Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Tide Rises

But I don’t doubt of you, and so I send you forth. Christ is with you. Do not abandon Him and He will not abandon you.

--The Brothers Karamazov

A few days ago I saw the most obscene thing I have ever seen on a television screen. Was it a porno movie? No, it was something infinitely more obscene. What I saw was a roundtable of ministers, rabbis, and priests talking about the necessity of allowing Moslems to build a mosque at the 9/11 site. And please don’t think the clerics’ zeal for a mosque struck me as obscene only because the mosque was to be built on the 9/11 site; 9/11 was a tragedy, but it pales in comparison to the ongoing slaughter of whites by blacks on our city streets, and the ongoing slaughter of the innocents in their mothers’ wombs. The clerics’ zeal for a mosque is an obscenity of monumental proportions because through their advocacy they are blasphemers and mass murderers; they are blasphemers because they are blending Christianity and Islam, which is a denial of Christ, and mass murderers because Islam is a religion in which the murder of the infidel is viewed as a holy act. To tolerate any mosque on your native soil is to encourage the mass murder of your people. But of course white witch doctors -- indeed every member of the panel was a Ph.D. – have no “people”; they came into the world on a satanic whirlwind and they will go out the same way.

There can be no excuses for the blaspheming, murdering scum at the roundtable discussion. They are worse than any of the past enemies of Christian Europe. At least Attila the Hun was a straight-forward, honest pagan. He didn’t cloak his hatred of Christian Europe in ecumenical gas. And Julian the Apostate came at Christians head-on; he didn’t support their enemies and then tell them he was their friend.

It’s customary to talk about the aforementioned clerics in sympathetic terms: “They are just high-minded men with their heads in the clouds; we must forgive them because their hearts are in the right place.” But that is not so. Precisely the opposite is the case. The “high-minded men” do not have their hearts in the right place for the simple reason that the high-minded men have no hearts. They killed that affective organ long ago, and as a consequence they serve Satan and Satan alone. The roundtable clerics were not an isolated gathering of lunatics who had escaped from a nearby asylum. They are representative of the Christ-hating (and therefore white-hating, because the white civilization was the Christian civilization) clerics who currently occupy the European churches and the European universities. Nor is their unorthodoxy confined to the subject of Islam. If the panel discussion had been about Negro atrocities, every panel member would have echoed the “loving forgiveness” of the late Pope John XXIII and voted to continue to worship the blacks despite their atrocities. “Though they slay thee, yet will we worship them.”

The clergy have all become the type of men our Lord warned us about: “Beware of the scribes, which desire to walk in long robes, and love greetings in the markets, and the highest seats in the synagogues, and the chief rooms at feasts; Which devour widows' houses, and for a shew make long prayers: the same shall receive greater damnation.” Luke 20: 46-47

These men of intellect, who cannot think and have no heart, have brought about the death of the European people. If the European people could break free of them, they could still find life in this world and life abundant in the next. I hear the cynic’s reply, “And if horses were wishes, then beggars would ride.” I can’t deny that the European seems to have no spiritual pulse, but neither I nor the cynic can see the future. Nothing is written. The statistical Buchananites may be quite right about the death of Europe, but there is still our Shakespearean answer to the Buchananites: “We defy augury.”

Many years ago when I first read Tom Brown’s Schooldays, I fell in love with the Arnold of Rugby described by Thomas Hughes in the book. When I went to my school library for more information about Arnold of Rugby, I was very disappointed. The reference books stated just the facts, like Jack Webb in Dragnet. Arnold wrote a few books, made some reforms at Rugby and was the inspiration for a book called Tom Brown’s Schooldays. Those were the facts of Arnold’s life as related by the “just the facts” reference books. The facts seemed quite cold and lifeless compared to the personal testimony of Thomas Hughes. But how could it be otherwise? Hughes loved Thomas Arnold, and what he wrote about him flowed from that love. And love sees and knows things that the factoid mind cannot fathom. So it was with the people of Christian Europe. They knew Christ because in their heart of hearts they loved Him. The modern intellectuals who have no hearts cannot tell us anything about Christ other than the bare-bone facts of His life. And they can’t even agree on the facts of His life. Nor can they respond to the testimony of His apostles because they don’t believe in the testimony of His apostles. They have eyes, but they see not, and having no hearts they believe not. The storybook, heartfelt faith of the European people has been changed to an intellectual faith in the goodness of the natural savage and the equality of all religious faiths under the all-seeing, impersonal eye of nature.

The evil men on that religious panel were not halfway-house Christians, they were full-fledged, mad-dog liberals without a trace of Christianity inside them. Their modus operandi is to use the external symbols of Christianity and certain key catchwords of Christianity to bring the halfway-house Christians completely into the liberal tent. They are succeeding at a rapid rate. Halfway-house Christians are a dying breed, which would be a good thing if they were leaving halfway-house Christianity to become European Christians, but such is not the case. If the shadows cast by the all-pervasive religious experts are not altered, there soon will be no faith on earth. And as faith recedes, everything that makes life worth living fades away like pixie dust. It’s difficult under such circumstances to avoid suicidal despair. Depression pills and other “happy pills” only push despair deeper into the soul; they don’t eliminate the despair caused by a life lived within the confines of Liberaldom.

Jean-Paul Sarte, the sometime Marxist, full-time atheist, and hero of the French avant-garde, once wrote a play called No Exit. The simple message of the play was that life on earth was hell and there was no exit from hell. Sarte was partially correct. Life in Liberaldom is hell, and the modern world is Liberaldom. But there is an exit. The walls of Liberaldom are mind-forged walls, created by the type of men who were present at the religious roundtable. Such walls are impenetrable to all modern Europeans who live in thralldom to the “this world only” theology of the “men of intellect,” but they are not impenetrable to Europeans who do not worship at the proscribed liberal shrines. The liberal shrines to the black man, the feminists, and the “sexually enlightened” are all shrines to the perfectibility of man within the confines of Liberaldom. And every liberal shrine is built on the materialist assumption that there is no spiritual realm that exists over and above Liberaldom.

The European who has maintained his links to the past cannot be confined within the walls of Liberaldom. The European past is always past, present, and future to the non-liberal European, because the living God is always past, present, and future. Only in the purely material realm is it impossible for three to be one. All the blathering blasphemies of the roundtable “religious men,” blasphemies that have become part of the fabric of modern Europe, cannot negate the reality of God’s world, the world of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, where He shall reign forever and ever. I have never had a mystical vision or a prophetic dream, but there have been white moments in my life when He seems close at hand. Such moments come to me when I feel all the forces of hell are closing in on me. Now that the men of intellect have built hell on Europe’s pleasant pastures, the forces of hell seem to be exerting a constant, malignant pressure on my soul. They can’t prevail, because He always provides the force to resist. When I read through the poets of Europe’s Christian era, I see that they saw this spiritual law operating throughout European man’s history. When Satan attacks, Christ comes to our defense. As Hansel and Gretel’s father declares:

When hope is nearly gone
God’s relief to us is surely won.

The gates of hell are real. The modern European can certainly testify to their reality. But if the modern European would look to the storybook Europe of his European ancestors, he would see, and know that what he saw was true: the gates of hell shall not prevail. +

Christ of the prophesied cross, who knows me, will guide me
Past hell, the painful isolated abode.
The creator who created me will receive me
Among the pure people, the folk of Enlli.

--Old Welsh Poem

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