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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Houses of Desolation

And the wild beasts of the islands shall cry in their desolate houses, and dragons in their pleasant palaces: and her time is near to come, and her days shall not be prolonged.

--Isaiah 13:22

I’m often asked, usually at Christmas time, why I don’t attend church or go to Mass since I profess to believe that Christ is the Son of God. If the questioner is just a busy-body who could care less about Christianity or about me, I just ignore the question or reply with a flippant remark. But if I run into a person who wants an honest answer I tell them why I don’t attend Mass or go to church: I tell the inquiring mind that I, like all human beings, crave communion with kindred souls, but faith is a precious and precarious thing; better to hold to the faith you have than to risk losing it by worshipping with those who want to blend Christianity with liberalism. And if the inquiring mind tries to tell me that all churches do not blend Christianity and liberalism – his own church, for instance – I tell the querier it has been my sad experience that the “conservative” Christian churches blend liberalism and Christianity while the more liberal “Christian” churches have dispensed with Christianity altogether and just preach liberalism.

A case in point: a young ‘born-again’ lady of my acquaintance kept encouraging me, over the course of a year, to come to her “very conservative church where we really believe in the Bible.” I never for one moment considered going because I’ve had my fill of “conservative” churches. But if I had been considering going to the young lady’s church her enraptured recounting, one Monday morning, of her pastor’s sermon on the sanctity of Martin Luther King Jr. would have queered any desire I might have had to ‘worship’ in her church.

Liberalism is a virulent poison that kills even when taken in very small doses. The failure of the Christian churches to understand that liberalism is satanic and must be fought to the knife is the central tragedy of the 20th and 21st century.

The Christian churches’ capitulation to liberalism was the result of a new way of looking at Christianity. When the antique Europeans saw Christ as the beginning and the ending of the riddle of existence, they built their nations and their homes around their faith. And likewise when the modern Europeans came to believe, as Caiaphas believed, that incorporation into a pharisaical system was more important than knowing and loving the true God, they built their new nations and homes around their new faith. “My faith and my church are one,” reasons the halfway-house Christian, “so whatever keeps my church alive keeps the Faith alive.” Yet the churches exist at the sufferance of liberals, so what is necessary to keep the churches alive? A blending of Babylon with Christianity, a strong dose of Negro worship, another dose of feminism, and more than a touch of Judaism and Mohammedanism are all necessary in order to ensure that the churches will survive. But will faith in Christ survive? The halfway-house Christian is past caring; he wants his church, where he has access to the magic system of salvation. What about Christ? He first becomes the equal of the Babylonian gods, then He becomes inferior to them, and finally He becomes the God who is not there.

The Christian churches institutionalized apostasy when they jettisoned the human element, which was the European culture, from their respective churches. “Bare, unaccommodated man,’ in his heart needs a faith that is true. Because he is frail and weak he can be tempted by the Grand Inquisitor’s false church of “authority, mystery, and bread.” But in the end man, and especially the European man, needs to know that Christ really did conquer death and that He waits for us at the crossroads between life and death. The halfway-house Christian is like Jonah; he is trying to escape his destiny. The tragic sense of life that ultimately transcends tragedy existed in the European people prior to the 20th century until the hope that science could eliminate the necessity of a tragic sense of life replaced the traditional faith of the European people. But the new faith, as we have seen, comes with a price. Instead of Christ, we have the Negro. A poor substitute in this world and an even poorer one in the world to come.

The mad-dog liberal has completely eliminated Christ from his church. That is why he has elevated the Negro to such an exalted status; he needs some touch of humanity, even if it is primitive humanity, in his inhuman church. The halfway-house Christian does not, like his liberal cousin, eliminate Christ from his church. He blends Negro worship with Christian worship, which the liberals permit so long as Christ is reduced to a supporting role and the Negro is the main deity in the pantheon of gods.

The liberal wants nothing to do with antique European civilization because the liberal, who views the incarnation of God as pure myth, rejects everything that comes from a culture in which the people believed in the incarnate Son of God.

And the halfway-house Christian rejects the antique European culture because he thinks he doesn’t need to stay in union with a people whose faith is bred in the bone, because he receives the faith directly from God through the good offices of his local church. Putting aside the obvious fact that it was antique Europeans who created the systems that make the halfway Christian believe he can dispense with the blood faith of his ancestors, let us ask the halfway-house Christian to find another people who lived with and loved the son of God long enough to have seen His face and heard the beating of His Sacred Heart. He can’t think of any others because there aren’t any others. When we are in communion with those racist, non-utopian, antique Europeans we see the face they saw and hear what they heard.

The halfway-house Christians out-Caiaphas Caiaphas. The Jewish leader thought it expedient that one man should die so a people could live. The halfway-house Christians think it expedient that all European Christians should die so that their Christian-Babylonian churches can survive. This is why the most vehement denunciations of “racism”, “sexism”, and ethnocentrism come from halfway-house Christians. They are afraid that the liberals might mistake them for antique Europeans and they will have to share the same fate as the hated European “white supremacists.”

The halfway-house Christians have tried to present their betrayal of Christianity as a ‘cleansing’: “We are simply trying to present a pure, non-European Christ to the darker races.” Oh, really? If it was a case of German Christians making African natives drink beer and eat pretzels, and Swiss missionaries making native islanders eat cheese, the halfway-house Christians would have a point, but such was not the case and will never be the case. European Christianity is not culture-bound; it is Christianity. If you remove the European element from Christianity and permit native cultures to weave non-European elements into their versions of Christianity, you will get voodoo Christianity, Aztec Christianity, and God knows what other kind of Christianity, but you won’t get the type of Christianity preached by St. Paul.

And even if we pretend you could transport some kind of ethereal, pure Christianity to the non-European people why should that necessitate that the European give up his Christianity in order to appease the colored races? Colored Christianity is always a pagan Christian mix. Why should the European be forced to kneel to the heathen gods rejected by his ancestors?

The original Martha accepted Christ’s gentle rebuke; Mary had chosen the better part. But the anti-European halfway-house Christians are the daughters of Martha gone mad. They want the antique Europeans, the sons of Mary, eradicated from the face of the earth. And they have no compunction about joining the liberal Sons of Herod in order to accomplish the “cleansing” process.

Yes, those Europeans, whom I love and revere, did choose the better part. And because of their choice I was vouchsafed a glimpse of the living God. If I allow His image to fade from my eyes because I allow their world to be eclipsed by the mad-dog liberals and the halfway-house Christians, I will deserve to spend eternity in hell with the liberals. I have seen time and time again the complete collapse of “conservative” churches who do not build their churches on the good European soil. In vain do you tell them that you can’t build a church by blending with Babylon; they cling to Babylon like the proverbial dog returning to his vomit.

In Dostoyevsky’s novel The Brothers Karamazov, the author gives the atheist brother, Ivan, a chance to state his case for atheism. And Ivan’s case is superior to St. Augustine’s and Aquinas’s case for God, but Ivan’s case against God is ultimately defeated by Aloysha, who places Christ the Hero in the lists against all the facile, theological explanations of the reason for suffering. Only the Hero God, the Hero of charity, can defeat Ivan’s formidable and true refutation of the facile Christian theologians.

And that is what it comes to for the last Europeans. We have seen the ruin of Christendom because of apostasy and because of fusionist (or what I call halfway-house) Christianity. The first Christian Britons got it right; it is all or nothing. We must believe in either Christ the Hero or Christ the lackey god of the liberals, who plays a supporting role to Martin Luther King Jr. Which Christ is the true God? Our ancestors stood with Christ the Hero. Why should we desire any other God?

It’s not a question, as I so often hear in the ranks of the Right, of whether a call to follow the path of the Heroic Europeans is practical or likely to succeed. Hamlet knew. It is what we are bound to do, whether it is practical, impractical, doomed to failure, or destined for success. That’s more than we know or should seek to know. Europeans face a Rorke’s Drift of the soul, to fight without yielding is all that matters. +


Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Dark Gods of Liberaldom

Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God,
and Him only shalt thou serve.

-Luke 4:8

In Shakespeare’s King Lear, Edgar, the faithful and wronged son, philosophizes about facing the worst; he is homeless and penniless, so he thinks he need not fear existence.
Yet better thus, and known to be contemn’d,
Than, still contemn’d and flatter’d, to be worst.
The lowest and most dejected thing of fortune
Stands still in Esperance, lives not in fear.
The lamentable change is from the best;
The worst returns to laughter. Welcome, then,
Thou unsubstantial air that I embrace!
The wretch that thou hast blown unto the worst
Owes nothing to thy blasts.
Edgar is soon shown the error of his philosophical stoicism when he sees his blind father staggering toward him:
But who comes here?
My father, poorly led? World, world, O world!
But that they strange mutations make us hate thee,
Life would not yield to age…

O gods! Who is’t can say, “I am
At the worst”?
I am worse than e’er I was…

And worse I may be ye; the worst is not
So long as we can say, “This is the worst.”
Heeding Edgar’s cautionary words, I won’t say that the recent Martin Luther King Jr. festivities were the worst. They were horrific and appalling, but worse they yet may be. It is a sign of the times when the only miracles we see are satanic ones. And it is indeed a satanic miracle when an individual such as Martin Luther King Jr. commands more respect and reverence on his day than does Jesus Christ on Christmas day. Indeed, Christ is only deemed important, even on Christmas day, because He is viewed as a forerunner of the civil rights “champions” of the 1960’s. (1)

Of course, there isn’t much real love for Martin Luther King Jr., the man. It is what he symbolizes that means so much to the liberals. He stands for the Negro race before whom every man, woman, and child of the white race is supposed to fall down and worship. State and church tell us on an hourly basis that we must do so. Does anyone even ask why we must worship the Negro? No, they don’t. It is a given that we simply must worship the Negro.

The enemy of mankind has chosen the race card to destroy mankind. Let no European call himself a Christian who is not willing to fight where the battle rageth. How can a professed Christian bend his knee to the Negro race? It is a blasphemy wedded to a degradation. The future about which Thomas Nelson Page warned us has come upon us:
It has appeared to some that the South has not done its full duty by the negro. Perfection is, without doubt, a standard above humanity; but, at least, we of the South can say that we have done much for him; if we have not admitted him to social equality, it has been under an instinct stronger than reason, and in obedience to a law of self-preservation. Slavery, whatever its demerits, was not in its time the unmitigated evil it is fancied to have been. Its time has passed. No power could compel the South to have it back. But to the negro it was salvation. It found him a savage and a cannibal and in two hundred years gave seven millions of his race a civilization, the only civilization it has had since the dawn of history.
We have educated him; we have aided him; we have sustained him in all right directions. We are ready to continue our aid; but we will not be dominated by him. When we shall be, it is our settled conviction that we shall deserve the degradation into which we shall have sunk.
This new world -- a better world, our pastors tell us -- was built by men who believed that Christianity, as preached by Europeans, was the foulest, most pernicious heresy ever foisted on mankind. The Utopians built their new world using many of the forms and phrases of the old religion, but there is nothing Christian in the new faith of the modern Europeans. In Christian Europe, faith meant a belief in Christ’s divinity and humanity. In modern Europe faith means a belief in the divinity of the black savage. In old Europe hope meant the expectation that we and our loved ones would see our Lord face to face. In modern Europe hope means the expectation that science will cure all physical ills, the white race will be purged from the earth, and a multi-colored race of sub-human creatures will live in peace and harmony in an earthly paradise. And in old Europe, charity was the “greatest of these” because it included faith, hope, and love. In modern Europe, charity means the murder of innocents in the womb, and financial support for colored people who make war on white people.

All people throughout history have institutionalized the values they hold dear. The European people are no exception. When they loved Jesus Christ, they institutionalized Christian values. Now, when they hate Christian Europeans and love the black, they have institutionalized that hate and that love. (see article ‘Resisting Institutionalized Negro Worship’).

About twenty years ago, the American Roman Catholic bishops came up with a neat little trick to avoid their responsibilities to unborn children. They wove abortion into a “seamless garment” with such issues as nuclear disarmament, capital punishment, integration, low cost housing, etc. They were all “life issues.” So a liberal politician such as Ted Kennedy could end up scoring higher on the “life issues” than an anti-abortion politician such as Jesse Helms, and no Catholic need suffer any qualms of conscience for voting for a pro-abort candidate. Pretty clever, wasn’t it?

In the aforementioned case of the clever bishops there was no seamless garment; the bishops merely used the seamless garment gambit to further the cause of Liberaldom. “Whatever serves Liberaldom” is the battle cry of liberals. At present it serves the liberals’ purpose to deny the existence of a seamless iron-clad garment strangling the last remnants of white Europe. But in reality there is such a garment: Church and society are one seamless garment of support for the generic black man, who is the main god in a polytheistic, liberal pantheon of gods including feminists of all colors, people of color, sexual deviants, Jews, Muslims, Indians… the list of lesser gods is endless. So long as they are not heterosexual white males, every type of people can achieve deified status in Liberaldom. But the black will always be the cornerstone god because he is the liberals’ guarantee that satanic confusion shall reign. So long as the natural savage, devoid of all the spiritual attributes of a man, is set up as the king of the gods, the liberal will know that he lives in a land devoid of Christianity. That assurance allows the liberal to build utopia.

It is the Utopian element that fuels Liberaldom. Halfway-house Christians who try to make Christianity compatible with liberalism so that their individual church can survive (“we are not racist, we are not sexist”) are part of Liberaldom, because they do nothing to stop the Utopian express train of Liberaldom. During the American Civil War, the halfway-house Christian Abraham Lincoln said of the radical abolitionist zealots of the North, “I find them personally repulsive, but we are both moving toward Zion” -- “He who is not with me is against me.” You can’t blend Utopian aspirations with Christianity. Only Europeans who want no other world but their own Sussex-by-the-sea, sustained by their Creator, have the stuff to resist the satanic, Utopian dynamo that is liberalism. (2)

In one of my favorite short stories by Kipling, “My Son’s Wife,” he introduces us to a Utopian European:
He had suffered from the disease of the century since his early youth, and before he was thirty he was heavily marked with it. He and a few friends had rearranged Heaven very comfortably, but the reorganization of Earth, which they called society, was even greater fun. It demanded Work in the shape of many taxi-rides daily; hours of brilliant talk with brilliant talkers; some sparkling correspondence; a few silences (but on the understanding that their own turn should come soon) while other people expounded philosophies; and a fair number of picture-galleries, tea-fights, concerns, theatres, music-halls, and cinema shows; the whole trimmed with love-making to women whose hair smelt of cigarette-smoke. Such strong days sent Frankwell Midmore back to his flat assured that he and his friends had helped the World a step nearer the Truth, the Dawn, and the New Order.
Fate intervenes to save Frankwell Midmore from Utopian liberalism. He inherits a farm from his aunt, and in the course of trying to make the farm viable, he learns the necessity of hierarchy, order, and a commonsensical concern for other human beings within his own walk of life, as distinct from an abstract love for all mankind. And, joy of joys, when he acts the part of a genuine man rooted in the eternal things, he earns the love of a real feminine woman, as distinct from the unsexed women whose hair smelt of cigarette-smoke.

Kipling’s indictment of the Utopian dynamo is our own indictment. The liberals’ Utopian world has nothing in it worth living for. Yet we are told we must love the black gods and honor the values of polytheistic liberalism. No, that we will not do. There is no love or honor in the world the liberals have commanded us to live in. Love and honor exist only in the world the Utopians have condemned, a Europe where every hearth fire was warmed by His Sacred Heart.

Black-worshiping, Utopian liberalism is a plague, and you can’t remove a plague without eliminating the breeding grounds for the plague. The breeding grounds for Utopian liberalism are situated in academia, from 1st grade through college, and in the Christ-less Christian churches. I am always surprised to hear a conservative, such as Phyllis Schlafly, warning parents that the schools are teaching perversion and anti-European propaganda. I’m surprised because such writers are assuming there are good, solid parents who believe that perversion is perversion and that anti-Europeanism is a bad thing. We are reaping what we sowed. The 1960’s radicals are grandparents now, and the gutted nihilists of the 1980’s are parents.

And what can we say about the European who has made a whited sepulcher of his local church? When Richelieu was made bishop, a French wag said, ‘The Bishop of Paris should at least believe in God.’ Yes, and the pastors of Christian churches should at least prefer Christ to Martin Luther King Jr.

The satanic mills of utopia will grind on, and there is little I can do to stop them. But I don’t have to be part of the grist for their mills, nor does any European who prefers Prospero’s prayer -- “Which pierces so that it assaults Mercy itself and frees all faults” -- to the liberals’ hosannas to the natural black savage. +

(1) The Ghost of Christmas Present tells Ebenezer Scrooge that Christmas is not just one day of the year. A man is supposed to keep the spirit of Christmas in his heart 365 days of the year. And nowadays, the white European is told that Martin Luther King Jr. Day is not just one day; we are commanded to worship the Negro all 365 days of the year.

(2) It is now glaringly apparent that halfway-house Christians will permit any and every liberal blasphemy in their churches so long as they are allowed to congregate in their churches. They don’t care about the content of their worship so long as they are allowed to meet and worship. This suits Satan; he would much rather use existing structures to spread his teaching than have to build his own sanctuaries. Besides, it is best not to be too blatant. Satan always prefers to rule by proxy. So long as the Christian churches teach satanic doctrines he sees no need to intervene.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Apostate Europe

This land of such dear souls, this dear dear land,
Dear for her reputation through the world,
Is now leas’d out, I die pronouncing it,…


I’m sure I’m not telling the reader anything he doesn’t already know when I say that the life insurance business is a racket. This not-so startling fact was brought home to me recently when my insurance company told me that they were quadrupling my term insurance rates because now I was indeed a risk. When I was young and no risk, they were quite willing to give me the bargain rate, but now that I’m past mid-fifty I’m a big risk and I must pay. Yes, I must pay, but I won’t pay quadruple rates, so I contacted another insurance company who offered me less coverage at a lower rate. It’s a difficult tightrope to walk, trying to stay out of debt in the here-and-now while endeavoring to leave something for one’s children even if it’s nothing more than the money for funeral expenses.

So here I go again -- a new insurance company requires another physical examination. Why are they so depressing? Partly because no one likes to be poked and probed by a stranger, but there is also something metaphysical behind our revulsion to doctors and physicals. When in the hands of the medical community a human being becomes a body part, a person defined by his or her generic disease, a cancerous lung, prostrate, or breast, high blood pressure, a bad heart, etc. The human spirit rebels against that type of classification. Even those people who deny the soul have a tiny protesting voice inside them saying, “A personality dwells here; don’t treat me as a generic disease.” Of course, the liberal, who has chained his humanity to the dungeon of his soul where the tiny voice of a human personality is seldom heard, need only anesthetize himself with modernity in order to quell the tiny voice of his soul. And it is my belief that there has never been a time in the European’s history when he has more resembled a man devoid of all humanity than at the present time. Edmund Burke feared, when he looked at the spectacle of the French Revolution, that the men of his time were “spending the unbought grace of life.” The modern European has spent it all.

H. V. Morton once pointed out that Dickens’ characters were not exaggerated. Such people, people with personalities, used to exist in Europe. When God’s grace, the grace that makes us human beings instead of soulless, cookie-cutter automatons, was rejected Europe ceased to produce Pickwicks, Sam Wellers, and Wilson Micawbers. In his novel Ebb Tide, Robert Louis Stevenson describes his hero as one who has the “animation of the European in his eyes.” Who put that animation in the European’s eye and why has it died out?

The first apostles put forth their story of God. The European people believed that story was true and their faith was reflected in their culture. In Treasure Island, Ben Gunn, who has been marooned on Treasure Island, says that he hasn’t eaten Christian food for three years. In The Mask of Fu Manchu, the evil Fu Manchu tells the captive Englishmen that he hates the white Christians. All cultures are not the same. Ben Gunn didn’t have to say he wanted to eat European food; it was a given that ‘Christian food’ meant ‘European food.’ And Fu Manchu didn’t have to say, “I hate Englishmen,” it was a given that all Englishmen were white Christians.

Now it is a given that most Europeans are apostate Christians who worship at the shrine of a faith that blends Negro worship and the worship of science. To be racist or non-scientific are two terrible sins in modern, faithless Europe. Pope Benedict XVI is an exemplar of the new faithless faith. He recently repudiated man’s connection to a personal God, the God of Abraham, of Isaac, Jacob, and St. Paul by asserting his faith in the ‘Big Bang’ theory with the caveat that God created the Big Bang. Move over, Voltaire – you have company in your pantheon of deists. What can be expected from a man who stated, when a cardinal, that the next pope should be black? The Pope is addicted to modernity; he worships at a shrine that combines Negro worship with the worship of all things said to be ‘scientific.’

The presence of an apostate Pope in Rome is a terrible tragedy, and the presence throughout the nations of Europe of apostate Protestant religious clergy is also a terrible tragedy, because the faithless clergy have produced a faithless people, devoid of any of the traits usually associated with Europeans in the Christian era. The heirs of the people who produced real-life versions of Maud Ruthyn, Ivanoe, and Alyosha Karamazov now produce creatures devoid of humanity who have only one desire: to lose the last remnants of their humanity by blending with the black race. With the blessing of modern science, which declares everyone equally soulless and devoid of a distinct personality connected to a personal God, the modern European pursues oblivion.

In the Gospels there are people who immediately grasp that Jesus is divine. And there are many that see nothing special about Him. Pilate, for instance, looks right in Christ’s face without seeing the divine personality that animates His face. I see this drama of moral blindness unfolding in modern Europe. All around us are still the stories, the paintings, the sculptures, and the recorded histories of a people who loved Christ and believed He was the Savior of mankind. But the modern Europeans can look at the Divine Face that appears in the stories, the paintings, the sculptures, and the histories and see nothing special in what they see. They turn from the Christ of antique Europe and embrace their heathen gods of blackness and science. What a falling off!

A second Europe has been built over old Europe. Dostoevsky's short novel Notes from the Underground was aptly titled. The Christian European now lives below the surface of modern civilization, plotting -- a counter-revolution? his death? his surrender? I can’t say; I hope it is a counter-revolution, but it is best to face the worst and act on the assumption that if you act according to the code of the ancient Europeans you will be acting alone.

The term ‘humanity’ is often on the lips of the modern European, which is quite an irony since the European no longer has a human personality. He is now, having lost his soul, only part of a generic human species. Broad-based schemes to save humanity are quite common today, but do such broad-based schemes help individual human beings who still yearn for a God with a human heart?

Recently some nut-case tried to assassinate a Democratic congresswoman and in his unsuccessful attempt he shot and killed a number of innocent bystanders. Many Democrats blamed the shooting on their Republican brethren, and some Democrats called for a coming together “in our common humanity.” Isn’t such a plea like closing the proverbial barn door after the horse has already left the barn? The Republicans and most especially the Democrats, including the pro-abort, pro-illegal immigration congresswoman who was shot, have repudiated any ties to humanity when they repudiated every single value of their Christian European ancestors. What “common humanity” can there be amongst the followers of Satan? The Republicans and the Democrats can unite in their common inhumanity, but a European who still feels connected to his European ancestors and to his ancestors’ God does not want to be united to the modern liberal Europeans, “for who would be wedded to hell”?

And for all the liberal blather about compassion and humanity do you think the same people who sneer at the torture-murder of white people and the death of innocents in the abortuaries really feel one ounce of pity or compassion for the wretched congresswoman or any of the other victims of the madman’s rage? No, of course they don’t. You, dear reader, if you are an antique European feel more genuine compassion for your enemy, the congresswoman, than any of the liberals, because the antique European is still connected to an older civilization in which the people believed, heart and soul, in a God whose mercy passeth all understanding.

In Christendom men and women had personalities because they were receptive to the grace of God. In Liberaldom there are no human personalities because the citizens of Liberaldom have cut themselves off from God’s grace. What we see in Liberaldom as a substitute for genuine God-given humanity is assigned personhood. Some of the generic humans are told they are persons, as a liberal defines ‘person’. Representative Gifford, for instance, is a person because she does good liberal things. If she had been a white anti-abort senator such as Jesse Helms, or if she had been someone whom the liberals called a white racist, she would not have been deemed worthy of personhood and therefore would not have received even the fake compassion of the liberals. We must never forget, when dealing with liberals, that there will be no mercy shown to non-liberals, because liberals have denied Christ, who is the source of all mercy.

To look for humanity in Liberaldom is the same as looking for pirates’ gold in your backyard. You won’t find either. Better to stay in the underground with proscribed Europe and make small guerilla raids on Liberaldom. You might start something that others will bring to a glorious finish. At the very least, you will know that “a personality stands here!” +


Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Tide Rises

But I don’t doubt of you, and so I send you forth. Christ is with you. Do not abandon Him and He will not abandon you.

--The Brothers Karamazov

A few days ago I saw the most obscene thing I have ever seen on a television screen. Was it a porno movie? No, it was something infinitely more obscene. What I saw was a roundtable of ministers, rabbis, and priests talking about the necessity of allowing Moslems to build a mosque at the 9/11 site. And please don’t think the clerics’ zeal for a mosque struck me as obscene only because the mosque was to be built on the 9/11 site; 9/11 was a tragedy, but it pales in comparison to the ongoing slaughter of whites by blacks on our city streets, and the ongoing slaughter of the innocents in their mothers’ wombs. The clerics’ zeal for a mosque is an obscenity of monumental proportions because through their advocacy they are blasphemers and mass murderers; they are blasphemers because they are blending Christianity and Islam, which is a denial of Christ, and mass murderers because Islam is a religion in which the murder of the infidel is viewed as a holy act. To tolerate any mosque on your native soil is to encourage the mass murder of your people. But of course white witch doctors -- indeed every member of the panel was a Ph.D. – have no “people”; they came into the world on a satanic whirlwind and they will go out the same way.

There can be no excuses for the blaspheming, murdering scum at the roundtable discussion. They are worse than any of the past enemies of Christian Europe. At least Attila the Hun was a straight-forward, honest pagan. He didn’t cloak his hatred of Christian Europe in ecumenical gas. And Julian the Apostate came at Christians head-on; he didn’t support their enemies and then tell them he was their friend.

It’s customary to talk about the aforementioned clerics in sympathetic terms: “They are just high-minded men with their heads in the clouds; we must forgive them because their hearts are in the right place.” But that is not so. Precisely the opposite is the case. The “high-minded men” do not have their hearts in the right place for the simple reason that the high-minded men have no hearts. They killed that affective organ long ago, and as a consequence they serve Satan and Satan alone. The roundtable clerics were not an isolated gathering of lunatics who had escaped from a nearby asylum. They are representative of the Christ-hating (and therefore white-hating, because the white civilization was the Christian civilization) clerics who currently occupy the European churches and the European universities. Nor is their unorthodoxy confined to the subject of Islam. If the panel discussion had been about Negro atrocities, every panel member would have echoed the “loving forgiveness” of the late Pope John XXIII and voted to continue to worship the blacks despite their atrocities. “Though they slay thee, yet will we worship them.”

The clergy have all become the type of men our Lord warned us about: “Beware of the scribes, which desire to walk in long robes, and love greetings in the markets, and the highest seats in the synagogues, and the chief rooms at feasts; Which devour widows' houses, and for a shew make long prayers: the same shall receive greater damnation.” Luke 20: 46-47

These men of intellect, who cannot think and have no heart, have brought about the death of the European people. If the European people could break free of them, they could still find life in this world and life abundant in the next. I hear the cynic’s reply, “And if horses were wishes, then beggars would ride.” I can’t deny that the European seems to have no spiritual pulse, but neither I nor the cynic can see the future. Nothing is written. The statistical Buchananites may be quite right about the death of Europe, but there is still our Shakespearean answer to the Buchananites: “We defy augury.”

Many years ago when I first read Tom Brown’s Schooldays, I fell in love with the Arnold of Rugby described by Thomas Hughes in the book. When I went to my school library for more information about Arnold of Rugby, I was very disappointed. The reference books stated just the facts, like Jack Webb in Dragnet. Arnold wrote a few books, made some reforms at Rugby and was the inspiration for a book called Tom Brown’s Schooldays. Those were the facts of Arnold’s life as related by the “just the facts” reference books. The facts seemed quite cold and lifeless compared to the personal testimony of Thomas Hughes. But how could it be otherwise? Hughes loved Thomas Arnold, and what he wrote about him flowed from that love. And love sees and knows things that the factoid mind cannot fathom. So it was with the people of Christian Europe. They knew Christ because in their heart of hearts they loved Him. The modern intellectuals who have no hearts cannot tell us anything about Christ other than the bare-bone facts of His life. And they can’t even agree on the facts of His life. Nor can they respond to the testimony of His apostles because they don’t believe in the testimony of His apostles. They have eyes, but they see not, and having no hearts they believe not. The storybook, heartfelt faith of the European people has been changed to an intellectual faith in the goodness of the natural savage and the equality of all religious faiths under the all-seeing, impersonal eye of nature.

The evil men on that religious panel were not halfway-house Christians, they were full-fledged, mad-dog liberals without a trace of Christianity inside them. Their modus operandi is to use the external symbols of Christianity and certain key catchwords of Christianity to bring the halfway-house Christians completely into the liberal tent. They are succeeding at a rapid rate. Halfway-house Christians are a dying breed, which would be a good thing if they were leaving halfway-house Christianity to become European Christians, but such is not the case. If the shadows cast by the all-pervasive religious experts are not altered, there soon will be no faith on earth. And as faith recedes, everything that makes life worth living fades away like pixie dust. It’s difficult under such circumstances to avoid suicidal despair. Depression pills and other “happy pills” only push despair deeper into the soul; they don’t eliminate the despair caused by a life lived within the confines of Liberaldom.

Jean-Paul Sarte, the sometime Marxist, full-time atheist, and hero of the French avant-garde, once wrote a play called No Exit. The simple message of the play was that life on earth was hell and there was no exit from hell. Sarte was partially correct. Life in Liberaldom is hell, and the modern world is Liberaldom. But there is an exit. The walls of Liberaldom are mind-forged walls, created by the type of men who were present at the religious roundtable. Such walls are impenetrable to all modern Europeans who live in thralldom to the “this world only” theology of the “men of intellect,” but they are not impenetrable to Europeans who do not worship at the proscribed liberal shrines. The liberal shrines to the black man, the feminists, and the “sexually enlightened” are all shrines to the perfectibility of man within the confines of Liberaldom. And every liberal shrine is built on the materialist assumption that there is no spiritual realm that exists over and above Liberaldom.

The European who has maintained his links to the past cannot be confined within the walls of Liberaldom. The European past is always past, present, and future to the non-liberal European, because the living God is always past, present, and future. Only in the purely material realm is it impossible for three to be one. All the blathering blasphemies of the roundtable “religious men,” blasphemies that have become part of the fabric of modern Europe, cannot negate the reality of God’s world, the world of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, where He shall reign forever and ever. I have never had a mystical vision or a prophetic dream, but there have been white moments in my life when He seems close at hand. Such moments come to me when I feel all the forces of hell are closing in on me. Now that the men of intellect have built hell on Europe’s pleasant pastures, the forces of hell seem to be exerting a constant, malignant pressure on my soul. They can’t prevail, because He always provides the force to resist. When I read through the poets of Europe’s Christian era, I see that they saw this spiritual law operating throughout European man’s history. When Satan attacks, Christ comes to our defense. As Hansel and Gretel’s father declares:

When hope is nearly gone
God’s relief to us is surely won.

The gates of hell are real. The modern European can certainly testify to their reality. But if the modern European would look to the storybook Europe of his European ancestors, he would see, and know that what he saw was true: the gates of hell shall not prevail. +

Christ of the prophesied cross, who knows me, will guide me
Past hell, the painful isolated abode.
The creator who created me will receive me
Among the pure people, the folk of Enlli.

--Old Welsh Poem

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Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Tragic Misalliance

I hate ingratitude more in a man
Than lying, vainness, babbling, drunkenness,
Or any taint of vice, whose strong corruption
Inhabits our frail blood.

--Wm. Shakespeare Twelfth Night

I must confess to a certain relief when the Christmas season is over, not because I share the ‘bah, humbug’ sentiments of the pre-repentant Ebenezer Scrooge, but because at Christmas time I often have to spend time with relatives outside of my immediate family. And the relatives outside of my immediate family are mad-dog liberals and halfway-house Christians. You would think that I would get along better with my halfway-house Christian relatives than my mad-dog liberal relatives would get along with them, but such is not the case. The mad-dog liberals get along better with the halfway-house Christians than they do with me. And my extended family seems to mirror the outside world; in Liberaldom the halfway-house Christians get along better with mad-dog liberals than with antique Christians of European heritage. Why is this?

I think the mad-dog liberals and the halfway house Christians are more compatible with each other than with the Christian Europeans because of their mutual belief in progress. The liberal is committed heart and soul to his belief in the perfectibility of mankind. He worships the future because that is where the cosmic act of perfection will take place. The liberal hates the past and all those who seek to maintain a bridge to the past, because in the past is imperfection, and imperfection is evil. The antique Christian hated Satan and his works. The modern liberal hates the antique European and all of his works.

The liberal’s faith in the future is consistent with his godless belief in the perfectibility of man. But what can we say about the halfway-house Christian who professes to believe in original sin and a God who redeemed mankind from the consequences of original sin? Why would a professed Christian believe as fervently as the liberal in the upward and onward perfectibility of mankind? The halfway-house Christian of the fundamentalist variety will deplore the liberal’s espousal of Darwinian evolution, yet he will join with the liberal in lauding the democratic egalitarianism of the Western democracies as the endpoint of an evolutionary process that somehow cleanses all men who participate in the process. And halfway-house Christians like John Paul II will criticize legalized abortion and then turn right around and praise the feminists for moving mankind onward and upward to a new, compassionate, better world. O brave new world that has such schizophrenic creatures in it!

The Roman Catholic has some justification for siding with the liberals. His church has always been open to an evolutionary, adaptable Christianity. The secular historian Carroll Quigley praised Roman Catholicism for being evolutionary rather than static and moribund like Protestant fundamentalism. But the fundamentalists have given the lie to Quigley and evolved beyond “mere Christianity” like their Roman Catholic brethren.

The halfway-house Christians of the Roman Catholic and the Protestant persuasions feel akin to progressive liberalism because they have fallen prey to the universalist heresy. “If Christ calls all men to salvation,” the halfway-house Christian reasons, “then the people who call for a universal faith (the liberals) have their hearts in the right place and are closer to us in spirit than the narrow-minded Europeans of the past.” What the halfway-house Christian fails to see is that the Lord who calls all men to salvation also destroyed the Tower of Babel. Christian universalism and Babylonian universalism are as different as heaven and hell. Christian universalism respects the human personality; it respects the distinctions between peoples, between persons, and between the sexes that help man to know and love his creator. The liberal, who worships Satan, is being true to his faith when he condemns the Christian European in the name of a Christ-less future. But the halfway-house Christian is betraying his god by condemning the Christ-centered, non-progressive Europe of his ancestors. There is no Christ in the Babylonian future of the liberals. The halfway-house Christian with his Bible or rosary in hand will ultimately drink from the same satanic trough as the liberal unless he gives up his dream of a universalist Christianity in which the unity of mankind is more important than the distinctiveness of Christ.

The historians of the European people such as Bill Cooper (After the Flood) and Mike Gascoigne (Forgotten History of the Western People) tell us that it was the descendants of Ham who built the Tower of Babel. The black man seems to be the cornerstone of Babylon. If Satan can mix the black with the white, then he can erase the image of God from the face of the earth.

Before destroying the Tower of Babel, the Lord destroyed the earth by flood. And we are told in Genesis 6:4 that God destroyed the earth because demons had slept with mortal women, creating a race of giants who had no knowledge of the true God. The similarities between the Tower of Babel account, the story of the flood, and the modern liberal chronicles are striking. Satan seeks to destroy by integration --the demon with the mortal, the sons of Ham with the sons of Shem and Japheth.

The liberals, who follow the father of all lies, cloak their evil with God-words such as ‘universal’ and ‘integration.’ No decent person is supposed to be against the integration of the races into one harmonious entity called ‘mankind.’ More evil has been perpetuated under the guise of the universal brotherhood and harmonious integration of all mankind than any other satanic artifice. And the halfway-house Christians have joined with the liberals to help further the cause of satanic universalism and integration. In fact the halfway-house Christians are even more zealous than the liberals in their pursuit of universal integration, because they want to prove they are not like the racist, exclusive Christians of the past. “Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, they were racist, I am not; Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, they excluded, I do not,” is the earnest, self-congratulatory prayer of the modern, halfway-house Christian.

There is a European response to the halfway-house Christian:

1) Nothing good comes from betraying your own people in the name of some abstract principle of universal brotherhood. If the halfway-house Christian asks me why mixing with the black constitutes a betrayal of his own people, I will tell him it is a betrayal because when whites mix with the black, the few whites who are not exterminated become heathens. From Babel to Haiti, to the New Orleans Superdome, the story is always the same when the white blends with the black.

2) Is God a democratic egalitarian? Why does segregation and a hierarchically structured society in which the black man is subordinate constitute a lack of love on God’s part or on the part of the rulers of the hierarchically structured society? Let’s suppose a father has three sons, one of whom is retarded. Let’s further suppose that the retarded son has certain violent, irresponsible tendencies that manifest themselves when he is left unattended by his two brothers. When his brothers are with him, the retarded son behaves himself and actually shows himself capable of behaving in a humane manner toward his brothers and other people. Knowing and loving his retarded son, the father, in his last will and testament, leaves the care of the retarded man-child to his older brothers. At the father’s death, the two normal brothers keep their sacred trust and maintain a benevolent but strict guardianship of their brother. Is God a democratic egalitarian? No, He is not. He loves us all differently and in the way that is most conducive to the salvation of our souls.

As I mentioned at the onset of this article, I have seen this coalition between the halfway-house Christian and the liberal at close range within my own extended family. It is not a pretty sight. The halfway-house Christian who makes the misalliance demonstrates ingratitude and moral cowardice -- two of the worst human sins -- ingratitude to his European ancestors who fought the good fight against principalities and powers, and moral cowardice in the face of the liberal threat to impoverish and ostracize all those who do not sing hosannas to the savage gods of universalism and integration. But the antique European must endure to the end because the savage gods of the liberals and the halfway-house Christians are not his gods. The European has only one God, the Man of Sorrows, who placed a wreath over the graves of our European ancestors and bid us be true to them unto death. If we don’t love and protect the people that God ordained us to love over all, we will not be a people; we will be liberals. +

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