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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Black History is Not Sacred History

For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent. I Corinthians 1:19

Black History Month is not that different from every other month in the countries that once constituted Christendom. There are a few more celebrations of blackness and few extra posters celebrating “diversity” but other than that February is just like the other black history months, only more so. Last week I saw a poster with a pair of white arms, surrounded by numerous black arms, reaching for the sky. The caption of the poster said something about helping the black race “together.”

The white liberal -- and virtually all white men are liberals -- has brought the black savage into European civilization and made him the god of European civilization. There is a terrible, satanic symmetry between the white liberal and the black. Both are possessed of overweening pride in themselves and a corresponding hatred of the Christian God. Both are addicted to rape, torture, and murder, and both hate the white Europeans.

The white liberal’s pride is the pride of intellect. He is too smart to believe in a fairy tale God who talks from a burning bush and, later in the story, becomes man, is crucified, and then rises from the dead. “It’s all nonsense,” says the enlightened liberal.

Christianity is foolishness, as St. Paul tells us, but what is the liberal’s replacement for Christianity? No doubt it is something wonderful. Behold -- it is Negro worship! All the great liberals of the past -- Rousseau, Voltaire, Turgenev, Flaubert, Freud, Darwin, and Marx -- labored in the vineyards of liberalism so that European liberals could finally unveil the Negro as the alternative to Christ.

In order to be God, you have to create something from nothing as God did. The liberal created the generic Negro god from nothing, from an abstraction in his liberal brain. Like Athena was spawned from the head of Zeus, the deified Negro was spawned from the abstracted mind of the liberal. It’s a symbiotic relationship between the two. The liberal needs to worship the embodiment of his own abstractions, and the Negro needs the liberal to ignore his true nature so that he, the Negro, can wreak havoc in the world and be unmolested and even praised for his savagery.

If the liberal white has the pride of intellect, of what is the Negro proud? He has pride of race; he knows nothing of the love of race but everything about pride of race. Pride of race means the hatred of all other races, and pride of race means that you must subject all other races to your own race. There is no concept of loving your own without hating the other in the Negro culture of race. Nor is there any concept of humanity as anything other than a natural product of the jungle, to be used or abused according to the law of the jungle. Which brings us to the second item of commonality between the liberal and the Negro -- their mutual love of torture, rape, and murder.

The Negro tortures, rapes and murders for the simple reason that he is a natural savage. He is not a noble savage, as the liberals maintain; he is just a savage. There is no concept of mercy in the Negro’s heart. It would be ludicrous to expect mercy from the Negro, because lacking the true humanity that comes from a connection to Christ the Negro can see no humanity in others. So looking for mercy in the Negro is as futile an endeavor as trying to extract mercy from Shylock. “You may as well go stand upon the beach and bid the main flood bate his usual height…” Nor does the Negro understand mercy when it is shown to him. He thinks it is weakness, and he responds to weakness as a jungle animal responds to weakness; he devours it.

The merciless Negro culture of torture, rape, and murder is in complete opposition to the Christian culture of the antique Europeans, but what about the culture of the modern liberal Europeans? At first glance the white liberal does not seem to be in favor of a culture based on rape, torture, and murder, but let’s look closer. There is a fearful symmetry that exists between the white liberal and the Negro. The post-Christian liberal is an intellectual barbarian. He does the same things as the Negro, but because he was once Christian he must cloak his barbarities in angelic phrases. The institutionalization of infanticide throughout the European world is an infamous case in point that reveals the barbarity of the modern liberal. The infant in the womb is tortured, raped, and murdered by the aborting liberal doctor and his willing assistant, the baby’s mother. For what reason? “You shall be as gods.” How can you be a god if you don’t control the procreative process? Abortion is a religious ritual to the liberal just as infant cannibalism is a religious ritual to the black man. And no one will fight for the innocent babies because neither the Negro or the liberal believe in innocence; that is a Christian concept. The age of Tell is gone.

“Thou know’st the marksman – I, and I alone.
Now are our homesteads free, and innocence
From thee is safe: thou’lt be our curse no more.”

The liberal-Negro curse extends to religious rape and murder as well. The feminists call marriage legalized rape while they encourage and approve of the rape of white women by black men. Such a position has its own satanic logic. Traditional marriage stinks of Christianity, so marriage within the Christian tradition must be condemned as legalized rape, while consensual and non-consensual intercourse between black men and white women must be sanctioned because mixed race intercourse is anti-Christian and therefore holy. The same perverse logic applies to murder. When blacks murder whites the white liberal regards the murder as a necessary cleansing of the white race. And the Negro regards the murder of whites as the natural order of things; the law of the jungle demands that the strong destroy the weak.

It’s easy, once we see what the liberal barbarians and the Negro barbarians worship, to see why they hate Christian Europeans. Their religion of intellectual pride and racial pride would be an anathema to Christian Europeans. That is why the liberal joined with the Negro to destroy Christian Europe, and why the halfway-house Christians are afraid to become European Christians. They don’t want to fight against principalities and powers, but innocence, the type of innocence that believes in the foolishness of God, is being destroyed. How can a European Christian man not respond to the liberal and the Negro as Tell responded to Gessler?

Every so often I get literature from a neo-pagan who is trying to run for President. He wants to “get the message out to white people,” but I can never determine what the message is. What should a white leader tell white people? I think the neo-pagan Presidential hopeful is confused because he doesn’t know what white people are. Are they simply walking genes?

The white European is a man who crossed a spiritual Rubicon. He, and he alone, forded the impassable river and saw the light that shineth in darkness on the other side of the river. But the light was too much for the European. Now he wants to go back across the Rubicon and lose his European identity by blending with the barbarians. And so the European has built a great liberal bridge over the Rubicon so he can get away from the light and live in peace and harmony in the land of Babylon.

The neopagan Presidential wannabe who advises the European to return to Babylon and fight for his right to live in Babylon ignores the essence of the white man. The man who swam the Rubicon can never be content to graze with the barbarians on the safe side of the river. It’s all or nothing. Having crossed the Rubicon we can’t go back to the land of the Negro and the liberal. We must go on to the heights. The glory of the antique European was that he was not wise and prudent, he was a fool, as Cyrano was a fool:

(Who has recovered his self-control; smiling)
Have you read Don Quixote?

I have – and found myself the hero.

(Appears at the door.)

Be so good as to read once more
The chapter of the windmills.

Chapter Thirteen.

Windmills, remember, if you fight with them--

My enemies change, then, with every wind?

--May swing round their huge arms and cast you down
Into the mire.

Or up—into the stars!

Cyrano, Alfred, and the sacred legions of antique Europeans who lived and died under His leadership, had the foolishness to want to build Jerusalem in Europe’s green and pleasant land. It is their foolishness that we need, “Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men…”

Back in my halcyon days as a young, substitute English teacher, I read with my class D. H. Lawrence’s short story, “The Rocking Horse Winner.” If you recall the story you’ll know that the young boy in the story sells his soul to the devil, which enabled me under the guise of a literary analysis to discuss the Christian God and his archrival, Satan.

A student who stayed after class wanted me to clarify something. He knew rational thinking human beings who had attended universities did not believe in the devil, but something I had said in class made him think that I believed there was an actual devil who roamed about the world seeking the ruin of souls. When he discovered that I did indeed believe in an actual devil and his divine opponent, he was pleasantly surprised. My belief opened up a new world for him, a world where heroes existed. And every young man wants to believe he can be a hero in some endeavor worthy of a man.

In the absence of faith in the Christian God, who does battle with Satan, the European is lost in the darkness. He can’t fight for pride of race as the colored tribes do. He must fight for the sacred things that heroes like William Tell fought for, but without faith there are no sacred things for the white man to fight for. The heroic European no longer exists because the European has forsaken the Hero-God. I hope that student from long ago was not just an enthusiast for one hour; I hope he endured the attacks on the Hero-God, which he was bound to hear ad-nauseam at the college he attended, and clung to the heroic faith of the European: Mortal man struggling against the wickedness and snares of the devil and hoping, with God’s aid, to prevail against the devil.

It is the sacred duty of every European not to go quietly into the dark night of Liberaldom. We should rage against the dying of the light and refuse to let His light, the light of our world, be extinguished. +

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

On the Shores of Babylon

“Hell is empty,
And all the devils are here.”

Every English teacher has to deal with the problem of Cliff Notes, those poorly written summaries and shallow interpretations of great works of literature written for indolent and dishonest students. I once gave a student two F’s on a Cliff Noted paper he had turned in. “Why two F’s?” he asked.

“One for cheating, and the second F for turning in such a terrible interpretation of the book,” was my reply.

Cliff Note students could never bring themselves to believe that a student who read the literature with his whole heart and soul could come closer to the great author’s meaning than a panel of erudite experts trying to write condensed literature for moral eunuchs and intellectual midgets. If the meaning of a work of literature could be condensed into Cliff Notes, it wouldn’t be a great work of literature.

It is the contention of the people I call the halfway-house Christians that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be condensed into religious Cliff Notes. The Protestant Cliff Notes tell us that Christ was not the Son of God in whom St. Paul believed. He is only the son of God in the way a great prophet is the son of God. In the inane Cliff Notes of the Protestants, the Son of God, the Messiah, has not come yet. How else can I interpret Cliff Notes that claim that the Jews are the chosen people of God? In vain do I point out to the evangelical Protestants that the Christian Europeans of the past did not think references to the “chosen people” meant that the unconverted Jews had been accorded divine status, regardless of whether they accepted Christ or not. It is in vain because the halfway-house Protestants hold the personal testimony of the European people, who lived and died with a faith in Jesus Christ as true God and true man, of no account. They believe in their Cliff Notes handed to them by a committee of educated idiots.

The Cliff Notes of the halfway-house Roman Catholics also go against the traditional faith of the European people. In the Roman Catholic Cliff Notes, Christ is a lesser god in a pantheon of gods, living and dead. He is on a par with Mohammed and Buddha but beneath Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., and Gandhi. As with the Protestant halfway-house Christians, it is useless to point out to the Roman Catholic halfway-house Christians that the antique Europeans did not place any other gods above the one true God, Jesus Christ. It is useless because the Roman Catholic does not believe that a traditional faith resides in the blood of the people who believe. Tradition, to the Roman Catholic, means the preservation of external forms and rites. A bred-in-the-bone faith is an alien concept to the halfway-house Roman Catholic. He can’t find anything about such a faith in his Cliff Notes.

The Cliff Notes of the halfway-house Roman Catholics and the halfway-house Protestants agree on one essential point: The Negro is the star at the top of the halfway-house Christians’ tree. The presents under the tree, the ornaments and tinsel decorating the tree, all pale in significance to the shimmering star at the top of the tree. The Cliff Notes descended from on high, according to halfway-house Christians, and revealed the new Christian doctrine of the divinity of the Negro. The halfway-house Christians love to excoriate the Mormons, but I find the halfway-house Christians’ new revelation of the divinity of the Negro much harder to believe in than Joseph Smith’s vision of the Church of the Latter Day Saints. At least Christ maintains His primacy in the Mormons’ church.

The literary Cliff Notes give us a bare skeleton of a book, and they give us a false interpretation of the book. And that is what the “Christian” Cliff Notes do as well. The Bible is streamlined for sectarian purposes, and the people who lived and breathed the full meaning of the Bible are completely eliminated from the religious Cliff Notes. We can’t understand the Christian faith if we are not connected to the people who had faith. The fusionist Christians of today will lead us to a confusion of tongues, not to a place where we can see the true God reflected in the faces of his people.

The halfway-house Christian reserves the right to politely criticize and vote against certain aspects of the liberal’s satanic agenda. But he still uses the liberals’ Cliff Notes, thus allowing the liberal to redefine Christianity. In the new definitions, which we are all supposed to learn by heart, the Negro is divine and the European is evil. Who ultimately does the halfway-house Christian serve then? He serves the liberal, who serves the enemy of mankind.

“If I forget thee, O Jerusalem…” The European has forgotten what it means to live in a Christian culture. It means loving one’s kith and kin above all others, which means that we should keep the barbarians at bay and out of our homes. I live in an area of the United States that is still predominantly white, but virtually every black I see is connected to a white family; either a wigger is cohabitating with a black, or a white family has adopted a black child. It is especially tragic when white parents who already have white children adopt one or more black children. The blacks invariably run amuck within the family, causing untold misery.

And it is always the Man of Sorrows who is brought in to justify race-mixing and Negro worship. Blasphemy! The antique European believed that salvation came from a belief in Jesus Christ, not by virtue of our belief in the sacred Negro. There is nothing remotely connected to genuine Christian love in the liberals’ and the halfway-house Christians’ deification of the Negro. The men who did humanitarian work and Christian evangelization among blacks, such as Albert Schweitzer and Edmund Hodgson, believed in strict paternalism and segregation. (1) Rape, torture, and murder are the favorite pastimes of the natural savages we have brought amongst us. How can a man with a heart that still lives allow such creatures to reign? Prospero knows his island will be hell if Caliban is allowed to rule, so he keeps Caliban under his control, and even Caliban comes to see that Prospero’s hierarchical but benevolent reign is the only type of government to live under.

The liberal and the halfway-house Christian who rides with the liberal on his burn-and-pillage raids against the European people present their “love” of the Negro as the fulfillment of Christ’s injunction to “love thy neighbor as thyself.” Nothing could be further from the truth. In the first place, genuine love of thy neighbor does not mean you hate the people of your own household. And secondly, a man learns to love by the family hearth fire. God made “our hearts small” so we could learn to love through the little human things. The universal love represented by the infamous Coke commercial and the song “Age of Aquarius” is not love. Ask yourself why the ideologies of the universalists, the great ‘lovers’ of mankind as generic human beings such as Marx and Robespierre, always spawn totalitarian states in which millions of individual human beings lose their lives. If you repress the little human things, such as love of kith, kin, and place, you will render a man incapable of love. The charitable outreach of such men as Schweitzer and Hodgson only took place because they learned how to love at the European hearth.

The true God can only be reached through the human heart. Without depth of feeling, we can’t know God, which is why only a counter-revolutionary of the spirit can know God in our modern satanic world. The counter-revolutionary must stay in the depths and not allow himself to be overwhelmed by the narrow superficiality of modernism that kills the soul.

In Ben Jonson’s profound tribute to Shakespeare he tells us that Shakespeare has surpassed even the great Greek and Roman dramatists:
And though thou hadst small Latine, and lesse Greeke,
From thence to honour thee, I would not seeke
For names; but call forth thund'ring Æschilus,
Euripides, and Sophocles to us,
Paccuvius, Accius, him of Cordova dead,
To life againe, to heare thy Buskin tread,
And shake a stage : Or, when thy sockes were on,
Leave thee alone, for the comparison
Of all, that insolent Greece, or haughtie Rome
Sent forth, or since did from their ashes come.
Triumph, my Britaine, thou hast one to showe,
To whom all scenes of Europe homage owe.
He was not of an age, but for all time!
Of course Jonson is right. There is greater depth, more humanity in Shakespeare’s plays than in the Greeks’ and Romans’ works. And how could it be otherwise? The living God had entered human history and revealed to mankind that God lived in the depths of the human heart. Just as the pagan Greco-Roman shame-culture gave way to the European guilt-culture, so did the Greco-Roman culture of kindness give way to the deeper European Christian culture of charity. In a very real sense there was no perfect love, the love that includes charity, on the face of the earth until the marriage of the European and Christ. That special type of love, which can only be found at the hearths of the antique Europeans, has just about disappeared from the earth. My own nation, which is not really a nation, has set Caliban on the throne. And throughout the other anti-nations of Europe the remaining Europeans burn incense at the altars of the savage gods of color. Our only recourse against the modern age of Satan is to seek the depths and refuse to give up the little human things that link us to the Son of God. +
(1) Northern Katanga was also the territory of a renowned English Missionary, Edmund Hodgson of the Congo Evangelistic Mission, who had been in the Congo for forty years before he was murdered by the Baluba. He was a surgeon, builder and teacher. He founded 157 churches in the Congo, roofing many of them himself. His pay, if it may be mentioned, eventually reached the grand equivalent of £17 a month in Belgian currency, which in the Congo is enough to buy you a good meal and a haircut. He built schools, where for the first time the tribal language was set down in writing. He built a motor launch, which he used as an ambulance; and as the years went by he built several more, giving each one away to the Natives as a new one was finished. He was also a crack shot, ridding the villages of a rogue elephant and marauding lion. On one occasion he was called out to deal with a pride of six lions that were stalking a village, and shot all six of them the same day. His biggest enemies in the early years - as in the later – were the witchdoctors and secret societies, who of course ruled by terror. Hodgson wrote to the C.E.M. headquarters in England: “The witchdoctors are like banks and bookies. They win every time. To denounce a witchdoctor is the worse sin known.” But, traveling on a battered old bicycle through hundreds of miles of swampland for months at a time, he set out to break them. A fellow missionary said of him: “Often he would walk into the middle of a secret society meeting to rescue the young girls they used for their orgies. He was a mild man, but he would risk any danger to prevent these children being tortured, wading in with his fists if necessary.”

In 1952 Hodgson’s wife died; and he toiled on alone, taking his leave every five years but still having to work to make ends meet. But, following Independence, he saw his life’s work literally going up in flames. He wrote: “This last six months has seen the bottom drop out of this fast-created world. Now there is no Belgian or African authority in this district. The sad part of it all is that it is the innocent ones who suffer...”

Shortly after Hodgson wrote this report he visited the ‘parish’ of the New Zealander, Elton Knauf. He was at something of a loose end now, as his churches had been burned down and he had been forced to leave his own parish by the tribesmen he had spent his whole life slaving for. He and Knauf went on a mercy mission, taking food and medical supplies and even money to distressed villagers. It was in an area where, like his own, nearly all the mission posts had been plundered and burned down. Soon their truck was stopped by Balubas, and the two men were dragged out. The tribesmen offered to let Knauf go. But he refused to leave Hodgson, and so both men were put to death. According to a Christian tribesman it was a slow death, and both men died praying. Unlike the witchdoctors who ruled the people by terror and had survived through the ages, the white men had tried to inspire the people by self-sacrificing example, and had succeeded only in making the supreme one.

Of white men like these, tribute seems inadequate. Silence seems more fitting. But normally, while they are alive, they receive the sort of silence of which Kipling wrote: “The reports are silent here, because heroism, failure, doubt, despair, and self-abnegation on the part of a mere cultured white man are things of no weight as compared to the saving of one half-human soul from a fantastic faith in wood-spirits, goblins of the rock, and river-fiends.”

-- from White Man Think Again! by Anthony Jacob

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hating One’s Own

This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England…

I recently saw a British press release which stated that the head of the West Mercia Police Department in England called for an end to the silence regarding the “tidal wave” of rape and prostitution rings in which thousands of white girls were being passed around by Pakistani gangs and “used as meat.” And along with that edifying little story came a report that 70% of British converts to Islam were white women. I suppose the logic of the female converts is: “Better to become a Muslim wife and be used as meat in one polygamous marriage than to be passed around and used as meat by a whole gang of Muslims. At least Muslim men will stop other men from raping me.”

I don’t have to live in Britain to know how the British establishment will respond to the head of the West Mercia Police Department; they will respond the same way the white liberal establishment always responds to black-on-white crime in America. They will denounce the man who warned Britons about the colored rapists and murderers and call for his resignation. Quite possibly they will add jail time to his resignation. Britain is slightly worse than the United States in terms of jailing alleged 'racists'. In the U.S. accusations of 'racism' often end with the loss of a job. But let us not forget the Rodney King affair, and many others like it, when police officers who had tried to arrest black criminals were found guilty of racism and sent to jail.

The response of British white males to the Pakistani rape squads should be immediate and violent. Every Pakistani even remotely involved in the “white meat” gangs should be killed. And the remaining Pakistanis in Britain who were not involved in the torture-rape squads should be thrown out of Britain. Of course such a sensible and Christian course of action will not be followed because if white Brits had the Christian innards to kill the Pakistani rapists and remove the remaining Pakistanis from their country, they would never have let the Pakistanis in their country to begin with.

The toleration of the rape of their women is not a simple case of cowardice on the part of the British white males, although that most certainly is the assumption of the Pakistani males. Like the jackal, who is a coward himself, the Pakistanis attack only those who are weaker and more cowardly than themselves, and to them it seems obvious that the white Brits are cowards. But it is not because of fear that the British white male does not fight for his own. The British male does not fight for his own kind because he doesn’t believe there is any such thing as kin or kind. There are only generic people, all moving toward a generic, colored utopia. And that’s the main point: the white European male has been told for upwards of fifty years that white people are evil and have no right to exist. So why should he care when white women, mothers of the future, either lose their lives or are ruined for life? By liberal logic he shouldn’t care, and in point of fact he doesn’t care. Walter Scott would care, Rudyard Kipling would care, but the Brits and their European counterparts do not want to live in Scott’s and Kipling’s Europe.

It’s not a case then of no innards; it’s a case of no Christian innards. The British male will fight for a multi-racial Britain, but he will fight against a Christian Britain. And because of that fact, the Brits’ unwillingness to fight for a Christian Britain, the warning of the Mercia Police Inspector will go unheeded. The Chief Inspector was proceeding on false assumptions. He assumed the white British males did not know about the rape of white British girls, and that once they did know, they would want to do something to stop it. But they did know, they do know, and they don't want to stop it; in fact they approve of the rapes because they regard the white victims as sacrifices to the colored gods. And that is to be expected when a people who once worshipped the God of mercy no longer understand what Christ meant when he said, “I will have mercy, and not sacrifice.”

The ‘get out the information’ boys of the BNP and the American Renaissance always fail to make a breach in the liberals’ fortress because they think: 1) white people will “wake up” if they get the information about colored atrocities, and 2) once awakened, white people will "vote" the colored people away. ‘Tis not so. As we have seen time and time again, white people do know about the colored invasion and about colored atrocities, but they approve of the invasion and think the atrocities have to be tolerated so that the greater good, a multi-colored society, can become a reality.

As regards the second point, the notion that the colored hordes can be voted away: that is pure fantasy. The colored jackals will never leave so long as they can get easy “white meat” in their adopted country. The consequences for the crimes described by the Mercia Police Inspector must be as severe or more severe than the crimes perpetrated if the barbarians are to be driven from “this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England,

This nurse, this teeming womb of royal kings,
Fear’d by their breed and famous by their birth,
Renowned for their deeds as far from home,—
For Christian service and true chivalry,—
As is the sepulchre in stubborn Jewry
Of the world’s ransom, blessed Mary’s Son:
This land of such dear souls, this dear, dear land,
Dear for her reputation through the world,
Is now leas’d out,—I die pronouncing it,—
Like to a tenement, or pelting farm:
England, bound in with the triumphant sea,
Whose rocky shore beats back the envious siege
Of watery Neptune, is now bound in with shame,
With inky blots, and rotten parchment bonds:
That England, that was wont to conquer others,
Hath made a shameful conquest of itself.
Ah! would the scandal vanish with my life,
How happy then were my ensuing death.
Prophetic words indeed! Of course the modern European, whether British, French, American, Scandinavian, or any other type of white European, does not believe in blessed plots of earth or in blessed Mary’s Son. That is what separates the modern European from his ancestors: faith. The Europeans who kept Europe free from the barbarians were not physically stronger than the modern Europeans. How much could Sir Henry Havelock or Charles Martel bench press? No, it was not physical strength, it was inner strength that marked the antique European. To put it in the vernacular: “The antique European had Christian innards.” A man fights for what he holds dear. The Christian hearth was sacred to the ancient Europeans, and they fought for their sacred hearths. The modern European? His vision of a multi-racial utopian state is sacred to him; for that he will fight.

The non-liberal European makes a great mistake when he assumes that because the liberal will not fight for kith and kin he is a coward who will not fight at all. The liberal is the most loathsome creature on the face of the earth, but he is not a doctrinaire coward. He will fight for Liberaldom. General Franco thought the Germans would win World War II because, being a non-liberal European, he thought that if the English and Americans were too cowardly to fight Russian communism they wouldn’t have the courage to fight Nazism. But you see it wasn’t a lack of courage that stopped the English and Americans from fighting communism, it was their liberalism. They held virtually the same egalitarian beliefs as the Russian communists, so they saw no reason to fight the communists. The Nazis they fought. So it remains today. The liberals will fight for Liberaldom, and the coloreds will fight for pride of race, pride of kin, and pride of place. The Christian European will fight as he always has fought: for love of hearth, kind, and place. The racial war and the religious war are one. When Europeans’ believe in Christ they will fight for their hearths, and white women will not become “white meat” for savage colored tribesmen. But so long as white people believe in foreign gods, white victims will continue to die on the sacrificial altars of the colored tribes.

The bulk of white Europeans are mad-dog liberals and gutted, burned-out nihilists of the type depicted by Camus and Samuel Beckett. A tiny minority are halfway-house Christians, trying to fuse Christianity with Negro worship, Judaism, and Islam. Of the three groups, only the nihilists have produced converts to European Christianity. A man needs to look at the hopelessness of existence without God before he can move toward Christ. The liberals and the halfway-house Christians have their gods of sacrifice, so they don’t feel any need for the God of mercy.

One of the saddest things I’ve had to witness over the last thirty years was the spectacle of the “get them the information” and the “get out the vote” boys, as exemplified by the late John Tyndall and the late Samuel Francis. Those white warriors had good intentions, but they persisted in trying to appeal to white pride and white self-interest as if the white man was the same as the colored man. They never seemed to understand, probably because they ignored the religious aspect of the white man’s history, that the white man is different from the colored man. (1) Having exchanged pride of race and pride of kin for love of race and love of kin when he became Christian, the European can never be “won back” by an appeal to his pride of race and pride of kin. The appeal must be to his love of race and his love of kin. The European is dying out because he has ceased to love Christ, from whom his love of race and kin flowed. White awareness campaigns that don’t confront that tragedy are useless, even harmful, endeavors.

The tragedy of white British girls being used as meat by Pakistani savages is not a tragedy that can be prevented by abstract thought. And abstract thought is all the white man, liberal or conservative, is capable of. Fitzhugh put his finger on the white man’s Achilles’ heel when he stated that the problems of existence were too complex to be solved by intelligence, but the Christian heart would always find a way to prevail where intelligence failed. Europeans with Christian hearts would not let white girls be raped by barbarians – it’s that simple. No barbarian can contend against a white man with Christian innards. And no white man who has given his heart to multi-racial Liberaldom has ever lifted a finger to aid his own people. If we can’t convert liberals and halfway-house Christians to European Christianity we can at least bring fire and sword to their world and let them know there are faithful hearts who know the difference between the gods of sacrifice and the God of mercy. +

(1) Despite the fact that there had been legions of bred-in-the-bone Christians, like Walter Scott and Thomas Nelson Page, who could have been brought to the fore in a defense of a fighting, non-democratic, all-white Europe, the older neo-pagans never invoked Christian Europeans and their God. The appeal of the older neo-pagans was always to whiteness, devoid of any religious faith other than a faith in white genes. Such an appeal led one to believe that the old guard neo-pagans really believed that the liberals were right about Christianity: it was about universalism and Negro worship.

The younger neo-pagans have simply taken the old guard’s reluctance to invoke their Christian ancestors to its logical conclusion: they have rejected Christianity. I think the young Turks have accurately interpreted the older neo-pagans, but I think the old guard neo-pagans were acting on false premises. The bred-in-the-bone Christianity that was the religion of the Europeans for over one thousand years gives the lie to the liberal and the neo-pagan. There is only one valid democracy, the democracy of the dead. Our ancestors cry out to us with one voice: “Fight as Christians and for Christian Europe!”

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Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Hollow Oak of Liberaldom

Then, in one moment, she put forth the charm
Of woven paces and of waving hands,
And in the hollow oak he lay as dead,

And lost to life and use and name and fame.

--Idylls of the King

I have an older cousin I view as the embodiment of the diseased white man. He is a farmer who no longer can make a living from his farm and who supplements his income by driving a truck. His sons do not work on the farm; they work at various manufacturing jobs, all dependent on the U.S. government continuing to renew its contract with the manufacturing firms.

My cousin is a halfway-house Christian of the fundamentalist variety; he still believes that Christ died and rose again on the third day, but he also believes that the white European has no right to love his own people and culture over all other peoples and cultures. During the last Presidential election, for instance, my cousin told me how much he despised Hillary Clinton, but he liked and respected the Obama. The beginning of a disconnect? In the same vein, my cousin frequently has complained of the trailer trash living on the borders of his farm. When I've pointed out that the trailer trash are Mexicans, my cousin immediately chimes in that he has nothing against Mexicans, he loves them as his brothers; he just wishes they would stop coming on his land and littering, defecating, and stealing.

My cousin is just one of the millions of halfway-house Christians who is willingly self-destructing in the name of some abstract principle, invented by liberals, which neither my cousin nor his halfway-house companions, remotely understand. And the pity of it all is that my cousin is a decent man. My nation, and the world’s nations, would be better off if such men as he filled up the ranks of their citizenry rather than the colored individuals that all white people are called to worship. Let me rephrase that – if my cousin would divest himself of his anti-European prejudice, then he would have the innards to make a good citizen. No nation needs a man who will not stand up for his own people, whether they be living or dead.

It’s easy to find excuses for the halfway-house Christian, particularly if the halfway-house Christian is a blood relation: “He is confused, the liberals are very clever” – “He has been sold a multi-racial bill of goods by his pastors”. All those reasons are true, but ultimately I can’t excuse my cousin’s betrayal of his race. A man’s heart should be able to counter-balance the weakness of his head. “You make what sounds like a good case, but I can’t go against my heart, and my heart tells me that what you’re saying is wrong.” That, or something like that, is what the European men and women should have said to the liberal utopians and their halfway-house Christian pastors. It’s a mystery to me why more Europeans do not “just say no” to Liberaldom.

There is a song of John McDermott’s in which he tells of a crippled soldier returning home. When he exits the ship, he sees his countrymen waiting on the shore: “They just stood there and stared, And turned all their faces away.” Those lines describe my own feelings about my “fellow white countrymen.”

Once, at an adult Bible class, I was so moved by the similarities between the spiritual journey of the Hebrew people and the spiritual odyssey of the European people I let myself go and spoke of my love and reverence for La Fanu, Dostoevsky, Walter Scott, and the gentle Bard. “They, like St. Paul, like Jeremiah, like Isaiah, pointed to Him.” All that I said, and more, and they looked at me and “turned all their faces away.” “Can ye drink of the cup I will drink of?” No, I cannot. Only He could bear the loneliness that engulfs a man who has been rejected by his own people.

The European people are suffering through their own Babylonian captivity, but unlike the ancient Hebrews the Europeans do not know they are in captivity. They go to liberal churches, fusionist churches, and Super Bowl parties, and they profess themselves to be a free people: free to worship God, whoever and whatever God may be, free to send their children to state-run public or state-supporting private schools, and free to work for the advancement of the new, liberal Babylon, which as a state entity is much more inimical to Christianity than the old Babylonian state was to Judaism.

Can we say that the European people are suffering under their Babylonian captivity? On the surface the answer might seem to be, “No, they are not suffering,” but look closer. An anesthetized man is different from an integral, full-blooded man who can stand up to existence and say, “come what may, I’m in God’s hands”; anesthetics simply push suffering deeper into the soul; they do not enable a man to stand up to existence. The European currently is seeking the oblivion that comes with racial melding, because he finds existence unbearable.

Man cannot live without a connection to God. And God can only be reached through the human things: love of kith, love of kin, and love of a place above all other places. All those human things are denied the white man. The liberals have decreed that the white man must die, so he must be denied the essentials of life. And halfway-house Christians, in an effort to please the liberals, have 'discovered' that human things are unnecessary – in fact they are evil; men don’t need human conduits to an incarnate God, they can fly to heaven in a cosmic, universalist rocket ship.

Yet some people are more equal than others. The colored peoples are allowed -- not just allowed, they are encouraged -- to keep the human things: love of kin, kith, and place. Ah, there’s the rub. The colored peoples were never Christianized. They have pride of kin, pride of race, and pride of place, which is diametrically opposed to the antique Europeans’ love of kith, kin, and place. The only permitted human things then are the subhuman rites of the colored people. Virtually every day there is some kind of celebration of the Noble Savage: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Jackie Robinson Day, Black History Month, Rosa Parks’ Day, Hispanic Heritage Month – the list is endless. Whites celebrate those holidays with more fervor than the colored people because whites have a longing to have some contact with the human things, even if they are the subhuman things that degrade and debauch. It’s an insane, satanic world when whites hate their own and love only the colored races.

I've spent a lot of time at public parks in the last twenty years. When my children were younger, I had to be ready to prevent the thousand and one potential falls that can occur on playgrounds. For at least the last eight years now my services as a catcher have not been needed. So I’ve had a chance to observe other families. And what have I observed? White boys wear the sport jerseys of black athletes, but no black boys wear the sport jerseys of white athletes. An insignificant phenomenon? No, it isn’t. From birth to their graves white people are told their life has meaning only to the extent they can blend with the colored races. Even when a white boy wears the jersey of a white athlete, he is blending with a sports organization, a microcosm of the state, which is a universalist, race-mixing organization. And white girls are encouraged to adore the black athletes as well so that they can mate with the black when they come of age. Indeed it is a small miracle when a white girl marries a white male, considering how the white male is portrayed in print, film, and television. A friend told me recently of a made-for-television movie he had started watching. A Negro was accused of a violent crime. Of course he was innocent, and a white female detective discovered his innocence. The guilty parties? You know the answer – a white, blonde, blue-eyed teenager and his white, Bible-toting father. It would be hysterically funny if it wasn’t for the fact that young white people have come to believe such bilge. In Liberaldom there is nothing more evil than the white male. And because that gospel of Liberaldom is so untrue the liberals must keep up an unrelenting propaganda campaign in order to maintain their maniacal, obscene lie about the white male.

The colored tribesmen are at least given a chance at life. Without a white man to point them to the light it is not very likely they will escape the blood and sex cults that are the usual fare of the colored tribes. But the white European has been consigned to Merlin’s oblivion, betrayed by the whores of Liberaldom, he lies “as dead, And lost to life and use and name and fame.” The halfway-house Christian and the liberal have joined together to deprive the white European of his soul. He lives, but nothing of life remains. If he is denied the human things, denied his one eternal moment to live and die as God ordained, it’s as if he never existed. The hate of the system that consigns one’s fellow men to such a fate, and the love of the people who are being damned to such a fate, should put steel and fire into the heart of the European. Even if all the halfway-house Christians turn their faces away and join with the mad dogs of Liberaldom, still the European defies them: “My name is Alexander Smollet. I’ve flown my sovereign’s colors, and I’ll see you all to Davy Jones.”

A man who wrote so eloquently about the human things, the blood ties that make a man a man, was Rudyard Kipling. The liberals speak disparagingly of him, and the halfway-house Christians generally undervalue him by accepting the liberals’ assessment of him: “He was a reactionary and a pagan; he had no religion other than British imperialism.” Of course nothing could be further from the truth. Kipling saw God through the human things, and consequently his faith was forged in the furnace of reality where the first European Christians’ faith was forged. If you read nothing else of Kipling’s, read his short story called “The Gardener,” in an anthology called Debits and Credits. At the end of the story you will see why there is no other way to the Son of God than through the human ties that the colored tribes pervert and the liberals deny to the white man. If we keep faith with our ancestors, such as Rudyard Kipling, and cling to the human things, we will defy the liberals and see the living God, Jesus Christ.

One grave to me was given
One watch till Judgement Day;
And God looked down from Heaven
And rolled the stone away.

One day in all the years,
One hour in that one day,
His Angel saw my tears,
And rolled the stone away!

--Rudyard Kipling

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