Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Hollow Oak of Liberaldom

Then, in one moment, she put forth the charm
Of woven paces and of waving hands,
And in the hollow oak he lay as dead,

And lost to life and use and name and fame.

--Idylls of the King

I have an older cousin I view as the embodiment of the diseased white man. He is a farmer who no longer can make a living from his farm and who supplements his income by driving a truck. His sons do not work on the farm; they work at various manufacturing jobs, all dependent on the U.S. government continuing to renew its contract with the manufacturing firms.

My cousin is a halfway-house Christian of the fundamentalist variety; he still believes that Christ died and rose again on the third day, but he also believes that the white European has no right to love his own people and culture over all other peoples and cultures. During the last Presidential election, for instance, my cousin told me how much he despised Hillary Clinton, but he liked and respected the Obama. The beginning of a disconnect? In the same vein, my cousin frequently has complained of the trailer trash living on the borders of his farm. When I've pointed out that the trailer trash are Mexicans, my cousin immediately chimes in that he has nothing against Mexicans, he loves them as his brothers; he just wishes they would stop coming on his land and littering, defecating, and stealing.

My cousin is just one of the millions of halfway-house Christians who is willingly self-destructing in the name of some abstract principle, invented by liberals, which neither my cousin nor his halfway-house companions, remotely understand. And the pity of it all is that my cousin is a decent man. My nation, and the world’s nations, would be better off if such men as he filled up the ranks of their citizenry rather than the colored individuals that all white people are called to worship. Let me rephrase that – if my cousin would divest himself of his anti-European prejudice, then he would have the innards to make a good citizen. No nation needs a man who will not stand up for his own people, whether they be living or dead.

It’s easy to find excuses for the halfway-house Christian, particularly if the halfway-house Christian is a blood relation: “He is confused, the liberals are very clever” – “He has been sold a multi-racial bill of goods by his pastors”. All those reasons are true, but ultimately I can’t excuse my cousin’s betrayal of his race. A man’s heart should be able to counter-balance the weakness of his head. “You make what sounds like a good case, but I can’t go against my heart, and my heart tells me that what you’re saying is wrong.” That, or something like that, is what the European men and women should have said to the liberal utopians and their halfway-house Christian pastors. It’s a mystery to me why more Europeans do not “just say no” to Liberaldom.

There is a song of John McDermott’s in which he tells of a crippled soldier returning home. When he exits the ship, he sees his countrymen waiting on the shore: “They just stood there and stared, And turned all their faces away.” Those lines describe my own feelings about my “fellow white countrymen.”

Once, at an adult Bible class, I was so moved by the similarities between the spiritual journey of the Hebrew people and the spiritual odyssey of the European people I let myself go and spoke of my love and reverence for La Fanu, Dostoevsky, Walter Scott, and the gentle Bard. “They, like St. Paul, like Jeremiah, like Isaiah, pointed to Him.” All that I said, and more, and they looked at me and “turned all their faces away.” “Can ye drink of the cup I will drink of?” No, I cannot. Only He could bear the loneliness that engulfs a man who has been rejected by his own people.

The European people are suffering through their own Babylonian captivity, but unlike the ancient Hebrews the Europeans do not know they are in captivity. They go to liberal churches, fusionist churches, and Super Bowl parties, and they profess themselves to be a free people: free to worship God, whoever and whatever God may be, free to send their children to state-run public or state-supporting private schools, and free to work for the advancement of the new, liberal Babylon, which as a state entity is much more inimical to Christianity than the old Babylonian state was to Judaism.

Can we say that the European people are suffering under their Babylonian captivity? On the surface the answer might seem to be, “No, they are not suffering,” but look closer. An anesthetized man is different from an integral, full-blooded man who can stand up to existence and say, “come what may, I’m in God’s hands”; anesthetics simply push suffering deeper into the soul; they do not enable a man to stand up to existence. The European currently is seeking the oblivion that comes with racial melding, because he finds existence unbearable.

Man cannot live without a connection to God. And God can only be reached through the human things: love of kith, love of kin, and love of a place above all other places. All those human things are denied the white man. The liberals have decreed that the white man must die, so he must be denied the essentials of life. And halfway-house Christians, in an effort to please the liberals, have 'discovered' that human things are unnecessary – in fact they are evil; men don’t need human conduits to an incarnate God, they can fly to heaven in a cosmic, universalist rocket ship.

Yet some people are more equal than others. The colored peoples are allowed -- not just allowed, they are encouraged -- to keep the human things: love of kin, kith, and place. Ah, there’s the rub. The colored peoples were never Christianized. They have pride of kin, pride of race, and pride of place, which is diametrically opposed to the antique Europeans’ love of kith, kin, and place. The only permitted human things then are the subhuman rites of the colored people. Virtually every day there is some kind of celebration of the Noble Savage: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Jackie Robinson Day, Black History Month, Rosa Parks’ Day, Hispanic Heritage Month – the list is endless. Whites celebrate those holidays with more fervor than the colored people because whites have a longing to have some contact with the human things, even if they are the subhuman things that degrade and debauch. It’s an insane, satanic world when whites hate their own and love only the colored races.

I've spent a lot of time at public parks in the last twenty years. When my children were younger, I had to be ready to prevent the thousand and one potential falls that can occur on playgrounds. For at least the last eight years now my services as a catcher have not been needed. So I’ve had a chance to observe other families. And what have I observed? White boys wear the sport jerseys of black athletes, but no black boys wear the sport jerseys of white athletes. An insignificant phenomenon? No, it isn’t. From birth to their graves white people are told their life has meaning only to the extent they can blend with the colored races. Even when a white boy wears the jersey of a white athlete, he is blending with a sports organization, a microcosm of the state, which is a universalist, race-mixing organization. And white girls are encouraged to adore the black athletes as well so that they can mate with the black when they come of age. Indeed it is a small miracle when a white girl marries a white male, considering how the white male is portrayed in print, film, and television. A friend told me recently of a made-for-television movie he had started watching. A Negro was accused of a violent crime. Of course he was innocent, and a white female detective discovered his innocence. The guilty parties? You know the answer – a white, blonde, blue-eyed teenager and his white, Bible-toting father. It would be hysterically funny if it wasn’t for the fact that young white people have come to believe such bilge. In Liberaldom there is nothing more evil than the white male. And because that gospel of Liberaldom is so untrue the liberals must keep up an unrelenting propaganda campaign in order to maintain their maniacal, obscene lie about the white male.

The colored tribesmen are at least given a chance at life. Without a white man to point them to the light it is not very likely they will escape the blood and sex cults that are the usual fare of the colored tribes. But the white European has been consigned to Merlin’s oblivion, betrayed by the whores of Liberaldom, he lies “as dead, And lost to life and use and name and fame.” The halfway-house Christian and the liberal have joined together to deprive the white European of his soul. He lives, but nothing of life remains. If he is denied the human things, denied his one eternal moment to live and die as God ordained, it’s as if he never existed. The hate of the system that consigns one’s fellow men to such a fate, and the love of the people who are being damned to such a fate, should put steel and fire into the heart of the European. Even if all the halfway-house Christians turn their faces away and join with the mad dogs of Liberaldom, still the European defies them: “My name is Alexander Smollet. I’ve flown my sovereign’s colors, and I’ll see you all to Davy Jones.”

A man who wrote so eloquently about the human things, the blood ties that make a man a man, was Rudyard Kipling. The liberals speak disparagingly of him, and the halfway-house Christians generally undervalue him by accepting the liberals’ assessment of him: “He was a reactionary and a pagan; he had no religion other than British imperialism.” Of course nothing could be further from the truth. Kipling saw God through the human things, and consequently his faith was forged in the furnace of reality where the first European Christians’ faith was forged. If you read nothing else of Kipling’s, read his short story called “The Gardener,” in an anthology called Debits and Credits. At the end of the story you will see why there is no other way to the Son of God than through the human ties that the colored tribes pervert and the liberals deny to the white man. If we keep faith with our ancestors, such as Rudyard Kipling, and cling to the human things, we will defy the liberals and see the living God, Jesus Christ.

One grave to me was given
One watch till Judgement Day;
And God looked down from Heaven
And rolled the stone away.

One day in all the years,
One hour in that one day,
His Angel saw my tears,
And rolled the stone away!

--Rudyard Kipling

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