Saturday, January 29, 2011

Houses of Desolation

And the wild beasts of the islands shall cry in their desolate houses, and dragons in their pleasant palaces: and her time is near to come, and her days shall not be prolonged.

--Isaiah 13:22

I’m often asked, usually at Christmas time, why I don’t attend church or go to Mass since I profess to believe that Christ is the Son of God. If the questioner is just a busy-body who could care less about Christianity or about me, I just ignore the question or reply with a flippant remark. But if I run into a person who wants an honest answer I tell them why I don’t attend Mass or go to church: I tell the inquiring mind that I, like all human beings, crave communion with kindred souls, but faith is a precious and precarious thing; better to hold to the faith you have than to risk losing it by worshipping with those who want to blend Christianity with liberalism. And if the inquiring mind tries to tell me that all churches do not blend Christianity and liberalism – his own church, for instance – I tell the querier it has been my sad experience that the “conservative” Christian churches blend liberalism and Christianity while the more liberal “Christian” churches have dispensed with Christianity altogether and just preach liberalism.

A case in point: a young ‘born-again’ lady of my acquaintance kept encouraging me, over the course of a year, to come to her “very conservative church where we really believe in the Bible.” I never for one moment considered going because I’ve had my fill of “conservative” churches. But if I had been considering going to the young lady’s church her enraptured recounting, one Monday morning, of her pastor’s sermon on the sanctity of Martin Luther King Jr. would have queered any desire I might have had to ‘worship’ in her church.

Liberalism is a virulent poison that kills even when taken in very small doses. The failure of the Christian churches to understand that liberalism is satanic and must be fought to the knife is the central tragedy of the 20th and 21st century.

The Christian churches’ capitulation to liberalism was the result of a new way of looking at Christianity. When the antique Europeans saw Christ as the beginning and the ending of the riddle of existence, they built their nations and their homes around their faith. And likewise when the modern Europeans came to believe, as Caiaphas believed, that incorporation into a pharisaical system was more important than knowing and loving the true God, they built their new nations and homes around their new faith. “My faith and my church are one,” reasons the halfway-house Christian, “so whatever keeps my church alive keeps the Faith alive.” Yet the churches exist at the sufferance of liberals, so what is necessary to keep the churches alive? A blending of Babylon with Christianity, a strong dose of Negro worship, another dose of feminism, and more than a touch of Judaism and Mohammedanism are all necessary in order to ensure that the churches will survive. But will faith in Christ survive? The halfway-house Christian is past caring; he wants his church, where he has access to the magic system of salvation. What about Christ? He first becomes the equal of the Babylonian gods, then He becomes inferior to them, and finally He becomes the God who is not there.

The Christian churches institutionalized apostasy when they jettisoned the human element, which was the European culture, from their respective churches. “Bare, unaccommodated man,’ in his heart needs a faith that is true. Because he is frail and weak he can be tempted by the Grand Inquisitor’s false church of “authority, mystery, and bread.” But in the end man, and especially the European man, needs to know that Christ really did conquer death and that He waits for us at the crossroads between life and death. The halfway-house Christian is like Jonah; he is trying to escape his destiny. The tragic sense of life that ultimately transcends tragedy existed in the European people prior to the 20th century until the hope that science could eliminate the necessity of a tragic sense of life replaced the traditional faith of the European people. But the new faith, as we have seen, comes with a price. Instead of Christ, we have the Negro. A poor substitute in this world and an even poorer one in the world to come.

The mad-dog liberal has completely eliminated Christ from his church. That is why he has elevated the Negro to such an exalted status; he needs some touch of humanity, even if it is primitive humanity, in his inhuman church. The halfway-house Christian does not, like his liberal cousin, eliminate Christ from his church. He blends Negro worship with Christian worship, which the liberals permit so long as Christ is reduced to a supporting role and the Negro is the main deity in the pantheon of gods.

The liberal wants nothing to do with antique European civilization because the liberal, who views the incarnation of God as pure myth, rejects everything that comes from a culture in which the people believed in the incarnate Son of God.

And the halfway-house Christian rejects the antique European culture because he thinks he doesn’t need to stay in union with a people whose faith is bred in the bone, because he receives the faith directly from God through the good offices of his local church. Putting aside the obvious fact that it was antique Europeans who created the systems that make the halfway Christian believe he can dispense with the blood faith of his ancestors, let us ask the halfway-house Christian to find another people who lived with and loved the son of God long enough to have seen His face and heard the beating of His Sacred Heart. He can’t think of any others because there aren’t any others. When we are in communion with those racist, non-utopian, antique Europeans we see the face they saw and hear what they heard.

The halfway-house Christians out-Caiaphas Caiaphas. The Jewish leader thought it expedient that one man should die so a people could live. The halfway-house Christians think it expedient that all European Christians should die so that their Christian-Babylonian churches can survive. This is why the most vehement denunciations of “racism”, “sexism”, and ethnocentrism come from halfway-house Christians. They are afraid that the liberals might mistake them for antique Europeans and they will have to share the same fate as the hated European “white supremacists.”

The halfway-house Christians have tried to present their betrayal of Christianity as a ‘cleansing’: “We are simply trying to present a pure, non-European Christ to the darker races.” Oh, really? If it was a case of German Christians making African natives drink beer and eat pretzels, and Swiss missionaries making native islanders eat cheese, the halfway-house Christians would have a point, but such was not the case and will never be the case. European Christianity is not culture-bound; it is Christianity. If you remove the European element from Christianity and permit native cultures to weave non-European elements into their versions of Christianity, you will get voodoo Christianity, Aztec Christianity, and God knows what other kind of Christianity, but you won’t get the type of Christianity preached by St. Paul.

And even if we pretend you could transport some kind of ethereal, pure Christianity to the non-European people why should that necessitate that the European give up his Christianity in order to appease the colored races? Colored Christianity is always a pagan Christian mix. Why should the European be forced to kneel to the heathen gods rejected by his ancestors?

The original Martha accepted Christ’s gentle rebuke; Mary had chosen the better part. But the anti-European halfway-house Christians are the daughters of Martha gone mad. They want the antique Europeans, the sons of Mary, eradicated from the face of the earth. And they have no compunction about joining the liberal Sons of Herod in order to accomplish the “cleansing” process.

Yes, those Europeans, whom I love and revere, did choose the better part. And because of their choice I was vouchsafed a glimpse of the living God. If I allow His image to fade from my eyes because I allow their world to be eclipsed by the mad-dog liberals and the halfway-house Christians, I will deserve to spend eternity in hell with the liberals. I have seen time and time again the complete collapse of “conservative” churches who do not build their churches on the good European soil. In vain do you tell them that you can’t build a church by blending with Babylon; they cling to Babylon like the proverbial dog returning to his vomit.

In Dostoyevsky’s novel The Brothers Karamazov, the author gives the atheist brother, Ivan, a chance to state his case for atheism. And Ivan’s case is superior to St. Augustine’s and Aquinas’s case for God, but Ivan’s case against God is ultimately defeated by Aloysha, who places Christ the Hero in the lists against all the facile, theological explanations of the reason for suffering. Only the Hero God, the Hero of charity, can defeat Ivan’s formidable and true refutation of the facile Christian theologians.

And that is what it comes to for the last Europeans. We have seen the ruin of Christendom because of apostasy and because of fusionist (or what I call halfway-house) Christianity. The first Christian Britons got it right; it is all or nothing. We must believe in either Christ the Hero or Christ the lackey god of the liberals, who plays a supporting role to Martin Luther King Jr. Which Christ is the true God? Our ancestors stood with Christ the Hero. Why should we desire any other God?

It’s not a question, as I so often hear in the ranks of the Right, of whether a call to follow the path of the Heroic Europeans is practical or likely to succeed. Hamlet knew. It is what we are bound to do, whether it is practical, impractical, doomed to failure, or destined for success. That’s more than we know or should seek to know. Europeans face a Rorke’s Drift of the soul, to fight without yielding is all that matters. +