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In Defense of Bleeding Europe

Shall Beresford leave him, a prey to the pack,
Or dare for old England a deed of renown?

--H. D. Rawnsley

In a recent book titled Almighty God Created the Races, J. Thomas Oldham gives us a survey of U.S. laws restricting inter-racial marriage. The author presents the regress to Babylon as a history of the European American’s progress toward the light. He gives the lion’s share of credit for the “advance” to the Roman Catholic Church and only credits the Protestant churches with an assist. Some liberal Protestants might, with some justification, quarrel with that part of Oldham’s thesis, but I think his contention is essentially correct. The Catholic Church’s love of universals, at the expense of the particular, has translated to less respect for individual races and for individual personalities within those races. It is not a major divide though; the Protestant churches quickly caught up with the Catholic Church and became just as universally inhuman as the Catholic Church.

That Christ died to make the world safe for interracial marriage seems to be the only absolutely unquestioned doctrine in the Catholic and Protestant churches. But if we look at the people who are proclaiming this new Christian doctrine, which they claim is the Christian doctrine, we should take a step back and not be too hasty to celebrate the union of race-mixing and Christianity. After all, the “Christians” who are screaming the loudest about the necessity of Negro-worship and race-mixing are the same people who have grave doubts about many of the central tenets of the Christian faith.

Quite possibly I’m a minority of one on this issue, but I do not think the modern European’s desire to blend with the colored races is in keeping with Christianity. What do I base this on? First and foremost I base my opposition to interracial marriage on instinct. I grew up with very liberal parents who had all the correct opinions on race relations, and I went to very liberal schools and churches where I learned that the love of the Negro was the major tenet of the Christian faith. And for many years I mouthed the same platitudes as my parents, pastors, and teachers. But there was something inside me, something that is in every European, burned deep into my soul, that said race-mixing and the worship of the Negro were wrong. There are certain theologians in the Catholic Church and in the Protestant churches who insist that there was nothing left in man after the fall. He could not trust his instincts because he was and is a fallen creature. Those theologians bid us turn to nature or to pure mind but never to trust that God has not left us bereft, that faithful hearts can still seek and find Him. Liars! When all the ooze of 'this world only' is stripped from the heart, a personality emerges, a man, who can know that his Redeemer liveth and that He has given poor unaccommodated man the means to know His will. If every instinct in us positively recoils at the hideous spectacle of a mixed marriage, we should trust that instinct. Are we prejudiced? Yes, we are, just as we are prejudiced against abortionists, Muslims, devil worshippers, and Satan himself.

No argument will convince the race-mixing enthusiast he is in the wrong once he has labeled his instinct against it as a prejudice that must be overcome. Against such adamantine ignorance an antique European can only gird up his loins and prepare for battle. But for the sake of a friend who has asked me to articulate, once again, the more overt case against race-mixing, let us list the three non-instinctual reasons.

(1) The Word of God – The advocates of race-mixing have a schizophrenic attitude toward the strictures against race-mixing in the Old Testament. On the one hand, they deny that the Tower of Babel story and others like it are anything more than fables, and on the opposite hand they claim that even if the Old Testament strictures against race-mixing were true God only cared about blood lines until Christ was born; after that we are all members of one race, the human race.

I don’t for one minute believe you can convert liberals by quoting the Bible; they don’t really have any desire to understand the Bible. But does a honest reading of the Bible point to the mandated, racially-blended society of today or to the much maligned, segregationist society of our European ancestors? I think it is the latter.

(2) Our European ancestors were segregationists – It is necessary to conclude that our ancestors were cruel, unreasonable, un-Christian bigots if we are to believe, as Oldham and his fellow liberals believe, that race-mixing is the Christian thing to do. I can’t accept that, for the simple reason that I admire the European people prior to the mid-20th century and have nothing but contempt for the contemporary Europeans. It is possible to be essentially right on major issues and wrong on some minor issues, but race-mixing is not a minor issue. I have a hard time believing – no, I find it impossible to believe – that the people who forged Christian Europe were wrong to segregate the races.

(3) Reality – Would there be any mercy left on earth should the white man become extinct? Would there be a vision of the living God? How can we look at the cultures of the black, yellow, and brown people of the world and suppose for one moment that inter-racial marriage is a good thing? Who is being served by mixing the races? Ultimately Satan is the one being served, because race-mixing extinguishes the light of Christ’s gospel and plunges mankind into the darkness of Babylon.

It is not as if we have no record of the heinous results of race-mixing. The Spaniards performed one of the greatest feats in human history when they overthrew Montezuma. Then they disgraced their blood by failing to overthrow the Aztec empire. By mixing their white blood with the Aztecs they allowed the Aztec empire to survive, first as an underground culture in the days when the white-blooded upper-class culture still maintained some modicum of European decency and honor, and then as a blood-crazed dominant culture when the European influence died out.

It is the same with the yellow and the black as it is with the Mexican. If the white European dies out, there will be no check on the cruelty of the Asian or on the savagery of the black.

“Indeed, as an American woman pointed out, if the racial proportions in the United States were reversed, so that the whites formed only ten percent of an otherwise completely coloured nation, no one would expect white parents to insist on the right of their children to attend coloured schools. No, certainly they would not; because for one thing there would not be any white people left at all. They would be massacred to the last man, woman and child.”

White Man Think Again by Anthony Jacob

It is not Christian to ignore one’s instincts, the Bible, one’s ancestors, and reality, as the modern white-hating, Negro-worshipping modern European does. If the Christian European will not stand up for Christian Europe, who will? Certainly not the neo-pagan. His aim is to rule in a hellish Babylon, not to preside over a restored Christian Europe.

Every war, particularly World War I, that pitted Europeans against Europeans was a tragic affair. The Christ-bearers need to strive and multiply, not decrease their numbers in internecine warfare. The great war, the necessary war, is the war the white man refuses to fight, the race war. Africa is the world. If the white man retreats from Europe as he has retreated from Africa, he will soon become extinct. And the white man refuses to fight for Europe or for European America. The Buchanans and the Becks can scream all they want about how we are all one people so long as we affirm the Constitution or democracy, but in our hearts we know such claims are false. A people are sustained by their common race and their common faith. There are no other building blocks for a people. When I look at old Europe and her people in my mind’s eye, and then at modern Europe, I burn with hate and love; hate for modern Europe and love for old Europe. Has every white man lost what Thomas Nelson Page described as the spirit of the Goth? “True to his instincts, true to his traditions, fearing nothing, loving only his own, loving and hating with all his heart--- a Goth.”

All faithful Europeans are at their posts. The Battle of Rorke’s Drift has become the battle for the white race and for His Europe. +


Brave Beresford
An Incident of the Zulu War, 1879

It was Beresford’s charger who led us that day,
When we ventured a view of the King and his horde,
It was Beresford’s charger bore two men away
From the braves of Ulundi, in ambush who lay;
To the praise of its rider, our gallant young lord.

Ah! little we knew as we followed their flight,
And the snowy-flecked chestnut went proud in the van,
That the foe were all round us to left and to right,
That a thousand would spring in a moment to sight,
And every grass-tuft prove a spear and a man.

But we saw on a sudden a mighty Zulu,
With the ring on his head and the shield on his arm
Up-gather himself for the deed he would do,
But our Beresford’s blade turned the lightning that flew,
And flashed back the flame through the heart that would harm.

Then forth from the grasses each side of us showed
Brindled shields and spears hungry for lying in wait,
“Back, back!” shouted Buller, and backward we rode,
While swift from the deep-hidden watercourse flowed
The foemen by thousands in torrent of hate.

Then the bullet-ball hissed, and we answered it back,
Two saddles are emptied, a third man is down,
And his horse, at a gallop, has followed our track—
Shall Beresford leave him, a prey to the pack,
Or dare for Old England a deed of renown?

No moment to ponder! but back at full speed,
With his hand at his holster, and rowels red-rose,
He has dashed to his comrade-in-arms, at his need,
Has lifted the man, wounded sore, to his steed,
Has mounted behind him in face of the foes.

With hands woman-tender but stronger than steel
He held the faint trooper, nigh drenched with his blood;
Cheered the steed, who, half human to know and to feel,
Stretched out, double-weighted, and showed a clean heel,
Till safe at the Laager in glory she stood.

Oh! sound of the Impis that gather from far,
When, with shield for the drum-head, the warriors come,
Oh! sound of the yelp of those death-dogs of war,
Could you drown the long note of the English hurrah
Which welcomed the chestnut and Beresford home?

-- H. D. Rawnsley

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