Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Will to Survive

“Moor’d in the rifted rock,
Proof to the tempest’s shock”

-- Scott

It should come as no surprise that the neo-con triumvirate of Glenn Beck, Bill Kristol, and Charles Krauthammer condemned the Dutch immigration restrictionist Geert Wilders for not wanting his country to be overrun by Moslems. “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Glenn Beck and company serve the interests of super-capitalist Rupert Murdoch, who wants to make the entire Moslem world part of a global economy run by Rupert Murdoch. The Glenn Beck types have a vested interest then in making sure that when they say the American people, they mean a generic people with no common religion, no common race, and no common cultural heritage. Beck’s battle with the Democrats is only a mild internecine quarrel; he knows, and the Democrats know too, that the real enemy is white people who think that what needs to be conserved and fought for is white people and their culture, a culture that did not suddenly spring into existence in 18th century America but had its roots in a manger in Bethlehem and that was revered and honored in the sacred land called Europe.

The late John Tyndall and Samuel Francis used to excoriate anyone who said that white people needed to stop hoping for electoral victories and start banding together to live and survive as minorities in a hostile culture. With all due respect to the bravery of those two loyal Europeans, let me say that it was time then and it is time now to jettison democracy. It is foolish to condemn the messenger who brings the news that there is no democratic solution to the problem of white genocide. Such an angry condemnation is based on the false assumptions that 1) there is still hope for the white man within the framework of democratic liberalism and 2) that facing reality and giving up on democracy is the same as giving up on the survival of the white man. Far from it, I want to see white men abandon liberal democracy so that the white race will survive.

When the European man embraced democracy he unknowingly embraced the devil. The democratic man has no soul to call his own. His soul belongs to an abstract idea of “the people” or “the electorate.” His whole life is spent either in trying to be a good member of the collective or trying to convince a majority of the electorate to side with him against the minority. The action of the European’s life, under the democratic system, is like living a pig’s life in the swine yard. The pig that can absorb the most swill will become king of the pigsty until he is ultimately turned into sausage.

All the European’s best instincts were killed when he tried to cater to some abstract idea of the people’s will. Far better to listen to the call of the blood. There the wisdom of the race resides. The democratic white man has to petition and beg the white-hating whites and the barbarians for the right to preserve white culture and white people. The non-democratic European, the man of blood, tells the liberals and the barbarians that he will survive against the savagery of the barbarian and the satanic hatred of the liberal. When the European breaks the mind-forged manacles of democracy he will be free to fight the same battles that his ancestors such as Alfred the Great and Charles Martel fought and won.

In contemporary Satania the white man has no rights except the right to have all his rights denied. This is how the system works: let’s say the government decides to put a low cost housing development into a predominately white neighborhood. The white people, while asserting that “we are not racist,” protest the building of the housing development because it will be a breeding ground for crime. The whites get the necessary signatures on a petition to hold off the building of the housing development, and they regularly picket the building site. But all the democratic efforts of the white people fail, and the housing development goes up. And then the predictable happens. Young white girls are raped and murdered and young white males are tortured and murdered by “black youths.” And the government issues a warning: “We will not tolerate any violence against the violence from the white residents.” And then the liberals say the white victims need to understand why blacks murder and rape white people.

Now let’s look at the housing development problem after the white man has taken off the democratic manacles: After the petitioning and the picketing to stop construction fails the residents of the town in question awake one morning and see that the housing development has burned to the ground. There is a lot of blather about the rule of law and violent bigoted white people, but there are no rapes and murders in that town because there are no rapists and murderers living in a housing development in that town.

Of course the point is that within the democratic system, which was constructed by liberals, there is no hope for the white man; life is a racial endgame. But when the white man looks at life from outside of the democratic prism, he sees life abundant. There is a world of honorable men and virtuous women who will not accept the annihilation of the white Christian European.

When the white man looks beyond liberal democracy he will learn to hate evil and love the good again. His hate and love will be integral parts of his soul, and he will strike out against all those who threaten the people and values he loves. A non-democratic European is the liberals’ and the barbarians’ greatest nightmare because they cannot understand, having never felt connected to God or another human being at the deepest level, what motivates a man to fight against impossible odds, against all reason, out of love for the Savior and His people. They never will understand, but if the white man turns away from the democratic faith of the bastard liberals and embraces the blood faith of the Europeans, they (the liberals and the barbarians) will know what it means to face an implacable enemy that cannot be defeated.

The modern European left his European home and now he lives in the democratic swine yard, eating the husks of corn that the swinish liberals and barbarians have tossed aside. Like the prodigal son, the European can leave the swine yard and return to his home. However, unlike the prodigal he will not find a father to welcome him home. He will discover that his European home is a house of desolation. The task of cleansing it will be bloody and arduous.

The conservative-liberals such as Glenn Beck do us a great favor when they condemn such mild immigration restrictionists as Geert Wilders. By doing so the conservative-liberals tell us that it is time to throw off the democratic yoke and act like white men instead of somnambulists. We have been living a nightmare. Now as we wake from that nightmare and see the light of day we can see that the world belongs to the European, not by the pagan right of conquest, but by His law of charity. The liberal and barbarian reign of technology and savagery will last until Christian Europeans wrest it from them. By the fiery cross, not the ballot, the Europeans will restore Europe.

I know from a statistical, analytical standpoint, any talk of a European restoration seems impossible. But that is precisely the point. There was a time when Europeans did not look at the world as a closed system with only a few predictable outcomes to existence. They viewed the world as an enchanted fairy land given to them by a loving God, in which they could live and thrive according to His divine will. Then they did not worry about the size of their families – “God will provide” – nor the size of the enemy arrayed against them – “If God be for us who can stand against us?”; nor did they worry about following democratic procedures – “Who is on the Lord’s side?” The European is not bereft of everything because the liberals and the barbarians have taken everything from him. He is bereft because he has exchanged his European heritage for a corner in the pigsty of liberaldom. He need only stand erect and leave the pigsty in order to become a European again. The old Europe was not a dream; it was and is a reality. It is the present nightmare of liberalism and barbarism that is the unreality – and it will pass when the white man listens to his blood and becomes a European again. +

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