Saturday, February 26, 2011

Black History is Not Sacred History

For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent. I Corinthians 1:19

Black History Month is not that different from every other month in the countries that once constituted Christendom. There are a few more celebrations of blackness and few extra posters celebrating “diversity” but other than that February is just like the other black history months, only more so. Last week I saw a poster with a pair of white arms, surrounded by numerous black arms, reaching for the sky. The caption of the poster said something about helping the black race “together.”

The white liberal -- and virtually all white men are liberals -- has brought the black savage into European civilization and made him the god of European civilization. There is a terrible, satanic symmetry between the white liberal and the black. Both are possessed of overweening pride in themselves and a corresponding hatred of the Christian God. Both are addicted to rape, torture, and murder, and both hate the white Europeans.

The white liberal’s pride is the pride of intellect. He is too smart to believe in a fairy tale God who talks from a burning bush and, later in the story, becomes man, is crucified, and then rises from the dead. “It’s all nonsense,” says the enlightened liberal.

Christianity is foolishness, as St. Paul tells us, but what is the liberal’s replacement for Christianity? No doubt it is something wonderful. Behold -- it is Negro worship! All the great liberals of the past -- Rousseau, Voltaire, Turgenev, Flaubert, Freud, Darwin, and Marx -- labored in the vineyards of liberalism so that European liberals could finally unveil the Negro as the alternative to Christ.

In order to be God, you have to create something from nothing as God did. The liberal created the generic Negro god from nothing, from an abstraction in his liberal brain. Like Athena was spawned from the head of Zeus, the deified Negro was spawned from the abstracted mind of the liberal. It’s a symbiotic relationship between the two. The liberal needs to worship the embodiment of his own abstractions, and the Negro needs the liberal to ignore his true nature so that he, the Negro, can wreak havoc in the world and be unmolested and even praised for his savagery.

If the liberal white has the pride of intellect, of what is the Negro proud? He has pride of race; he knows nothing of the love of race but everything about pride of race. Pride of race means the hatred of all other races, and pride of race means that you must subject all other races to your own race. There is no concept of loving your own without hating the other in the Negro culture of race. Nor is there any concept of humanity as anything other than a natural product of the jungle, to be used or abused according to the law of the jungle. Which brings us to the second item of commonality between the liberal and the Negro -- their mutual love of torture, rape, and murder.

The Negro tortures, rapes and murders for the simple reason that he is a natural savage. He is not a noble savage, as the liberals maintain; he is just a savage. There is no concept of mercy in the Negro’s heart. It would be ludicrous to expect mercy from the Negro, because lacking the true humanity that comes from a connection to Christ the Negro can see no humanity in others. So looking for mercy in the Negro is as futile an endeavor as trying to extract mercy from Shylock. “You may as well go stand upon the beach and bid the main flood bate his usual height…” Nor does the Negro understand mercy when it is shown to him. He thinks it is weakness, and he responds to weakness as a jungle animal responds to weakness; he devours it.

The merciless Negro culture of torture, rape, and murder is in complete opposition to the Christian culture of the antique Europeans, but what about the culture of the modern liberal Europeans? At first glance the white liberal does not seem to be in favor of a culture based on rape, torture, and murder, but let’s look closer. There is a fearful symmetry that exists between the white liberal and the Negro. The post-Christian liberal is an intellectual barbarian. He does the same things as the Negro, but because he was once Christian he must cloak his barbarities in angelic phrases. The institutionalization of infanticide throughout the European world is an infamous case in point that reveals the barbarity of the modern liberal. The infant in the womb is tortured, raped, and murdered by the aborting liberal doctor and his willing assistant, the baby’s mother. For what reason? “You shall be as gods.” How can you be a god if you don’t control the procreative process? Abortion is a religious ritual to the liberal just as infant cannibalism is a religious ritual to the black man. And no one will fight for the innocent babies because neither the Negro or the liberal believe in innocence; that is a Christian concept. The age of Tell is gone.

“Thou know’st the marksman – I, and I alone.
Now are our homesteads free, and innocence
From thee is safe: thou’lt be our curse no more.”

The liberal-Negro curse extends to religious rape and murder as well. The feminists call marriage legalized rape while they encourage and approve of the rape of white women by black men. Such a position has its own satanic logic. Traditional marriage stinks of Christianity, so marriage within the Christian tradition must be condemned as legalized rape, while consensual and non-consensual intercourse between black men and white women must be sanctioned because mixed race intercourse is anti-Christian and therefore holy. The same perverse logic applies to murder. When blacks murder whites the white liberal regards the murder as a necessary cleansing of the white race. And the Negro regards the murder of whites as the natural order of things; the law of the jungle demands that the strong destroy the weak.

It’s easy, once we see what the liberal barbarians and the Negro barbarians worship, to see why they hate Christian Europeans. Their religion of intellectual pride and racial pride would be an anathema to Christian Europeans. That is why the liberal joined with the Negro to destroy Christian Europe, and why the halfway-house Christians are afraid to become European Christians. They don’t want to fight against principalities and powers, but innocence, the type of innocence that believes in the foolishness of God, is being destroyed. How can a European Christian man not respond to the liberal and the Negro as Tell responded to Gessler?

Every so often I get literature from a neo-pagan who is trying to run for President. He wants to “get the message out to white people,” but I can never determine what the message is. What should a white leader tell white people? I think the neo-pagan Presidential hopeful is confused because he doesn’t know what white people are. Are they simply walking genes?

The white European is a man who crossed a spiritual Rubicon. He, and he alone, forded the impassable river and saw the light that shineth in darkness on the other side of the river. But the light was too much for the European. Now he wants to go back across the Rubicon and lose his European identity by blending with the barbarians. And so the European has built a great liberal bridge over the Rubicon so he can get away from the light and live in peace and harmony in the land of Babylon.

The neopagan Presidential wannabe who advises the European to return to Babylon and fight for his right to live in Babylon ignores the essence of the white man. The man who swam the Rubicon can never be content to graze with the barbarians on the safe side of the river. It’s all or nothing. Having crossed the Rubicon we can’t go back to the land of the Negro and the liberal. We must go on to the heights. The glory of the antique European was that he was not wise and prudent, he was a fool, as Cyrano was a fool:

(Who has recovered his self-control; smiling)
Have you read Don Quixote?

I have – and found myself the hero.

(Appears at the door.)

Be so good as to read once more
The chapter of the windmills.

Chapter Thirteen.

Windmills, remember, if you fight with them--

My enemies change, then, with every wind?

--May swing round their huge arms and cast you down
Into the mire.

Or up—into the stars!

Cyrano, Alfred, and the sacred legions of antique Europeans who lived and died under His leadership, had the foolishness to want to build Jerusalem in Europe’s green and pleasant land. It is their foolishness that we need, “Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men…”

Back in my halcyon days as a young, substitute English teacher, I read with my class D. H. Lawrence’s short story, “The Rocking Horse Winner.” If you recall the story you’ll know that the young boy in the story sells his soul to the devil, which enabled me under the guise of a literary analysis to discuss the Christian God and his archrival, Satan.

A student who stayed after class wanted me to clarify something. He knew rational thinking human beings who had attended universities did not believe in the devil, but something I had said in class made him think that I believed there was an actual devil who roamed about the world seeking the ruin of souls. When he discovered that I did indeed believe in an actual devil and his divine opponent, he was pleasantly surprised. My belief opened up a new world for him, a world where heroes existed. And every young man wants to believe he can be a hero in some endeavor worthy of a man.

In the absence of faith in the Christian God, who does battle with Satan, the European is lost in the darkness. He can’t fight for pride of race as the colored tribes do. He must fight for the sacred things that heroes like William Tell fought for, but without faith there are no sacred things for the white man to fight for. The heroic European no longer exists because the European has forsaken the Hero-God. I hope that student from long ago was not just an enthusiast for one hour; I hope he endured the attacks on the Hero-God, which he was bound to hear ad-nauseam at the college he attended, and clung to the heroic faith of the European: Mortal man struggling against the wickedness and snares of the devil and hoping, with God’s aid, to prevail against the devil.

It is the sacred duty of every European not to go quietly into the dark night of Liberaldom. We should rage against the dying of the light and refuse to let His light, the light of our world, be extinguished. +

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