Saturday, September 11, 2010

Love and Hate

Yes, this man’s brow, like to a tragic leaf
Foretells the nature of a tragic volume.

-- Shakespeare

Maurice Baring titled his autobiography The Puppet Show of Memory. What an apt title for an autobiography. Our memories are like puppet shows, and the oddest things keep popping up in the shows. For instance, the whole tragic tale of Western man’s shift from Christianity to Negro worship crystallizes for me in a 28-year old memory of a nun’s ecstatic face. I had gone into the chapel that night to say a quick prayer before the altar. A nun, who ordinarily never got excited about anything outside of her favorite T.V. show Dallas, told me that I could not pray in the chapel because “we are bringing a busload of blacks into the chapel to worship with them.” If you had seen the look of ecstasy on the nun’s face you would have known without a doubt that she and her fellow blasphemers were not going to worship with the blacks, they were going to worship the blacks.

The case of the ecstatic nun was not an isolated case. No matter what church group a man encounters, the white man’s love affair with the Negro is at the center of the group’s life. If the church is more liberal, there are actual blacks in the church who are worshipped in the flesh. If the church is a more conservative church there are often no blacks in attendance, but the worshippers live in the hope of winning blacks to their fold by constantly professing their freedom from all racial prejudices (except hatred of the white race) and fervently voicing their great love for the Negro.

Negro worship has increased among the European people as belief in the resurrection of Christ has declined; and I stress that belief in Christ’s resurrection has declined, not belief in Christ as a great teacher, emancipator, wizard, etc. And there’s the rub. Why did the European stop believing in Christ’s resurrection from the dead? He ceased to believe in the Resurrection when he accepted the old satanic promise in its new scientific guise, “You shall be as gods.” Why suffer the heartache and the thousand natural shocks the flesh is heir to if science can deliver you from them? Time and time again science has failed to deliver us from the heartache and the thousand natural shocks the flesh is heir to, but still modern man holds out the hope that science will deliver him. One of the saddest spectacles I witnessed as a police officer was the hope, soon to be dashed, on the faces of a heart attack victim's loved ones when the machines arrived to do the CPR work the all-too-human police officer was trying to do without the aid of machines. The machines did not work any better than the men -- neither could bring life back -- yet the coming of the machines always signified new hope. Over time, not in one moment or even in one century, the European’s faith in the man from Bethlehem was replaced by a faith in science. To be unscientific is now a great blasphemy, while a lack of faith in Christ’s resurrection is considered natural and common-sensical.

I’ve come across the hatred of the white man and the love of the Negro much too often in the Christian churches to treat the hate of the white and the love of the black as an isolated phenomenon. It is dogma in the churches. And I have tried, over the years, to see what the driving force behind the new dogma is. Why do white people who believe in science more than Christ hate the white and love the black? Certainly one reason is that mankind needs to worship something. But that still doesn’t explain why the white man chooses to worship the colored races in general and the black race in particular. The answer to that question probably lies in the white man’s quest to forget the vision vouchsafed to him when he heard and believed in the story of Christ’s resurrection. In dumb nature there is oblivion and forgetfulness. Every aspect of the antique European’s culture reminds the modern white man of Him whom the modern European wants to forget. And the colored races, particularly the black race, are without any Christian taint; they are ‘natural’ and ‘pure.’ White people can worship the colored, secure in the knowledge that they will not be reminded of the fact they have thrown the Christ Child off their shoulders in the middle of the stream.

Because they were once Christian, the Europeans have a need to hate the devil and all his works. Diametrically opposed to their new god, the natural colored man, is the antique European. So the contemporary European has a new devil to hate, and he hates him with the same passion that the old European reserved for the real devil. One has only to enter any history or literature class in any European-based university. The theme of every class, usually taught by white people, is unrelenting hatred of the white man and unadulterated, unquestioned adoration of the colored races.

The last Presidential election in this country, in which the young voters overwhelmingly supported Obama, is an indication that the new religion, the worship of the black, has become the orthodox faith of the European people. Liberals throughout Europe were green with envy because the United States beat them to the finish line by electing the first black head of state in a formerly European nation. But the race is never over. Despite the fact that America has a black President, there is still racism everywhere. The fight goes on and will always go on; it is an eternal struggle between God and the devil. Only at the end of time when there are no longer any white people on the face of the earth will mankind finally know peace. That is what the white liberal believes; that is his creed. It seems suicidal, but in the liberal’s mind he is not spiritually white, he has a black soul. He envisions himself as an intellectual witch doctor presiding over devoted black men. Whether it is Pope John or Bill Clinton, the refrain is the same: “I am black like you, let me lead you to the Promised Land.” The Promised Land is an entire world that looks like Africa.

The natural world contains many links to the spiritual realm beneath the surface. There is something sinister in the blackness of the Negro that should serve as a warning to the white man just as a snake’s reptilian features and subtle movements should warn us that he has a special link to the devil. The Europeans who actually had to deal with the African in his native element told the European people some simple truths about him. He is fond of torture, rape, and murder, and completely unable to understand the tenets of a religion of charity and mercy. Only sick demented Western intellectuals see the generic black man as the paragon of all virtue. The secular liberal regards the black man as “sexy and earthy,” and the halfway house Catholic sees the black man, along with the brown and yellow races, as the raw material to make up for the numbers lost in the Protestant revolt. In fact, if you are playing the numbers game, the Catholic Church comes out a winner. Africa and Mexico more than compensate for the loss of Northern Europe. Of course you must ignore the fact that African Catholicism is unadulterated voodoo worship and the spirit of Montezuma and the Aztecs pervades the Mexican version of Catholicism. But that’s fine; so long as we don’t impose a culture-bound European perspective on innocent and pure natives, the Christian faith will flourish in lands where it never flourished before.

Meanwhile, the halfway-house Protestant has not been idle in the “Let’s get people of color into our churches” sweepstakes. The only break in the halfway house Protestant’s unrelenting campaign to make the entire world a subsidiary of Israel is when he goes into raptures about the great work that is being done in Africa and Mexico. But having repudiated the ethnocentric Christianity of the antique European, the halfway-house Protestant allows the African to adapt Christianity to his voodoo faith, the Mexican to his Aztec faith, and on it goes. It never occurs to either the halfway-house Catholic or Protestant that the living God is not to be found in the theology of a religious expert or in the formulaic mysticism of a Christian guru. He is to be found in the heart of His people, the antique Europeans. If you go to the heart of Europe, the real Europe, you will find the true God.

Cyrano tells a friend who wants him to be moderate that “some things should be taken to extremes.” The love of old Europe and the hatred of race-mixing, Negro-worshipping Europe should be taken to the extreme. If we can’t be our European ancestors we can at least affirm our fidelity to them by loving and hating as they did, with our whole heart and soul. Because they were fully engaged in the tragedy of life, not trying to escape it by blending science and Negro worship, the antique Europeans were able to see the God who transcended tragedy because He loved and hated with His whole heart and soul. +

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