Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Law of Mercy

Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets; I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. – Matthew 5: 17 – 19

John "Devil Man" McCain says bombing Libya is not enough, and every retired general still alive has appeared on Fox News to recommend bombing the Libyans into submission. To whom are they supposed to submit, and to what end? Why does the United States feel compelled every few years to bomb some Arab nation into oblivion? The government officials always tell us we must bomb in order to free the Iraqi people, the Libyan people, and on and on, from a very bad dictator. Oh really? There are very bad dictators in the African nations who are killing white people, which the liberals claim is permissible and even laudatory, but they are killing black people as well, which is not supposed to be permissible. Why don’t we bomb those black dictators? Of course I’m being disingenuous; I know the reason we don’t bomb the African dictators: black men are without sin. But it is obvious that our government is not bombing Libya because Gaddafi is a bad man and a dictator. We must keep looking in order to find the real reason for the bombings.

The Protestant evangelicals tell us that we must bomb Libya because Gaddafi and his people are Muslim, and the Islamic faith is opposed to Christianity. Yes, the Islamic faith is opposed to Christianity, but is the race-mixing, porno-loving, aborting United States a Christian nation with a moral right of conquest? What gives the United States and or the organized terror organization called the United Nations the right to violently intervene in the internal affairs of other nations? And let’s make an incredible imaginary leap from secularism to Christianity and say that the United States is a Christian nation. Would that give us the right to slaughter millions of innocent Libyans just because they were Muslim? That is a horrendous interpretation of Christ’s Gospel. I recall a conversation I had with a Protestant evangelical during the Iraq bombings. I was in favor of banning all Muslims from our country, but I was against the bombing of Iraq. The evangelical thought my “exclusiveness” was incredibly cruel, but he had no problem with the saturation bombing of Iraq. What can one say to such creatures?

If we are not bombing Libya because Gaddafi is a bad man, and if we are not bombing Libya because we are Christian crusaders, then why are we bombing Libya? We are bombing Libya because Israel wants us to bomb Libya. And that is where the white nationalist usually stops -- at the Jews -- but that still doesn’t give us the whole answer. We still must ask the question, “Why do white Europeans feel compelled to do whatever the Jews tell them to do?”

Yeats supplies us with the answer to that question:

The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

The white European has lost his moral force. He doesn’t believe, in his heart, in the same faith his European ancestors believed in. The Jew still believes in his hate-based faith, so he can easily make a slave of the faithless European.

The Jews are not a monolith. There are Orthodox Jews, ethnic Jews, and completely secular Jews, yet all seem to share an instinctive hatred for all things European, because of the European’s long standing connection to Jesus, the son of God. The Jews have always been at the forefront of various movements to secularize Europe, which has not always worked to their advantage. The Jews are not infallible; the secularization of Germany in the 1930’s, for instance, did not turn out the way the Jews had hoped. The bond that keeps the Jews together is their eternal hatred of the European, Christian culture. Why the hatred? Walter Scott addresses that point in his book Religious Discourses By a Layman:

They could not endure the friendly zeal of the Divine Physician, when he rent from their wounds the balsams with which they soothed, and the rich tissues under which they concealed them, and exhibited festering and filthy cancers which could be cured only by the probe, the knife, and the cautery. Hence they were, from the beginning of our Saviour’s ministry until its dreadful consummation, (in which they had a particular share,) the constant enemies of the doctrine and of the person of the blessed Jesus. Under his keen and searching eye, the pretensions which they had so long made in order to be esteemed of men, were exposed without disguise; their enlarged garments and extended phylacteries, their lengthened prayers, their formal ceremonial, and tithes of mint and anise, were denounced as of no avail without the weightier matters of the law—justice, mercy, and faith. Feeling thus their own sanctimonious professions held up to contempt, and their pretensions to public veneration at once exposed and destroyed, the Pharisees became the active and violent opposers of those doctrines to which the Sadducees, with sullen apathy, seem to have refused a hearing. It was the Pharisees who maligned the life of our blessed Lord; who essayed to perplex the wisdom of Omnipotence by vain and captious interrogatories, and who, unable to deny those miracles by which the mission of Christ was authenticated and proved, blasphemously imputed them to the agency of daemons.
The antique European who took Christianity seriously was taught from the time of his baptism till his death that it was better to be a publican – “God, be merciful to me, a sinner,” than to be a Pharisee – “God, I thank you, that I am not like the rest of men.” And it was from a consciousness of his own sinfulness and his need for God’s mercy that the European built the only civilization in the history of the world in which mercy was considered greater than sacrifice. The Jew stands before his God demanding justice, because he feels himself to be without sin. The Christian asks for mercy, because he feels himself to be a sinner. The difference between the two orientations was articulated once and for all in William Shakespeare’s play The Merchant of Venice. If Christ be not risen, Shylock is right; he deserves his pound of flesh. But Christ is risen, and Shylock’s demand for justice without mercy strikes us as an abomination.

But mercy is above the sceptred sway;
It is enthroned in the hearts of Kings;
It is an attribute to God himself;
And earthly power doth show likest God’s
When mercy seasons justice.

An attribute of God himself? So the Christian believes. However, many years have passed since Shakespeare’s time, and the European’s beliefs are now more in line with the Jewish people than with the Christian people of old Europe. The Roman Catholics fight over their formal ceremonies and the fine points of dogma much like the Sadducees and Pharisees used to do, and the Protestants proclaim the Jews to be the chosen people and behave as if they are still waiting for the promised Messiah. At the heart of the bombing then is the tragedy of a people who once believed in mercy and not sacrifice, but who now can no longer distinguish between the two.

Just as the Jews are not all of one piece, but end up being united on that one issue – the hatred of the Christian European – the modern soulless Europeans are not all of one piece, but end up united on that one issue – the hatred of the European. The mad-dog liberal sees the distinctiveness of Christianity and the distinctiveness of the European who placed Christ at the center of his civilization. For that very reason the mad-dog liberal hates with the passionate intensity of the Jew. He wants no part of Christianity, so he wants the European people to disappear from the face of the earth. The tiny minority of halfway-house Christians still want to maintain the name of Christian, but they no longer see the distinctiveness of Christianity. John Paul II’s Assisi conferences were celebrations of halfway-house Christianity. The halfway-house Christians have a schizophrenic relationship with the culture of the antique European. On the one hand, they deny it ever existed, and then in the next breath they condemn it as sexist, racist, and unchristian. The end result of the mad-dog liberal’s attacks and the halfway-house Christian’s schizophrenic denials and attacks is that the mad-dog liberal is demonically opposed to the Christian European people, while the halfway-house Christian hasn’t the moral force to do anything but acquiesce to whatever the mad-dog liberal tells him to do. And the mad-dog European liberal has decided that Christ be not risen, which entitles him to be just as merciless in his attack on all things European as the Jew. This is the reason that the mad-dog liberal celebrates integrated sports teams, Somalis in Minnesota, and every colored encroachment on European culture. Whatever diminishes the white and enlarges the colored is sacred to the spiritually Jewish, mad-dog liberal.

The Christian Europeans of the pre-modern era had the right attitude toward the Jews. They prayed for the Jews’ conversion as their Lord had: “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killest the prophets, and stonest them, that are sent to thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not!” And they then took measures to protect themselves in case the Jews rejected Christ’s divine charity.

The European and the Jew who have united in their hatred of Christian Europe are united in their misery. Neither an individual nor a nation can live with a religious faith that is pure negation and hate. The Jew has only survived over the centuries because he has fed off the humanity of Christian Europeans. No man is an island; the Jew has never acknowledged it, but without the secondary light reflected on his nation from Christian Europe he would have perished in a fire of pure negation. And likewise the modern European, if not for the light from the European past, would also perish in the fires of negation. But now that there are no longer any Europeans to take up the burden of a Christian culture, the Jew and the European have only Babylon to look to. And the dark night of Babylon is descending on Jew and European alike. Initially the Jew encouraged race-mixing in order to destroy the Christian European, and many Jews still do so for that reason. But the Jew, like the European, needs something that is more than pure negation. Secularized Jews have begun to long for Babylon; they too, like the mad-dog liberals and the halfway-house Christians, worship the Negro, the natural king of Babylon.

The Christian poets have been warning us about the dark night of Babylon for centuries. The only unity that can exist outside of God’s grace is the unity of Babylon, where every man is united in his hatred of the living God. In such a world, bombing innocent civilians is holy, the denial of kith and kin is a sacred duty, and Satan reigns supreme. Is this then the promised end? No, it is not. The third dumb brothers of Europe have yet to venture forth. The first worldly-wise brother ventured forth with his church documents, and he was consumed by the fire-breathing dragon of Babylon. Then the second worldly-wise brother ventured forth, armed with constitutional platforms and petitions against fire-breathing dragons, and he too was consumed by the dragon. Finally, the third and youngest brother, the foolish one who is not wise in the ways of the world, ventures forth. His faith is a blood faith; it is the ancient faith of the European people. And the dragon falls before the third dumb brother, because the third dumb brother’s heart is united to His heart. That is how the European fairy tale ends. We have His guarantee that it is true.

Our ancestors bequeathed to us a tradition of venturing forth in His name to slay dragons and kill giants. It’s a tradition we should hold fast to because it is the only tradition that is rooted in the divine charity of the Son of God. Having seen the risen Lord we can never be satisfied with pure negation or the dark night of Babylon.+

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