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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Europe’s Eventide

The darkness deepens; Lord with me abide!

Arizona’s Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu recently stated that the Federal government’s hostility toward native-born citizens of Arizona was “outrageous.” He went on to say that, “Our own government has become our enemy and is taking us to court at a time when we need help.”

Babeu is right to be outraged. And every white American, whether he realizes it or not, is in the same sinking boat as the white citizens of Arizona. But Babeu is incorrect when he says that “our own government has become our enemy.” The United States government has not suddenly become the enemy of white Americans; it has been consistently and maniacally anti-white since 1965. When legal immigration quotas changed from 90% European to 90% colored, it was clear that the United States government was committed to the extermination of the white race on the North American continent. So why would anyone expect the government to slow down the extermination process by forbidding illegals the right to waltz across the border to rape and pillage? If the extinction of the white race is something devoutly to be wished -- and all the Christian churches say that it is – then anything that speeds up the destruction of white people serves the greater good. That is why the government has not and will not enforce the immigration laws. To do a great good, they will permit a few small misdemeanors. And by misdemeanors, I do not refer to the rapes and murders of white people that are perpetuated by illegal aliens. Such atrocities are viewed by the U.S. Government as necessary acts of purification. I refer to littering. The Mexicans deposit large quantities of non-biodegradable litter wherever they go. That is the necessary evil that liberals must tolerate in order to accelerate the process toward a perfect world devoid of the white race.

It is apparent that the major force behind the anti-white policies of America and Europe are the Christian churches. Even so-called conservative Christians have added their collective voices to the anti-white chorus of the liberals. And if a man has no sense of history he might conclude that Christianity and the hatred of the European people are synonymous. But such is not the case. The anti-white mania of the modern churches is the result of the de-Christianization of the Christian churches. For the last 100 years or so the collective Christian churches have been trying to make their churches conform to the modern world. In a desperate attempt to appease the world, the modern Satanic world, the Christian clergy have simply declared that secular Satanism is progressive Christianity, and their desire to be in union with it is merely a desire to be Christian.

Is the modern churchmen’s belief in the compatibility of Christianity and modernity in keeping with the traditional Christian beliefs of the European people? I don’t think so. The antique Europeans did not present, as our modern educators do, the Aztec civilization as superior to Christian Europe. Nor did our European ancestors preach, as our modern clergymen do, that Islam is a friendly, tolerant religion, and Mohammed is superior to Christ. And need I add that the antique Christian Europeans did not, as modern liberals do, worship the natural black savage? Gremio, in Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, asks is there “any man is so very a fool to be married to hell?” Yes, there are such men – the modern clergy, male and female, are married to hell.

We need to pose a question to professed Christians who recommend Negro worship and ecumenical surrender to the non-Christian religions from hell: From what authority do you receive your mandate to preach and teach? The details of the answer will vary depending on whether the “Christian” group is Protestant or Catholic, but the essence of their answer is that they, through the power of their intellects, have grasped what the true Christianity is.

The snare of intellectual pride was first set by Satan for Adam and Eve. And the same satanic snare has been ever present throughout the European’s history. The scholastics' challenge to God which asserts that He can be put in a silver rod, has fed on the soul of the European over the centuries and finally left him a cadaverous shell of a human being. He now sleeps the sleep of the dead. But deep in our racial memories lies the image of the true God, the Hero-God to whom the first Europeans bent their knees. That God is not the God of pagan Rome nor the God of Greek philosophy. He is the hero God, the true Sigurd. Brynhild disobeyed the will of the All-Father and became an outcast lying in a deathless sleep until the coming of Sigurd. He rode his horse Grani right up to the ring of fire surrounding Brynild: “To the wall of fire they came, and Sigurd, who knew no fear, rode through it.” There were untold depths in the European’s heart. Only he recognized the true Hero, the Man without fear, who had come to free him from the bonds of sin and death. We defame His character and destroy our souls when we abandon the bardic, heroic Christianity for the stagnant, inhuman, decadent, pseudo-intellectual Christianity of the New Age, Negro-worshipping, modern Christians.

Walter Scott, in his epic poem Harold the Dauntless, gives us a brief history of the European’s journey from paganism to Christ. Harold’s father, a heathen Dane, turns to the Church of Rome after a lifetime of slaying and slewing. His conversion is one part Christian and one part greed; he received lands from the Church. And the churchmen who receive him into the Church have one foot in the Christian church and one foot in the pagan world. Father and churchmen are both halfway-house Christians. Not so Harold the Dauntless. He condemns his father’s cynical conversion and sets out alone to live like a pagan warrior should live, faithful to his gods.
Only when Harold realizes that Christ is the Hero-God, who stands above and with the true warrior in his fight against the devil, does Harold finally fight for the only cause worth fighting for: the reign of Christ.

As it was with Harold, so it was with every European of what Thomas Nelson Page called the “good old stock.” The Christian faith must be a Hero-God faith, the faith of the third dumb brother of the Grimm’s fairy tales, of Alfred and the first European Christians, who did not write treatises about a platonic force, but hymns to a personal God.

Are we too far afield from Sheriff Babeu’s just criticism of the U.S. government: “Our own government has become our enemy and is taking us to court at a time when we need help”? No, we are not. The forsaken God of the European is the brave man’s companion in the face of the implacable hatred of Satan and his minions. If we banish all thought of the god of the halfway-house Christians past and present, and turn to the true-God, the Hero-God of our ancestors -- at least the only ancestors worth emulating -- we will not conquer in a day, but we will ultimately conquer. We need the Savior whom they, the halfway-house Christians and the liberals, have rejected. My prayer, and my hope is the same as the Rev. Henry Francis Lyte: Please, Lord, abide with those who want no other God than Thee.
Hold Thou Thy Cross before my closing eyes,
Shine through the gloom and point me to the skies;
Heaven’s morning breaks, and earth’s vain shadows flee;
In life, in death, O Lord, abide with me.
The European used to see Christ through the gloom. He saw Christ when he belonged to bardic Europe, a land filled with dragons to be fought, castles to be defended, and a God that could be loved because He first loved us. There is only one Europe; when and if we take the blinders off we will see it clear, and then miracles will occur. The pent-up faith of the old Europeans, now only a small subterranean stream, will become a raging torrent and wash away multi-racial, ecumenical Europe.

When Dylan Thomas wrote about seeing with blinding sight he was referring to the things we see with our hearts. Once we see with the eyes of the heart as the bardic Europeans did, we will see things clearly. We will see that a nation consists of people of a common race and faith, and then we will defend our people and our faith. We will also see that all other gods are false gods, and that Christ cannot be placed in a pantheon of gods in which He is a junior member. And we will know that there is no such thing as utopia, only the promise Christ made to us when He said He would be with us “alway, even unto the end of the world.” +

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Satan’s Liberal Reign

Double, double, toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

--Shakespeare’s Macbeth

In The Lancashire Witches, the English Victorian novelist William Harrison Ainsworth describes the havoc caused by a number of witches living and practicing their craft in the early part of the 17th century. John Buchan also wrote about witches frequenting the Scottish Highlands during the early 17th century in his novel Witchwood. Neither novelist treats the existence of witches and witchcraft as imaginary. That a small minority of women and men were willing to renounce Christ and serve Satan in order to attain some illicit desire or simply to do evil for its own sake was taken as an absolute fact by Ainsworth and Buchan.

I think there are more people doing the work of the devil in our modern age than at any other time in history, but I think there are fewer people who have consciously given themselves to Satan as depicted in the novels of Buchan and Ainsworth because a person needs to have faith in the existence of Christ in order to believe in His demonic opponent. The modern man lacks that faith.

The decadent French author Andre Gide once said, “I don’t believe in the devil, but that is what the devil wants.” Where there is belief in the devil, there is also belief in the God-Man. The witches in Ainsworth’s novel know Christ is the Son of God, but they hate Christ and love evil. Satan probably prefers the non-believing diabolists such as Gide, because where there is belief in Christ’s divinity there is also the chance for repentance. Indeed one witch in Ainsworth’s novel forsakes Satan for Christ, and she, even she, is not denied mercy by the God of mercy.

A world in which a minority of men and women knowingly give themselves over to Satan and the vast majority of people actively oppose Satanism in Christ’s name is an infinitely better world than the world in which we live now. The worst villain in Buchan's and Ainsworth’s novels is in better shape soul-wise than any of our respected citizens of Modernia. If a person knows there is a devil and a Savior, that there is damnation and there is heaven, he is still alive, and life has meaning for him because what happens on earth has an eternal significance.

In contrast the modern man “has supped full of horrors.” His satanic forefathers, the Rosicrucians, alchemists, wizards, and practitioners of the occult sciences won out; they institutionalized Satanism. But when Satanism is institutionalized the initial vision is lost. Abortionists, feminists, and Negro-worshipping clergymen who no longer believe in Satan do more evil in one day than Satan’s most devoted adherents in the ‘good old days’ did in a whole year! But of course it is a much duller evil. No spells, no midnight cavorting on the heath, just regular, everyday evil in the abortuaries, in our schools, and in our churches.

It would seem that the milquetoast Satanists of today would be easy to defeat. But unfortunately that is not the case, because genuine virtue, the virtue that is full of fire and passion, is non-existent in the ranks of the Europeans. The best of them, Yeats tells us, lack conviction, and they lack conviction because they have lost their moral vision. They don’t see with their hearts. Why, for instance, is there even a debate about the existences of mosques in Europe or the United States? No antique European would have allowed any kind of Moslem presence in Christendom. And abortuaries? No man of European blood would allow them to exist on Christian soil. There is no moral clarity in even the best of the modern Europeans because having lost half of their faith in the God-Man, they have given partial assent to the Satanic agenda of the liberals which translates to, “We’ll worship the Negro if you threw the name of Christ somewhere into the service; we’ll permit abortion so long as its done democratically; and we will allow Moslems, Mexicans, and blacks into our nation to defile it in the name of abstractions called religious liberty and toleration.” ‘No moral vision’ is the epitaph for the modern, halfway-house Christian European.

The great temptation for the antique European living in Liberaldom is the halfway-house Christians, who stand on the shores of Liberaldom beckoning the antique European on: “There is Christian fellowship and love here. We are not asking you to abandon the Christian faith, we only ask you to abandon your antiquated notions of the Christian faith.” And a man, because he is a man, is tempted. But as he approaches the shores he sees the ruins of European ships on the rocks. He sees the halfway-house Christians drinking tea with the abortionists, and he sees the images of black men on the same altar as Christ. At the last moment, he turns his ship aside and sets sail for the open sea. Bulkington has it right: better to risk an ocean perishing than be dashed on the rocks of Liberaldom.

It is well and good, in terms of earthly comfort, for the halfway-house Christians to avoid any conflict with institutionalized Satanism by proclaiming Christ to be a liberal. But it just won’t do. The Old Testament prophets and the European poets got it right. Life is passion, life is of the spirit, and life is of the blood. Satan is our sworn enemy, and his friends, knowingly or unknowingly, are our enemies. The antique European cannot and will not compromise or temporize in the face of institutionalized Satanism, even if it assumes a benign, respectable face. We know who is behind the mask.

Quite possibly Satan feels a little nostalgic for the days when he had fewer people doing his will but a greater number of people passionately devoted to him. Ever the pragmatist, however, he sticks to modernity because he knows that he dare not stir up the passions of the European. Satan knows that passion can be turned against him; instead of loving Satan, the European might turn to Christ. It is passion that is wanting in the European, not intellectual acumen or esoteric knowledge. In the depths of the soul, where the battle between God and devil rageth, is where the European needs to live.

From my own puppet show of memory I recall the statement of a burned-out, drug-soaked hippie in a literature class with me. I was struggling toward the light at that time of my life and growing increasingly indignant with professors of literature who loved Christian poets such as Spenser and Shakespeare but openly mocked the faith that inspired those Christian poets. In a heated exchange I told my professor that I had no desire to believe anything different than my European ancestors; their lights and my meager light all pointed to one magnificent truth: Christ was the Son of the living God. Of course, my little outburst was considered quite amusing and everyone went back to the structural, anthropological, psychological study of the great works of Western literature. A few days later the burned out hippie came up to me in the library. “What you said in class about that Christ guy – it’s true. I know it’s true because there is a devil.” In the depths that our heroic European ancestors plumbed is the truth about God and the devil. It’s what Melville was saying when he wrote, in reference to Shakespeare, “All that we seek and shun is there, Man’s final lore.”

The old hag in Robert Louis Stevenson’s book Kidnapped said that blood built the house of Shaw and blood will bring it down. Satan built his kingdom on the watered-down, illicit passions of his devotees. The licit passion to worship the living God in spirit and truth will bring down Liberaldom. +


When thou art come into the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations. There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch. Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee.

Deuteronomy 18: 9 - 12

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Love and Hate

Yes, this man’s brow, like to a tragic leaf
Foretells the nature of a tragic volume.

-- Shakespeare

Maurice Baring titled his autobiography The Puppet Show of Memory. What an apt title for an autobiography. Our memories are like puppet shows, and the oddest things keep popping up in the shows. For instance, the whole tragic tale of Western man’s shift from Christianity to Negro worship crystallizes for me in a 28-year old memory of a nun’s ecstatic face. I had gone into the chapel that night to say a quick prayer before the altar. A nun, who ordinarily never got excited about anything outside of her favorite T.V. show Dallas, told me that I could not pray in the chapel because “we are bringing a busload of blacks into the chapel to worship with them.” If you had seen the look of ecstasy on the nun’s face you would have known without a doubt that she and her fellow blasphemers were not going to worship with the blacks, they were going to worship the blacks.

The case of the ecstatic nun was not an isolated case. No matter what church group a man encounters, the white man’s love affair with the Negro is at the center of the group’s life. If the church is more liberal, there are actual blacks in the church who are worshipped in the flesh. If the church is a more conservative church there are often no blacks in attendance, but the worshippers live in the hope of winning blacks to their fold by constantly professing their freedom from all racial prejudices (except hatred of the white race) and fervently voicing their great love for the Negro.

Negro worship has increased among the European people as belief in the resurrection of Christ has declined; and I stress that belief in Christ’s resurrection has declined, not belief in Christ as a great teacher, emancipator, wizard, etc. And there’s the rub. Why did the European stop believing in Christ’s resurrection from the dead? He ceased to believe in the Resurrection when he accepted the old satanic promise in its new scientific guise, “You shall be as gods.” Why suffer the heartache and the thousand natural shocks the flesh is heir to if science can deliver you from them? Time and time again science has failed to deliver us from the heartache and the thousand natural shocks the flesh is heir to, but still modern man holds out the hope that science will deliver him. One of the saddest spectacles I witnessed as a police officer was the hope, soon to be dashed, on the faces of a heart attack victim's loved ones when the machines arrived to do the CPR work the all-too-human police officer was trying to do without the aid of machines. The machines did not work any better than the men -- neither could bring life back -- yet the coming of the machines always signified new hope. Over time, not in one moment or even in one century, the European’s faith in the man from Bethlehem was replaced by a faith in science. To be unscientific is now a great blasphemy, while a lack of faith in Christ’s resurrection is considered natural and common-sensical.

I’ve come across the hatred of the white man and the love of the Negro much too often in the Christian churches to treat the hate of the white and the love of the black as an isolated phenomenon. It is dogma in the churches. And I have tried, over the years, to see what the driving force behind the new dogma is. Why do white people who believe in science more than Christ hate the white and love the black? Certainly one reason is that mankind needs to worship something. But that still doesn’t explain why the white man chooses to worship the colored races in general and the black race in particular. The answer to that question probably lies in the white man’s quest to forget the vision vouchsafed to him when he heard and believed in the story of Christ’s resurrection. In dumb nature there is oblivion and forgetfulness. Every aspect of the antique European’s culture reminds the modern white man of Him whom the modern European wants to forget. And the colored races, particularly the black race, are without any Christian taint; they are ‘natural’ and ‘pure.’ White people can worship the colored, secure in the knowledge that they will not be reminded of the fact they have thrown the Christ Child off their shoulders in the middle of the stream.

Because they were once Christian, the Europeans have a need to hate the devil and all his works. Diametrically opposed to their new god, the natural colored man, is the antique European. So the contemporary European has a new devil to hate, and he hates him with the same passion that the old European reserved for the real devil. One has only to enter any history or literature class in any European-based university. The theme of every class, usually taught by white people, is unrelenting hatred of the white man and unadulterated, unquestioned adoration of the colored races.

The last Presidential election in this country, in which the young voters overwhelmingly supported Obama, is an indication that the new religion, the worship of the black, has become the orthodox faith of the European people. Liberals throughout Europe were green with envy because the United States beat them to the finish line by electing the first black head of state in a formerly European nation. But the race is never over. Despite the fact that America has a black President, there is still racism everywhere. The fight goes on and will always go on; it is an eternal struggle between God and the devil. Only at the end of time when there are no longer any white people on the face of the earth will mankind finally know peace. That is what the white liberal believes; that is his creed. It seems suicidal, but in the liberal’s mind he is not spiritually white, he has a black soul. He envisions himself as an intellectual witch doctor presiding over devoted black men. Whether it is Pope John or Bill Clinton, the refrain is the same: “I am black like you, let me lead you to the Promised Land.” The Promised Land is an entire world that looks like Africa.

The natural world contains many links to the spiritual realm beneath the surface. There is something sinister in the blackness of the Negro that should serve as a warning to the white man just as a snake’s reptilian features and subtle movements should warn us that he has a special link to the devil. The Europeans who actually had to deal with the African in his native element told the European people some simple truths about him. He is fond of torture, rape, and murder, and completely unable to understand the tenets of a religion of charity and mercy. Only sick demented Western intellectuals see the generic black man as the paragon of all virtue. The secular liberal regards the black man as “sexy and earthy,” and the halfway house Catholic sees the black man, along with the brown and yellow races, as the raw material to make up for the numbers lost in the Protestant revolt. In fact, if you are playing the numbers game, the Catholic Church comes out a winner. Africa and Mexico more than compensate for the loss of Northern Europe. Of course you must ignore the fact that African Catholicism is unadulterated voodoo worship and the spirit of Montezuma and the Aztecs pervades the Mexican version of Catholicism. But that’s fine; so long as we don’t impose a culture-bound European perspective on innocent and pure natives, the Christian faith will flourish in lands where it never flourished before.

Meanwhile, the halfway-house Protestant has not been idle in the “Let’s get people of color into our churches” sweepstakes. The only break in the halfway house Protestant’s unrelenting campaign to make the entire world a subsidiary of Israel is when he goes into raptures about the great work that is being done in Africa and Mexico. But having repudiated the ethnocentric Christianity of the antique European, the halfway-house Protestant allows the African to adapt Christianity to his voodoo faith, the Mexican to his Aztec faith, and on it goes. It never occurs to either the halfway-house Catholic or Protestant that the living God is not to be found in the theology of a religious expert or in the formulaic mysticism of a Christian guru. He is to be found in the heart of His people, the antique Europeans. If you go to the heart of Europe, the real Europe, you will find the true God.

Cyrano tells a friend who wants him to be moderate that “some things should be taken to extremes.” The love of old Europe and the hatred of race-mixing, Negro-worshipping Europe should be taken to the extreme. If we can’t be our European ancestors we can at least affirm our fidelity to them by loving and hating as they did, with our whole heart and soul. Because they were fully engaged in the tragedy of life, not trying to escape it by blending science and Negro worship, the antique Europeans were able to see the God who transcended tragedy because He loved and hated with His whole heart and soul. +

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Saturday, September 04, 2010

In Defense of Bleeding Europe

Shall Beresford leave him, a prey to the pack,
Or dare for old England a deed of renown?

--H. D. Rawnsley

In a recent book titled Almighty God Created the Races, J. Thomas Oldham gives us a survey of U.S. laws restricting inter-racial marriage. The author presents the regress to Babylon as a history of the European American’s progress toward the light. He gives the lion’s share of credit for the “advance” to the Roman Catholic Church and only credits the Protestant churches with an assist. Some liberal Protestants might, with some justification, quarrel with that part of Oldham’s thesis, but I think his contention is essentially correct. The Catholic Church’s love of universals, at the expense of the particular, has translated to less respect for individual races and for individual personalities within those races. It is not a major divide though; the Protestant churches quickly caught up with the Catholic Church and became just as universally inhuman as the Catholic Church.

That Christ died to make the world safe for interracial marriage seems to be the only absolutely unquestioned doctrine in the Catholic and Protestant churches. But if we look at the people who are proclaiming this new Christian doctrine, which they claim is the Christian doctrine, we should take a step back and not be too hasty to celebrate the union of race-mixing and Christianity. After all, the “Christians” who are screaming the loudest about the necessity of Negro-worship and race-mixing are the same people who have grave doubts about many of the central tenets of the Christian faith.

Quite possibly I’m a minority of one on this issue, but I do not think the modern European’s desire to blend with the colored races is in keeping with Christianity. What do I base this on? First and foremost I base my opposition to interracial marriage on instinct. I grew up with very liberal parents who had all the correct opinions on race relations, and I went to very liberal schools and churches where I learned that the love of the Negro was the major tenet of the Christian faith. And for many years I mouthed the same platitudes as my parents, pastors, and teachers. But there was something inside me, something that is in every European, burned deep into my soul, that said race-mixing and the worship of the Negro were wrong. There are certain theologians in the Catholic Church and in the Protestant churches who insist that there was nothing left in man after the fall. He could not trust his instincts because he was and is a fallen creature. Those theologians bid us turn to nature or to pure mind but never to trust that God has not left us bereft, that faithful hearts can still seek and find Him. Liars! When all the ooze of 'this world only' is stripped from the heart, a personality emerges, a man, who can know that his Redeemer liveth and that He has given poor unaccommodated man the means to know His will. If every instinct in us positively recoils at the hideous spectacle of a mixed marriage, we should trust that instinct. Are we prejudiced? Yes, we are, just as we are prejudiced against abortionists, Muslims, devil worshippers, and Satan himself.

No argument will convince the race-mixing enthusiast he is in the wrong once he has labeled his instinct against it as a prejudice that must be overcome. Against such adamantine ignorance an antique European can only gird up his loins and prepare for battle. But for the sake of a friend who has asked me to articulate, once again, the more overt case against race-mixing, let us list the three non-instinctual reasons.

(1) The Word of God – The advocates of race-mixing have a schizophrenic attitude toward the strictures against race-mixing in the Old Testament. On the one hand, they deny that the Tower of Babel story and others like it are anything more than fables, and on the opposite hand they claim that even if the Old Testament strictures against race-mixing were true God only cared about blood lines until Christ was born; after that we are all members of one race, the human race.

I don’t for one minute believe you can convert liberals by quoting the Bible; they don’t really have any desire to understand the Bible. But does a honest reading of the Bible point to the mandated, racially-blended society of today or to the much maligned, segregationist society of our European ancestors? I think it is the latter.

(2) Our European ancestors were segregationists – It is necessary to conclude that our ancestors were cruel, unreasonable, un-Christian bigots if we are to believe, as Oldham and his fellow liberals believe, that race-mixing is the Christian thing to do. I can’t accept that, for the simple reason that I admire the European people prior to the mid-20th century and have nothing but contempt for the contemporary Europeans. It is possible to be essentially right on major issues and wrong on some minor issues, but race-mixing is not a minor issue. I have a hard time believing – no, I find it impossible to believe – that the people who forged Christian Europe were wrong to segregate the races.

(3) Reality – Would there be any mercy left on earth should the white man become extinct? Would there be a vision of the living God? How can we look at the cultures of the black, yellow, and brown people of the world and suppose for one moment that inter-racial marriage is a good thing? Who is being served by mixing the races? Ultimately Satan is the one being served, because race-mixing extinguishes the light of Christ’s gospel and plunges mankind into the darkness of Babylon.

It is not as if we have no record of the heinous results of race-mixing. The Spaniards performed one of the greatest feats in human history when they overthrew Montezuma. Then they disgraced their blood by failing to overthrow the Aztec empire. By mixing their white blood with the Aztecs they allowed the Aztec empire to survive, first as an underground culture in the days when the white-blooded upper-class culture still maintained some modicum of European decency and honor, and then as a blood-crazed dominant culture when the European influence died out.

It is the same with the yellow and the black as it is with the Mexican. If the white European dies out, there will be no check on the cruelty of the Asian or on the savagery of the black.

“Indeed, as an American woman pointed out, if the racial proportions in the United States were reversed, so that the whites formed only ten percent of an otherwise completely coloured nation, no one would expect white parents to insist on the right of their children to attend coloured schools. No, certainly they would not; because for one thing there would not be any white people left at all. They would be massacred to the last man, woman and child.”

White Man Think Again by Anthony Jacob

It is not Christian to ignore one’s instincts, the Bible, one’s ancestors, and reality, as the modern white-hating, Negro-worshipping modern European does. If the Christian European will not stand up for Christian Europe, who will? Certainly not the neo-pagan. His aim is to rule in a hellish Babylon, not to preside over a restored Christian Europe.

Every war, particularly World War I, that pitted Europeans against Europeans was a tragic affair. The Christ-bearers need to strive and multiply, not decrease their numbers in internecine warfare. The great war, the necessary war, is the war the white man refuses to fight, the race war. Africa is the world. If the white man retreats from Europe as he has retreated from Africa, he will soon become extinct. And the white man refuses to fight for Europe or for European America. The Buchanans and the Becks can scream all they want about how we are all one people so long as we affirm the Constitution or democracy, but in our hearts we know such claims are false. A people are sustained by their common race and their common faith. There are no other building blocks for a people. When I look at old Europe and her people in my mind’s eye, and then at modern Europe, I burn with hate and love; hate for modern Europe and love for old Europe. Has every white man lost what Thomas Nelson Page described as the spirit of the Goth? “True to his instincts, true to his traditions, fearing nothing, loving only his own, loving and hating with all his heart--- a Goth.”

All faithful Europeans are at their posts. The Battle of Rorke’s Drift has become the battle for the white race and for His Europe. +


Brave Beresford
An Incident of the Zulu War, 1879

It was Beresford’s charger who led us that day,
When we ventured a view of the King and his horde,
It was Beresford’s charger bore two men away
From the braves of Ulundi, in ambush who lay;
To the praise of its rider, our gallant young lord.

Ah! little we knew as we followed their flight,
And the snowy-flecked chestnut went proud in the van,
That the foe were all round us to left and to right,
That a thousand would spring in a moment to sight,
And every grass-tuft prove a spear and a man.

But we saw on a sudden a mighty Zulu,
With the ring on his head and the shield on his arm
Up-gather himself for the deed he would do,
But our Beresford’s blade turned the lightning that flew,
And flashed back the flame through the heart that would harm.

Then forth from the grasses each side of us showed
Brindled shields and spears hungry for lying in wait,
“Back, back!” shouted Buller, and backward we rode,
While swift from the deep-hidden watercourse flowed
The foemen by thousands in torrent of hate.

Then the bullet-ball hissed, and we answered it back,
Two saddles are emptied, a third man is down,
And his horse, at a gallop, has followed our track—
Shall Beresford leave him, a prey to the pack,
Or dare for Old England a deed of renown?

No moment to ponder! but back at full speed,
With his hand at his holster, and rowels red-rose,
He has dashed to his comrade-in-arms, at his need,
Has lifted the man, wounded sore, to his steed,
Has mounted behind him in face of the foes.

With hands woman-tender but stronger than steel
He held the faint trooper, nigh drenched with his blood;
Cheered the steed, who, half human to know and to feel,
Stretched out, double-weighted, and showed a clean heel,
Till safe at the Laager in glory she stood.

Oh! sound of the Impis that gather from far,
When, with shield for the drum-head, the warriors come,
Oh! sound of the yelp of those death-dogs of war,
Could you drown the long note of the English hurrah
Which welcomed the chestnut and Beresford home?

-- H. D. Rawnsley

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