Saturday, January 15, 2011

Apostate Europe

This land of such dear souls, this dear dear land,
Dear for her reputation through the world,
Is now leas’d out, I die pronouncing it,…


I’m sure I’m not telling the reader anything he doesn’t already know when I say that the life insurance business is a racket. This not-so startling fact was brought home to me recently when my insurance company told me that they were quadrupling my term insurance rates because now I was indeed a risk. When I was young and no risk, they were quite willing to give me the bargain rate, but now that I’m past mid-fifty I’m a big risk and I must pay. Yes, I must pay, but I won’t pay quadruple rates, so I contacted another insurance company who offered me less coverage at a lower rate. It’s a difficult tightrope to walk, trying to stay out of debt in the here-and-now while endeavoring to leave something for one’s children even if it’s nothing more than the money for funeral expenses.

So here I go again -- a new insurance company requires another physical examination. Why are they so depressing? Partly because no one likes to be poked and probed by a stranger, but there is also something metaphysical behind our revulsion to doctors and physicals. When in the hands of the medical community a human being becomes a body part, a person defined by his or her generic disease, a cancerous lung, prostrate, or breast, high blood pressure, a bad heart, etc. The human spirit rebels against that type of classification. Even those people who deny the soul have a tiny protesting voice inside them saying, “A personality dwells here; don’t treat me as a generic disease.” Of course, the liberal, who has chained his humanity to the dungeon of his soul where the tiny voice of a human personality is seldom heard, need only anesthetize himself with modernity in order to quell the tiny voice of his soul. And it is my belief that there has never been a time in the European’s history when he has more resembled a man devoid of all humanity than at the present time. Edmund Burke feared, when he looked at the spectacle of the French Revolution, that the men of his time were “spending the unbought grace of life.” The modern European has spent it all.

H. V. Morton once pointed out that Dickens’ characters were not exaggerated. Such people, people with personalities, used to exist in Europe. When God’s grace, the grace that makes us human beings instead of soulless, cookie-cutter automatons, was rejected Europe ceased to produce Pickwicks, Sam Wellers, and Wilson Micawbers. In his novel Ebb Tide, Robert Louis Stevenson describes his hero as one who has the “animation of the European in his eyes.” Who put that animation in the European’s eye and why has it died out?

The first apostles put forth their story of God. The European people believed that story was true and their faith was reflected in their culture. In Treasure Island, Ben Gunn, who has been marooned on Treasure Island, says that he hasn’t eaten Christian food for three years. In The Mask of Fu Manchu, the evil Fu Manchu tells the captive Englishmen that he hates the white Christians. All cultures are not the same. Ben Gunn didn’t have to say he wanted to eat European food; it was a given that ‘Christian food’ meant ‘European food.’ And Fu Manchu didn’t have to say, “I hate Englishmen,” it was a given that all Englishmen were white Christians.

Now it is a given that most Europeans are apostate Christians who worship at the shrine of a faith that blends Negro worship and the worship of science. To be racist or non-scientific are two terrible sins in modern, faithless Europe. Pope Benedict XVI is an exemplar of the new faithless faith. He recently repudiated man’s connection to a personal God, the God of Abraham, of Isaac, Jacob, and St. Paul by asserting his faith in the ‘Big Bang’ theory with the caveat that God created the Big Bang. Move over, Voltaire – you have company in your pantheon of deists. What can be expected from a man who stated, when a cardinal, that the next pope should be black? The Pope is addicted to modernity; he worships at a shrine that combines Negro worship with the worship of all things said to be ‘scientific.’

The presence of an apostate Pope in Rome is a terrible tragedy, and the presence throughout the nations of Europe of apostate Protestant religious clergy is also a terrible tragedy, because the faithless clergy have produced a faithless people, devoid of any of the traits usually associated with Europeans in the Christian era. The heirs of the people who produced real-life versions of Maud Ruthyn, Ivanoe, and Alyosha Karamazov now produce creatures devoid of humanity who have only one desire: to lose the last remnants of their humanity by blending with the black race. With the blessing of modern science, which declares everyone equally soulless and devoid of a distinct personality connected to a personal God, the modern European pursues oblivion.

In the Gospels there are people who immediately grasp that Jesus is divine. And there are many that see nothing special about Him. Pilate, for instance, looks right in Christ’s face without seeing the divine personality that animates His face. I see this drama of moral blindness unfolding in modern Europe. All around us are still the stories, the paintings, the sculptures, and the recorded histories of a people who loved Christ and believed He was the Savior of mankind. But the modern Europeans can look at the Divine Face that appears in the stories, the paintings, the sculptures, and the histories and see nothing special in what they see. They turn from the Christ of antique Europe and embrace their heathen gods of blackness and science. What a falling off!

A second Europe has been built over old Europe. Dostoevsky's short novel Notes from the Underground was aptly titled. The Christian European now lives below the surface of modern civilization, plotting -- a counter-revolution? his death? his surrender? I can’t say; I hope it is a counter-revolution, but it is best to face the worst and act on the assumption that if you act according to the code of the ancient Europeans you will be acting alone.

The term ‘humanity’ is often on the lips of the modern European, which is quite an irony since the European no longer has a human personality. He is now, having lost his soul, only part of a generic human species. Broad-based schemes to save humanity are quite common today, but do such broad-based schemes help individual human beings who still yearn for a God with a human heart?

Recently some nut-case tried to assassinate a Democratic congresswoman and in his unsuccessful attempt he shot and killed a number of innocent bystanders. Many Democrats blamed the shooting on their Republican brethren, and some Democrats called for a coming together “in our common humanity.” Isn’t such a plea like closing the proverbial barn door after the horse has already left the barn? The Republicans and most especially the Democrats, including the pro-abort, pro-illegal immigration congresswoman who was shot, have repudiated any ties to humanity when they repudiated every single value of their Christian European ancestors. What “common humanity” can there be amongst the followers of Satan? The Republicans and the Democrats can unite in their common inhumanity, but a European who still feels connected to his European ancestors and to his ancestors’ God does not want to be united to the modern liberal Europeans, “for who would be wedded to hell”?

And for all the liberal blather about compassion and humanity do you think the same people who sneer at the torture-murder of white people and the death of innocents in the abortuaries really feel one ounce of pity or compassion for the wretched congresswoman or any of the other victims of the madman’s rage? No, of course they don’t. You, dear reader, if you are an antique European feel more genuine compassion for your enemy, the congresswoman, than any of the liberals, because the antique European is still connected to an older civilization in which the people believed, heart and soul, in a God whose mercy passeth all understanding.

In Christendom men and women had personalities because they were receptive to the grace of God. In Liberaldom there are no human personalities because the citizens of Liberaldom have cut themselves off from God’s grace. What we see in Liberaldom as a substitute for genuine God-given humanity is assigned personhood. Some of the generic humans are told they are persons, as a liberal defines ‘person’. Representative Gifford, for instance, is a person because she does good liberal things. If she had been a white anti-abort senator such as Jesse Helms, or if she had been someone whom the liberals called a white racist, she would not have been deemed worthy of personhood and therefore would not have received even the fake compassion of the liberals. We must never forget, when dealing with liberals, that there will be no mercy shown to non-liberals, because liberals have denied Christ, who is the source of all mercy.

To look for humanity in Liberaldom is the same as looking for pirates’ gold in your backyard. You won’t find either. Better to stay in the underground with proscribed Europe and make small guerilla raids on Liberaldom. You might start something that others will bring to a glorious finish. At the very least, you will know that “a personality stands here!” +