if he speaks out against black savagery, but not by much. The white man stands condemned because he is white; no amount of sickening, sycophantic pandering and groveling will make him less likely to die for the sin of being white.

The colored races have not changed. They have always hated the white race. What has changed is the white race. A large minority of whites, possibly even a majority now, hate the white race. And the rest of the whites have become cattle, to be herded to the stockyards to be exterminated or ‘diversified.’ In South Africa, the exterminating-diversifying process can be accelerated because the colored population constitutes such a large majority, but the process of white racial suicide is proceeding at a rapid pace throughout the European world.

It would not be accurate to blame Christianity for white racial suicide unless you accept the apologia of anti-white Christians, such as John Paul II, that Christians prior to the middle of the 20th century were all wrong about Christianity, because prior to the mid-20th century, white people who fought -- and fought successfully -- to defend the white race were Christian. South Africa is a case in point. Can the modern day neo-pagans boast of any heroes that can equal Andries Pretorious, the white Christian leader of the punitive expedition against the Zulus at Blood River? No, they can’t. So it seems that the reality is that the white man is not in decline because he is Christian, but is in decline because he is insufficiently Christian.

Christianity then is not responsible for the demise of the white man. But Christianity does give the liberals the white heat for their furnaces of hate. No barbarian can hate like a liberal because the post-Christian liberal hates as Satan hates; he knows the good, but he rejects Him, just as the liberals do. Their hatred is unrelenting, while the colored savage’s hate abates when he is between bloodlettings.

I got a very depressing form letter a few weeks ago from one of the leading neo-pagan gurus. He wanted money to get “the message out on the Internet.” But what is the message, Mr. Neo-Pagan? The white man has only one message for the world, and it’s a very old message that the white liberals and the white neo-pagans have rejected. Satan has been much wiser than the European Christians. He knew that if you sow the seeds of faith among thorns, the thorns will grow and choke the seeds of faith. The good ground was Christian Europe. Satan turned Europe into a field of thorns by convincing the churchmen that the Christian God is the great illuminator and not the great liberator. Christ came, Satan told the churchmen, not to free mankind from sin and death, but to enlighten men’s minds. They could only be Christian by abandoning the Hero-God, the humane God, for the enlightened God. Then hatred for the old-fashioned human ties that bind, ties to our families and our race, becomes a moral imperative. Satan used the Christian churches to plant the thorns that destroyed Christianity.

In Charles Dickens’ book David Copperfield, the title character takes a trip in an English coach. During the trip all the passengers, save David, fall asleep in the coach. When the coach arrives at its destination, all the passengers wake up and vehemently deny that they were asleep during the ride in the coach. Young David concludes that there must be nothing as despicable as falling asleep in a coach, because the passengers took such great pains to deny that they had fallen asleep.

David was on to something. Human beings do not want to confess to something that makes them appear weak or foolish in the eyes of the world. And to confess that you believe in the simple fairy stories of the Old Testament and the fairy story of the New Testament is a confession of weakness and foolishness. But to whom are we afraid to appear weak and foolish? The liberals, of course, the ‘smart people’ who have covered Europe with thorns at Satan’s behest. Europeans have jettisoned the core element of the Christian -- faith in a Hero-God, who saves individual human beings with blood ties to kith and kin -- in exchange for a streamlined Christianity in which there are no ties of blood, only a cosmic, vague connection to all mankind.

We have seen the result of trying to oppose the evils of liberalism with a cosmic Christianity without depth. Like the seeds that fell on stony ground which had no depth of earth, cosmic Christianity was scorched and withered away because it had no roots. Christianity’s roots are in humanity, in the blood. Sever those roots and Christianity becomes liberalism. All halfway house Christians who want Christianity without the depth of feeling that can only be engendered by love for our kind -- our family members and our people -- will eventually become part of liberalism’s kingdom of thorns.

The neo-pagans talk about Viking sperm banks and getting the neo-pagan message out to white people. That is not what the European cares about. He has one message: “I will serve Christian Europe, or else I will not serve.” The thorns must be painstakingly removed from our sacred nation. Then we must plant the seeds of a blood faith deep into the European soil again. It is the European past that we can build upon, not some death-in-life neo-pagan future, or liberalism’s field of thorns. It is never a sign of weakness or foolishness to rise and ride with the God who saved us from sin and death. His Kingdom is forever; Satan’s kingdom is for one brief hour. +

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