Saturday, October 09, 2010

Liberal Theocracy

“I have some rights of memory in this kingdom…”

-- Fortinbras in Hamlet

The liberal and homosexual community is up in arms over an incident at Rutgers University. Apparently a heterosexual student secretly videotaped his homosexual roommate having sex with another male student. When the heterosexual student uploaded the video to the Internet, the homosexual student committed suicide. Now the liberal and homosexual community wants the offending heterosexual student to be prosecuted for a hate crime.

What the heterosexual student did, namely putting the private vices of another person on public display, was not the act of an honorable man. I think most of us would agree that videotaping and subsequently broadcasting the video was worse than a theft or some kind of illegal financial transaction, but should the act be subject to legal prosecution? In every society there are acts which are subject to the moral opprobrium of society but are not viewed as criminal by the same society. For instance, the man who donned women’s clothing in order to be permitted on the lifeboats of the Titanic was treated with moral opprobrium, but he was not criminally prosecuted. Most Christian societies make practical distinctions between morally reprehensible acts that elicit the scorn and censure of all good men and the criminal acts against the body politic that need to be punished to the full extent of the law. There are exceptions. In a theocracy the private vices, if they become known, are subject to public prosecution. It should not surprise us when liberals demand the prosecution of homophobes and whites who use the n-word. They have set up a theocracy that is much harsher than the much-maligned Puritan theocracy of New England. At least the Puritans, being Christian, tried to punish the private vices that really were vices! I agree with Hawthorne’s compassionate condemnation of the Puritans, but I would much rather fall into their hands than into those of the modern liberal theocrats, because the theocracy of the liberals is not a Christian theocracy. I’m not so naïve as to believe that everyone who professes the Christian faith does so out of love for Christ. Many sick individuals cry ‘Lord, Lord,’ but when Christianity is the professed faith of a whole society there is always a chance that some individuals within that society, maybe even some individuals in positions of power, will temper justice with mercy and put truth above expedience. Such can never be the case in a liberal theocracy. Founded on the principle that everything Christian is evil and whatever is opposed to Christianity is good, a liberal theocracy can only produce evil fruits.

On a daily basis we hear roundtable discussions about the economy: “Will it stage a comeback?” or “Is this a recession or a depression?” The Christian European knows as sure as the turning of the earth there will be no recovery from the moral depression of the white race so long as there is a liberal theocracy.

By the 1950’s the European people had left the full-blooded Christianity of their forefathers behind, but they still retained the values that stemmed from a “Christian hangover.” Now that the hangover is gone, nothing will deter the modern liberal from implementing a liberal theocracy. It is no coincidence that 'hate crime' legislation has been enacted to punish even verbal opposition to Negro worship, and abortion protestors are now subject to the same criminal prosecutions as mobsters. It won’t end there. Liberalism is devoid of all the values that the Europeans of the past held dear: piety, loyalty to kith and kin, faith, hope, and charity. The totalitarian regime of the liberals will be a hideous blend of colored barbarism and liberal techno- barbarism. Translated that means the liberals will continue the mass slaughter of babies and they will sanction murder and rape by the colored tribes so long as the colored violence is directed at white people.

At present there is virtually no resistance to the liberal theocracy. Halfway-house Christians resist certain aspects of liberalism, but they do not resist liberalism in its entirety. And the neo-pagans accept the anti-Christian basis of liberalism. Only an integral Christian people acting as a people who believe in a personal God who created distinct races and distinct individuals can resist liberalism. The dagger of abstract thought was dangled before the eyes of halfway-house Christians, and they eagerly seized upon it and slew their lawful king and feudal Lord. Every type of devotion is permitted in the Catholic Church so long as it is framed to support liberalism, which is diametrically opposed to Christianity! And what is behind the evangelical Protestants’ obsession with Israel? We constantly hear how the Jews are the people of God. If such is the case, that Christianity is Judaism, then Christ is not risen, and He is not our Lord and Savior. What separates the modern Catholic and the modern Protestant from the liberal theocrats? The answer: nothing.

There is an old saw about a traveler who stops and asks a farmer how to get to Centerville. The farmer replies, “Well, if I was going to Centerville, I wouldn’t start from here.” Of course the point is that we are here. We are white Europeans who are lost in a dark wood that is ruled by monsters (sometimes called ‘liberals’) in semi-human form who are more loathsome and terrible than any monster ever created by Ray Harryhausen or Edgar Allan Poe. We are pilgrims who have lost sight of the reason for our pilgrimage.

If we believe that God became flesh and dwelt among us, then we must believe that faith in the God who came to us through the blood is passed on through the blood. We should not ask 'what does the latest church document say about Christ', nor 'what does the latest Bible exegete say about Him'; we should look at the God our ancestors considered their Holy Father and their sacred Savior, who mixed His blood with theirs. The putrid Harry Potter fantasies are the end result of a sick, degenerate people who have forsaken their blood connection to their people and their God. The European has fled so far away from the blood wisdom of his ancestors that he can now be satisfied with the superficiality and banality of a two-bit magician from a carny show.

Does the modern European ever react to anything first-hand? Does he see the blood of innocents being shed in the abortuaries by techno-barbarians and on the city streets by colored barbarians, and then cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war? No he doesn’t because he feels nothing; he has no touchstone of reality. The halfway-house Christian must first check with his clergyman, who tells him how he feels, and the neo-pagan is incapable of heartfelt action because he has denied Him who is the source of all heartfelt righteous indignation. “This shall not go on,” is the response of the Christian hero to any attack on his race or the innocents of any race. And it is the heroic impulse of the European that has been buried by an avalanche of speculative musings of intellectual something-or-others, who wanted to make God conform to the narrow parameters of their brains.

Stevenson wonders in his preface to Treasure Island if the “wiser youngsters of to-day” can be pleased with an “old romance.” The answer was yes, there were still Europeans when Stevenson wrote Treasure Island who realized that all pure romances – and Treasure Island is a pure romance – stem from the romance called the Christian Faith. In that other world, the world of the old romance that the clever have left behind, is everything of value: home, hearth, and God. If the European’s memory of that world is completely gone, he will remain lost in the dark woods of a liberal theocracy. But if there is just some remembrance of things past the European is not permanently lost. He will make his way through the dark woods and slay the dragon of techno-barbarism and the multi-racial hydra. It is not the work of one day or of one century even, but all things are possible to Europeans when they listen to the call of their blood, which bids them rise and ride.

A different species of man has emerged in place of the Europeans of the past. One of the consequences of a man’s believing himself to be a descendent of the apes seems to be that he becomes more like an ape than a man. If we did not have a historical record of a different kind of European we could simply blend with the colored races and wallow in the indistinctiveness of our shallow lives. But we do have an historical record of the Europeans of the olden times. We were not born to wallow in the pigsties of modernity. One strand from the garment of the European past is worth more than the whole insubstantial pageant of modernity. The incorporate, Christ-centered Europe was not a dream. It is still our true home. If, and when, we remove the blinders from our hearts we will hear the harp of the ancient minstrel, who is waiting for His people to take their part in the divine Romance, and leave the liberal theocracy in the dustbin of history.
With a gleam of swords, and a burning match,
And a shaking of flag and hand:
But one long bound, and I passed the Gate
Save from the canting band. +

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