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Surviving Bablylon

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. – Prov. 4:23

I feel, when watching the contest between Wisconsin’s Governor and the mad-dog liberal Democrats, like John Tyndall did during the Iraq war when reports of the torture of Iraqi prisoners by American soldiers came out. He didn’t want to talk about whether the torture was proper or improper, because he didn’t think the British or Americans should have been in the war to begin with.

I don’t believe in democracy, so I must preface all my comments on the Wisconsin debacle with the statement, “If we had a real nation with real people…” So, with that preface, if the mad-dog liberals really believed in democracy they would let the Wisconsin governor make the economic reforms he was elected to make. No country can function if its elected officials don’t respect the process through which they attained office.

During the macabre Wisconsin carnival act the essential difference between the mad-dog liberals (usually members of the Democratic Party) and the conservative-liberals (usually members of the Republican Party) became apparent. The mad-dogs believe that anything that advances their cause is holy. There are no rules of fair play, no democratic procedures that mad-dog liberals must follow; everything that promotes liberalism is lawful.

The conservative-liberal is much more likely to back off from his more moderately liberal agenda if his moderately liberal agenda is against the law. The conservative-liberal is more demure, because he senses he is not as holy as the mad-dog liberal, much like the Kerenskyites of Russia were always vulnerable to the more radical-than-thou (and therefore more holy) Bolshevists. The conservative liberal never repudiates liberalism; he just claims that Liberaldom will be better served with the policies he advocates than with the policies advocated by the mad-dog liberals.

What is going on in Wisconsin is symptomatic of the type of politics we find throughout the Western world. Having ceased to believe in original sin as something with which all human beings are tainted, the modern Europeans try to align themselves with a ‘sinless’ group of people and to invest their enemies with original sin. In Wisconsin the unions claim they represent the “working class,” which we all know is a group of people without sin. The Wisconsin Governor has pointed out that he was elected by a majority of the people of his state who voted for him because he promised to do something about Wisconsin’s fiscal woes. The Governor also has pointed out that union members represent only about 10% of the work force. But just being elected might not give the Wisconsin Governor enough clout to overcome the unions, because he is a white male and therefore tainted with original sin, while the unionists are without sin.

The only reason the unionists and their Democratic allies have not triumphed already is because the “working class” gamut has lost some of its effectiveness in the last 25 years, for the reason that the Negro has trumped the working class. If the unionists could manage to put their case in racial terms, the unionists representing the blacks, and the Wisconsin Governor representing the whites, then the battle would be over and the unionists would be victorious.

It’s always surprising to me – although by now it shouldn’t be – that professed Christians cannot see how the liberals whom they support have used Christian doctrines to preach Satanism. For instance, the liberals still believe in original sin, but they believe that only the white male is tainted with it. The liberals still believe in a savior; it is the generic black man. And they still believe in heaven and hell; heaven is the future where there will be no white people, and hell is the past when white males were in authority. Every university, every secondary school, every elementary school, every media outlet, every church, and every single official in every single European state proclaims, espouses, and adheres to the principles of the new satanic anti-Christianity.

Sanctity in the new anti-Christianity exists only in the black. White females can achieve a kind of Third Order status if they attach themselves to the black race, but such an attachment will not elicit one drop of pity from the ruling, liberal oligarchy when the women suffer the fate that all white women who embrace the black race suffer. The rape, and often the murder as well, of Third Order white girls who naively joined the Peace Corps to “help the Africans,” by African barbarians is just one example of the relentless attacks on the white race which are constantly covered up by the liberal media. But I wonder if the cover-up is necessary any more. The black savagery in the New Orleans Superdome got national attention, and there was not a ripple of protest from white Americans. I think the liberals’ work is done. White people will never blame the black man for anything. No matter what evil the black man does, it is always the white man’s fault. And the only way, if you are a white man, to mitigate the evil of your whiteness is to scream at the top of your lungs that the atrocities committed by blacks are the result of white racism.

There were dangerous forebodings in the American Civil War. For the first time in the history of the European people, a group of Europeans went to war for a utopian, universalist ideal. All the Europeans who fought for the North were fighting against the white race; they were fighting against themselves. The realization of that fact was the reason for the draft riots in New York City and the Copperhead movements in some Northern states such as Pennsylvania.

Now every white man who serves in the armed forces fights against himself. It is a terrible tragedy to see white males in the American armed forces. What are they fighting for? Sadly, they are fighting for the extinction of the white race and the preservation of an American Babylonian state.

Once a Babylonian state has been established, anything that constitutes “good citizenship” is harmful to the white man. Do you support your local schools? Do you support your local church? If you do, you are supporting Babylon and your own extinction. When Alfred wrote about obeying the law, he meant God’s law. And likewise St. Paul; he wrote about obeying God’s law. The laws of Babylon are directly opposed to God’s law. We can’t serve two masters. Why should we want to? Following God’s law allows our people to be a people; following the laws of Babylon destroys our people.

The white European is not being pushed off a cliff by 'The Jew' or 'The Negro'; the white European is jumping off a cliff of his own volition. The Jews have pushed race-mixing and championed anti-European causes since Christendom’s inception. It is only now, when the European hasn’t faith enough to see any difference between Christianity and Judaism that the Jew can do whatever evil he wills without facing any opposition. And the Negro was never a threat until white men made him a threat by elevating him to a god.

The sickness of the European lies deep in his soul. In his heart, which contains his soul, the European believes that the liberals are right: Christian Europe and the men and women who built it and loved it, particularly the men, were evil. Any white man who stands with the white men of the past stands condemned before the tribunal of Liberaldom. Rather than face that dreadful tribunal, the modern European seeks to free himself of the original sin of whiteness by attaching himself to the Jews, to the Negroes, or (as is usually the case) to both. The flight from whiteness and original sin is what drives the halfway-house Christians to genuflect before the secular state of Israel and to burn incense in their churches to the great generic Negro god.

Does knowledge of a fatal condition help one to combat that fatal condition? Herman Melville didn’t think so:
“For in tremendous extremities human souls are like drowning men; well enough they know they are in peril; well enough they know the causes of that peril; --nevertheless, the sea is the sea, and these drowning men do drown.” -- Pierre
Is it all in vain then to know that the disease of the white man is one of faith and that only a recovery of his lost faith can save him? No, it is not in vain. Melville wrote Pierre in the throes of despair; he went on to write Clarel, in which he urged Clarel to:
Then keep thy heart, though yet but ill-resigned—
Clarel, thy heart, the issues there but mind;
That like the crocus budding through the snow--
That like a swimmer rising from the deep--
That like a burning secret which doth go
Even from the bosom that would hoard and keep;
Emerge thou mayst from the last whelming sea,
And prove that death but routs life into victory.
Those two quotes from Melville represent two different planes of existence. In Pierre, Melville speaks as a modern European, a man without faith. In Clarel he speaks from the depths of his heart and articulates the hope of a European who has regained his faith. Pierre represents the European’s dark night of the soul, and Clarel represents his redemption.

Reason alone cannot restore the European’s sanity, because reason lacks vision. Faith transcends reason, because faith involves the heart, which is the spiritual organ of sight. From an empirical, rational standpoint it makes no difference if one European stands before the great liberal tribunal and declares his eternal defiance of the tribunal and his unyielding support of the ancient Europeans. The tribunal is the sea, and the drowning men still drown. But in the spiritual realm, which we see when we look through, not with, the eye, every human soul contains a world. And the world of one antique European can outweigh the principles of a legion of liberal Babylonians. Satan conquers by distorting and diverting man’s spiritual eye, his heart. So keep thy heart, thou man of Europe, and thou shalt ride triumphant over ruin and death. +

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