Saturday, October 02, 2010

Resisting Institutionalized Negro-Worship

“The heart that has truly loved never forgets” – Thomas Moore

I’m not sure of the exact date – I think it was somewhere in the late 1960’s, when blacks and liberals started using the term ‘institutional racism.’ The term was used like a hydrogen bomb to destroy whites in great numbers. The bomb was used because it was becoming harder and harder for the black and liberal coalition to convince whites living outside of academia that the U.S. was filled with ardent Klansmen (oh, that it were true!) getting ready to rise and ride. So the liberals developed a new gamut. “It doesn’t matter if most white people do not hate blacks; back in the days when all whites hated blacks, they institutionalized the hatred of blacks; therefore, even if individual whites within an organization do not hate blacks, the institution as an entity has an anti-black agenda. The whites in that organization, despite professing their lack of prejudice, are still supporting racism by being a part of an organization which has institutionalized racism.”

We can see the advantage of the new, now old, strategy. You can damn all white people with the ‘institutional racism’ ploy. Even the most Negro-loving, white liberals will still stand condemned because they are working for some organization that has institutionalized racism. There is no way to avoid the ‘institutional racism’ charge, but the liberal tries to avoid it by screaming about the racism of whatever organization he belongs to. By doing this he hopes, like all liberals hope, to become an Atticus Finch figure, but the hydrogen bomb of institutional racism is no respecter of persons; even good, old Atticus Finch will be destroyed.

Racism has been institutionalized in the United States and Europe, but of course it is anti-white racism that has been institutionalized. White people dutifully fulfill their equivalent of the Sunday mass obligation by refusing to condemn black violence and mayhem and by allowing their sons and daughters to go to school and cohabit with black people. Kierkegaard once predicted, long before the invention of television, that someday the government would put little mechanical boxes in our homes and tell us what to worship. Hasn’t that come true? We are constantly told by the liberals on television that we must worship black people. There is no escape from one’s moral obligations. In the work place, there are blacks to be worshipped; in the churches, there are blacks to be worshipped; and in the home, via the electronic media, there are Negroes to be worshipped. “Come and worship, come and worship, worship the Negro, our new-born king.”

When Christianity replaced the old pagan religions, the Christian churchmen used many of the old pagan forms to support the new Christian doctrine. The Christian calendar of holy days was made to coincide with the old pagan rites, and even the names of the days of the week were taken from the pagans. Whether it was a wise policy or not, I can’t say; however, much can be said against such a policy. It seemed, in the short run, to be an efficient way to ease the pagan convertite into Christianity, but in the long run it blurred the distinctions between Christ and Thor.

The liberals have grafted Negro-worship onto the old Christian faith; let us hope that in the long run the grafting process will undermine Negro-worship like paganism undermined Christianity. Not that I recommend sitting passively by, hoping the fact that our churches still display pictures and images of Christ means that Negro-worship will eventually be supplanted by Christianity. It is not quite the same now as it was in the halcyon days of Europe. Christianity was new then; it had not been found wanting. Now, after the demise of the Christian faith, it will take a moral force greater than the racist hydrogen bomb to restore Christian Europe. (1)

The propaganda for the institutionalized worship of the Negro is unrelenting and all-pervasive. The opposition to it must be as unrelenting and pervasive as we can make it. Obviously the few remaining Europeans cannot institutionalize their opposition to black racism because all “respectable” institutions in Europe and the United States are Negro-worshipping institutions.

When my mother died a few years ago, my father told me to never forget my mother. There was no need to remind me of that. What son forgets his mother? We few, the remaining Europeans, should never forget our mother, Europe. If we only feel bound to present and future Europe, we will be bereft, we will be orphans who have never known a mother’s or a father’s love. The unbought grace of life existed in the homes and churches of old Europe. Having forsaken that Europe, the modern European is “as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.”

Institutionalized faiths are vulnerable to passion. Fat, complacent, Negro-worshipping liberals are ripe for a drubbing if enough Europeans could be found who love Christ and hate Negro- worship. I’ve been told that even a pig won’t eat vomit, so maybe the white grazer and the halfway-house Christian will tire of a steady diet of pure, unadulterated, liberal vomit and begin to take some baby steps back to the God of Europe.

I must admit that I see no signs in my own anti-nation nation that white people are turning from Negro-worship to Christ. Just the opposite seems to be the case. Every day a new Negro shrine is unveiled, and every day a new Negro icon is added to the pantheon of gods. But we seldom see God’s grace at work. Do we need a sign? No, we don’t. We know that we have immortal souls and what we do on earth is of eternal moment. The refusal to worship Negroes is a counter-revolutionary act. When there are enough European refusals, the reign of the Negro-worshippers will end. We know neither the day nor the hour when that blessed day will arrive, but we do know that a man’s refusal to worship the heathen gods of the liberals makes a difference in the unseen, but very real, realm of the spirit.

Every good thing a European does can be traced back to Christ, and every evil he does has its origin in a bastardized version of Christianity. In Walter Scott’s poem “The Lay of the Last Minstrel” an evil dwarf learns enough of the conjurer’s art to take the form of a young prince.
“Although the child was led away,
In Branksome still he seemed to stay,
For so the Dwarf his part did play;
And, in the shape of that young boy,
He wrought the castle much annoy.”
By a similar conjurer’s trick, the liberals have grafted Negro-worship onto the fabric of the Christian churches. But in Scott’s poem, the young prince’s closest friends and relatives know that something is amiss. In the Christian churches the guardians of the faith, whether they are liberal, conservative, or traditionalist, do not see that the worship of Christ has been replaced by the worship of the Negro. And I think the failure of the church men and the failure of their loyal adherents in the ranks of the laity, to recognize the difference between Christian worship and Negro-worship is the result of an essential disconnect in both the Protestant and Catholic churches between the ecclesiastics and the European people. The church hierarchies put all their faith in their own abstract systems. All they cared about was putting the greatest number of generic human beings into their particular system. They didn’t care about what was inside a person’s soul. The entire European cultural experience, the European peoples’ struggle to the light, was set at naught. “Just keep jamming those troublesome people into the machine and everything will come out right.” But nothing comes out right if Christianity is made into an abstract system to satisfy the egos of a few warped intellectuals. That type of Christ-less Christianity is a reed for every liberal wind that blows. The Europeans succumbed to the windblown doctrine of Negro-worship because they no longer had what David Balfour called the “good Christianity” in their hearts. They had an abstract Christian faith that they held at arms’ length away from their hearts, but they didn’t have the good Christianity. Thomas Moore is correct: “The heart that has truly loved never forgets.” Have we forgotten the European Christianity that appears in the pages of Scott, Austen, Le Fanu and every honest chronicler of the European people? Never!

As we stated at the onset, Negro-worship is the institutionalized faith of the European people. It has replaced Christianity, the traditional faith of the European people. The faithful heart, the heart that truly loves Christian Europe, will not let the Christ-less Christian churches parade Negro-worship as the true faith. Make the godless churches fight in the open with their liberal brethren. You can’t have Christ and liberalism, even if liberalism comes in the guise of a new and better Christianity.

Carl Sandburg wanted to be an impersonal cog in the machinery of capitalism. The ancient Christian European wants something diametrically opposed to Carl Sandburg’s nightmarish dream. He wants to feel himself connected to a personal God, not to an impersonal system. The liberal and his allies in the Christian churches will always present the impersonal, the systematic, as improvements on the personalized, non-systematic faith of the antique Europeans. The institutional worship of the generic black man is Satan’s latest attempt to destroy the humanity in man by depersonalizing and systematizing his God. The European’s answer to Satan is the same as Christ’s on the mountain: “Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and Him only shalt thou serve.” +
(1) There is a moral force in the world greater than the racist hydrogen bomb; it is called the grace of God.