Friday, April 29, 2011

The European Garden

For the Glory of the Garden, that it may not pass away!
And the Glory of the Garden it shall never pass away!

-Rudyard Kipling

I once attended a parent-teacher meeting, during which a father defended his son’s spitting in the classroom by saying that nowhere in the students’ manual was there any rule against spitting in the classroom. I responded to the father by saying that the student manual did not specifically forbid urinating in the classroom either, but nevertheless students were expected to refrain from that practice. Of course the whole conversation was ridiculous. When the common thread of a shared religious heritage and the code of conduct that came from that heritage is lost, there is no point in screaming across the chasm that divides an antique faith from an ultra modern faith.

There has been a revolution in Europe, a revolution that was brewing for centuries, which has come to fruition in the last fifty years. The new religion has its own inquisition -- all religions do -- and its own set of laws, unwritten and written. What is truly amazing to me is the great number, an overwhelming majority, of Europeans who have complied so willingly with the tenets of the new religion. Let’s be clear about what the old religion was and what the new religion is. The old religion ‘was bred in the bone’ Christianity. The new religion is ‘bred in the mind,’ propositional Christianity, which is called liberalism. There are some Europeans who want to fuse the old Christianity with liberalism; I call such people halfway-house Christians, but can the devil be wedded to Christ? Such a blasphemy can never be sanctioned. The halfway-house Christians are in league with the liberals.

There are millions of liberal tomes in the workplace, the church, and the university that tell us about the necessity of diversity and the dangers of white supremacy, but let’s go to the heart of the matter: the new religion has two commandments from which all the voluminous tomes of liberal minutiae stem:
I. Thou shalt love the black man with all thy heart, mind, and soul.
II. Thou shalt hate the white man with all thy heart, mind, and soul.
On these two commandments rest all the laws of Liberaldom. And the laws of Liberaldom are satanic. It is the duty of European Christians of the old stock to destroy Liberaldom. It’s not the work of a day, but the destruction of Liberaldom begins with the European who countermands the two commandments of Liberaldom. He must hate the blasphemy of Negro worship with all his heart, mind, and soul, and he must love his kith, kin, and God with all his heart, mind, and soul. Please note that the white Christian’s hate is not like unto the hate of the liberal and the black barbarian. The white Christian hates the works of the devil, and Negro worship is the work of the devil, but the Christian’s hate, though more passionate than the liberal’s and the barbarian’s because it comes from the depths of his soul, is of a different kind than the liberal’s or the barbarian’s. It is a hate that stems from love – love of one’s kith and kin who have been condemned to die at the hands of the liberal-backed barbarians, and the love of the God who enjoined us to fight against the devil and all his minions.

In contrast to the white European, the liberal and the barbarian hate for the sake of hating, just as the followers of Kali kill not in defense of, but for the sake of killing. The white man’s task then is to set himself in defiance of those two commandments of Liberaldom.

To date there have been no battles between the Europeans and the liberals. There have only been a series of surrenders by the Europeans. It seems apparent that white Europeans have been overawed by the new faith of the liberals. Why should this be? I can only conclude that there are very few antique Europeans left, which seems incredible; such a glorious heritage -- how could the Europeans renounce it? St. Paul and Shakespeare give us the answer: Reality is unbearable without faith in Christ. Every religion, save the Christian religion, is based on a flight from reality. The barbarians flee from reality in the cults of blood and sex. The more philosophically inclined escape reality in the abstraction philosophies, such as stoicism, Buddhism, and Thomism, that bid us divorce ourselves from humanity because any in-depth contact with humanity is painful. I always keep the pages in Scott’s The Antiquary marked, in which the young hero castigates the divorced-from-humanity theologians:
“We harden ourselves in vain,” continued the Antiquary, pursuing his own train of thought and feeling—“We harden ourselves in vain to treat with the indifference they deserve the changes of this trumpery whirligig world—We strive ineffectually to be the self-sufficing invulnerable being, the teres atque rotundus of the poet—the stoical exemption which philosophy affects to give us over the pains and vexations of human life, is as imaginary as the state of mystical quietism and perfection aimed at by some crazy enthusiasts.”

“And Heaven forbid that it should be otherwise!” said Lovel warmly—“Heaven forbid that any process of philosophy were capable so to sear and indurate our feelings, that nothing should agitate them but what arose instantly and immediately out of our own selfish interests!—I would as soon wish my hand to be as callous as horn, that it might escape an occasional cut or scratch, as I would be ambitious of the stoicism which should render my heart like a piece of the nether mill-stone.”
Isn’t that what the modern European has done, rendered his heart like a piece of the nether mill-stone in order to escape pain? Yes, he has. And he has done the stoic, the Buddhist, and the Thomist one better; he has syncretized abstracted indifferentism with the sex and blood cults of the barbarians. “Divorce oneself from the true God and His people, and then plunge into the blood and sex cults of the barbarians, of which the Negro is the lodestar.” That is the vaunted new religion, blending two very old pagan religions. There is no love, no spiritual passion, and no charity in the new, liberal, syncretized faith, because things of the spirit that cause pain have been eliminated from Liberaldom. The “heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to” comes from an excess of love. If a man severs his emotional ties to his kith and kin and the personal god who created man in His image, or if he sees all mankind as part of a Babylonian blood and sex orgy, he will be able to bypass the pain that comes from having a heart of flesh and blood, but he will have ceased to be human.

There are certainly phony declarations of love in the new religion, but there is no genuine love. Does the liberal love the black god whom he worships? No, the liberal loves his own abstracted image of the black man. Does the black man love the liberal? The question is ludicrous. The black man despises the white liberal. What then is the essence of Liberaldom? It is hatred of humanity and the humane God, because humanity, in the liberal’s eyes, is pain, unremitting pain without end, because the liberal thinks no redeemer liveth, and no redeemer will raise him from the dead. Hence, the liberal must join with the colored hordes to kill the white man, who would force him to look at the Gorgon’s head of death.

The essential difference between the antique Europeans and the non-Europeans is revealed in their reactions to the Gorgon’s head of death. The non-European cannot look at the death’s head without being anesthetized by sex and blood or abstracted from it by a theology of negation. In contrast to the non-European, the antique European believes that Jesus Christ, the man of sorrows, looked at the Gorgon’s head and lived. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

The European must be prepared to go it alone against the liberal–barbarian dragon. There is no guarantee that any other Europeans will join with him in the battle, but there is a possibility that others will follow once they see that accusations of “white supremacy” and demands for “diversity” are ploys of the devil which he uses to unman Christian Europeans. The man blind from birth in the Gospels, to whom Christ gave sight, did not at first see with blinding sight. Christ told him, “Go wash in the pool of Siloam.” After he washed in the pool, he saw things clearly. It’s always about vision, which comes from the heart. The blind man receives his sight after washing in the pool of Siloam, because he already had seen the Son of God in his heart.

There are Europeans who occasionally get a glimpse of the horror of the new faith, but they shrink from the horror and take refuge in lies. I recall an incident, all too typical, at a college where I was working. A black administrator had come out and found the word “nigger” spray- painted on her car. Of course the F.B.I. was brought in and every man, woman, and child on campus was questioned. In addition everyone employed by the college was forced to take a course in “diversity.” And the classes were not cancelled when it was discovered that the incompetent black administrator had spray-painted the word “nigger” on her own car. Nor was the black administrator disciplined by the university or charged with a crime by the police. There was one white teacher on the faculty who was quite upset that no one wanted to discipline the Negress. I tried to explain to her that Negro worship was the new faith of the liberal and no argument, no matter how valid or articulate, would succeed in shaking the liberal’s faith in his Negro god. That was too much for the lady in question; she sank back into the swampland of platitudes. “We must understand their culture”, “You can’t judge them all by one bad apple”, “One must make allowances for years of oppression”, and on and on into the night it goes.

That was just a minor incident. What happens when a Negro commits a murder? We are not allowed to say that a black man committed a murder. And if it somehow slips out that a black man did commit a murder, we are usually told, as soon as the cuffs are on the black barbarian, that we mustn’t draw any racist conclusions from “one bad apple.” And sometimes we are told, as in the case of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom that, “These things happen all the time, and we mustn’t conclude that black people go around killing whites simply because they love to kill whites.” Why mustn’t we make that conclusion? I made that conclusion long ago, because I saw what blacks did and I listened to what they said they were going to do. It is a religious war, with the black-worshipping liberals, the black-worshipping halfway-house Christians, and the black gods on one side. Pitted against that triumvirate are the European Christians. Are there any? So long as there is one, we are enough. Our Lord taught us that. And our European ancestors, men who saw with their hearts, followed in His train.

I recently finished a rereading of my favorite Walter Scott novel, The Antiquary. Spring was finally coming through the window, and my cat honored me by sleeping on my lap while I read. What a world Scott invokes! It is Christian Europe, peopled with saints, sinners, and those who are a combination of both. But they are all Europeans with souls. They have not sold their birthright as Europeans in order to worship at the shrine of the Negro. Nor have they denounced the living God for an abstract, propositional god. Their world is my world. I don’t want any other world, and I refuse to worship the colored gods of the new world order. Buried deep in the white man’s blood is a faith that says, “Nothing eternal dies.” And the Europe built by Europeans who loved Christ is eternal. “So long as the blood endures.”+

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