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The Dark Gods of Liberaldom

Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God,
and Him only shalt thou serve.

-Luke 4:8

In Shakespeare’s King Lear, Edgar, the faithful and wronged son, philosophizes about facing the worst; he is homeless and penniless, so he thinks he need not fear existence.
Yet better thus, and known to be contemn’d,
Than, still contemn’d and flatter’d, to be worst.
The lowest and most dejected thing of fortune
Stands still in Esperance, lives not in fear.
The lamentable change is from the best;
The worst returns to laughter. Welcome, then,
Thou unsubstantial air that I embrace!
The wretch that thou hast blown unto the worst
Owes nothing to thy blasts.
Edgar is soon shown the error of his philosophical stoicism when he sees his blind father staggering toward him:
But who comes here?
My father, poorly led? World, world, O world!
But that they strange mutations make us hate thee,
Life would not yield to age…

O gods! Who is’t can say, “I am
At the worst”?
I am worse than e’er I was…

And worse I may be ye; the worst is not
So long as we can say, “This is the worst.”
Heeding Edgar’s cautionary words, I won’t say that the recent Martin Luther King Jr. festivities were the worst. They were horrific and appalling, but worse they yet may be. It is a sign of the times when the only miracles we see are satanic ones. And it is indeed a satanic miracle when an individual such as Martin Luther King Jr. commands more respect and reverence on his day than does Jesus Christ on Christmas day. Indeed, Christ is only deemed important, even on Christmas day, because He is viewed as a forerunner of the civil rights “champions” of the 1960’s. (1)

Of course, there isn’t much real love for Martin Luther King Jr., the man. It is what he symbolizes that means so much to the liberals. He stands for the Negro race before whom every man, woman, and child of the white race is supposed to fall down and worship. State and church tell us on an hourly basis that we must do so. Does anyone even ask why we must worship the Negro? No, they don’t. It is a given that we simply must worship the Negro.

The enemy of mankind has chosen the race card to destroy mankind. Let no European call himself a Christian who is not willing to fight where the battle rageth. How can a professed Christian bend his knee to the Negro race? It is a blasphemy wedded to a degradation. The future about which Thomas Nelson Page warned us has come upon us:
It has appeared to some that the South has not done its full duty by the negro. Perfection is, without doubt, a standard above humanity; but, at least, we of the South can say that we have done much for him; if we have not admitted him to social equality, it has been under an instinct stronger than reason, and in obedience to a law of self-preservation. Slavery, whatever its demerits, was not in its time the unmitigated evil it is fancied to have been. Its time has passed. No power could compel the South to have it back. But to the negro it was salvation. It found him a savage and a cannibal and in two hundred years gave seven millions of his race a civilization, the only civilization it has had since the dawn of history.
We have educated him; we have aided him; we have sustained him in all right directions. We are ready to continue our aid; but we will not be dominated by him. When we shall be, it is our settled conviction that we shall deserve the degradation into which we shall have sunk.
This new world -- a better world, our pastors tell us -- was built by men who believed that Christianity, as preached by Europeans, was the foulest, most pernicious heresy ever foisted on mankind. The Utopians built their new world using many of the forms and phrases of the old religion, but there is nothing Christian in the new faith of the modern Europeans. In Christian Europe, faith meant a belief in Christ’s divinity and humanity. In modern Europe faith means a belief in the divinity of the black savage. In old Europe hope meant the expectation that we and our loved ones would see our Lord face to face. In modern Europe hope means the expectation that science will cure all physical ills, the white race will be purged from the earth, and a multi-colored race of sub-human creatures will live in peace and harmony in an earthly paradise. And in old Europe, charity was the “greatest of these” because it included faith, hope, and love. In modern Europe, charity means the murder of innocents in the womb, and financial support for colored people who make war on white people.

All people throughout history have institutionalized the values they hold dear. The European people are no exception. When they loved Jesus Christ, they institutionalized Christian values. Now, when they hate Christian Europeans and love the black, they have institutionalized that hate and that love. (see article ‘Resisting Institutionalized Negro Worship’).

About twenty years ago, the American Roman Catholic bishops came up with a neat little trick to avoid their responsibilities to unborn children. They wove abortion into a “seamless garment” with such issues as nuclear disarmament, capital punishment, integration, low cost housing, etc. They were all “life issues.” So a liberal politician such as Ted Kennedy could end up scoring higher on the “life issues” than an anti-abortion politician such as Jesse Helms, and no Catholic need suffer any qualms of conscience for voting for a pro-abort candidate. Pretty clever, wasn’t it?

In the aforementioned case of the clever bishops there was no seamless garment; the bishops merely used the seamless garment gambit to further the cause of Liberaldom. “Whatever serves Liberaldom” is the battle cry of liberals. At present it serves the liberals’ purpose to deny the existence of a seamless iron-clad garment strangling the last remnants of white Europe. But in reality there is such a garment: Church and society are one seamless garment of support for the generic black man, who is the main god in a polytheistic, liberal pantheon of gods including feminists of all colors, people of color, sexual deviants, Jews, Muslims, Indians… the list of lesser gods is endless. So long as they are not heterosexual white males, every type of people can achieve deified status in Liberaldom. But the black will always be the cornerstone god because he is the liberals’ guarantee that satanic confusion shall reign. So long as the natural savage, devoid of all the spiritual attributes of a man, is set up as the king of the gods, the liberal will know that he lives in a land devoid of Christianity. That assurance allows the liberal to build utopia.

It is the Utopian element that fuels Liberaldom. Halfway-house Christians who try to make Christianity compatible with liberalism so that their individual church can survive (“we are not racist, we are not sexist”) are part of Liberaldom, because they do nothing to stop the Utopian express train of Liberaldom. During the American Civil War, the halfway-house Christian Abraham Lincoln said of the radical abolitionist zealots of the North, “I find them personally repulsive, but we are both moving toward Zion” -- “He who is not with me is against me.” You can’t blend Utopian aspirations with Christianity. Only Europeans who want no other world but their own Sussex-by-the-sea, sustained by their Creator, have the stuff to resist the satanic, Utopian dynamo that is liberalism. (2)

In one of my favorite short stories by Kipling, “My Son’s Wife,” he introduces us to a Utopian European:
He had suffered from the disease of the century since his early youth, and before he was thirty he was heavily marked with it. He and a few friends had rearranged Heaven very comfortably, but the reorganization of Earth, which they called society, was even greater fun. It demanded Work in the shape of many taxi-rides daily; hours of brilliant talk with brilliant talkers; some sparkling correspondence; a few silences (but on the understanding that their own turn should come soon) while other people expounded philosophies; and a fair number of picture-galleries, tea-fights, concerns, theatres, music-halls, and cinema shows; the whole trimmed with love-making to women whose hair smelt of cigarette-smoke. Such strong days sent Frankwell Midmore back to his flat assured that he and his friends had helped the World a step nearer the Truth, the Dawn, and the New Order.
Fate intervenes to save Frankwell Midmore from Utopian liberalism. He inherits a farm from his aunt, and in the course of trying to make the farm viable, he learns the necessity of hierarchy, order, and a commonsensical concern for other human beings within his own walk of life, as distinct from an abstract love for all mankind. And, joy of joys, when he acts the part of a genuine man rooted in the eternal things, he earns the love of a real feminine woman, as distinct from the unsexed women whose hair smelt of cigarette-smoke.

Kipling’s indictment of the Utopian dynamo is our own indictment. The liberals’ Utopian world has nothing in it worth living for. Yet we are told we must love the black gods and honor the values of polytheistic liberalism. No, that we will not do. There is no love or honor in the world the liberals have commanded us to live in. Love and honor exist only in the world the Utopians have condemned, a Europe where every hearth fire was warmed by His Sacred Heart.

Black-worshiping, Utopian liberalism is a plague, and you can’t remove a plague without eliminating the breeding grounds for the plague. The breeding grounds for Utopian liberalism are situated in academia, from 1st grade through college, and in the Christ-less Christian churches. I am always surprised to hear a conservative, such as Phyllis Schlafly, warning parents that the schools are teaching perversion and anti-European propaganda. I’m surprised because such writers are assuming there are good, solid parents who believe that perversion is perversion and that anti-Europeanism is a bad thing. We are reaping what we sowed. The 1960’s radicals are grandparents now, and the gutted nihilists of the 1980’s are parents.

And what can we say about the European who has made a whited sepulcher of his local church? When Richelieu was made bishop, a French wag said, ‘The Bishop of Paris should at least believe in God.’ Yes, and the pastors of Christian churches should at least prefer Christ to Martin Luther King Jr.

The satanic mills of utopia will grind on, and there is little I can do to stop them. But I don’t have to be part of the grist for their mills, nor does any European who prefers Prospero’s prayer -- “Which pierces so that it assaults Mercy itself and frees all faults” -- to the liberals’ hosannas to the natural black savage. +

(1) The Ghost of Christmas Present tells Ebenezer Scrooge that Christmas is not just one day of the year. A man is supposed to keep the spirit of Christmas in his heart 365 days of the year. And nowadays, the white European is told that Martin Luther King Jr. Day is not just one day; we are commanded to worship the Negro all 365 days of the year.

(2) It is now glaringly apparent that halfway-house Christians will permit any and every liberal blasphemy in their churches so long as they are allowed to congregate in their churches. They don’t care about the content of their worship so long as they are allowed to meet and worship. This suits Satan; he would much rather use existing structures to spread his teaching than have to build his own sanctuaries. Besides, it is best not to be too blatant. Satan always prefers to rule by proxy. So long as the Christian churches teach satanic doctrines he sees no need to intervene.

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