Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Sustaining Vision

“What can be more cutting to the heart than the sight of evils which we are compelled to behold, while we do not possess the power of remedying them?” – Walter Scott in The Antiquary

When I read any of the white nationalist publications I have to keep my wife and children from seeing them. And this is not because my wife and children are liberals who do not approve of white nationalism. I keep the publications away from them because neither my wife nor children like reading about the demise of everything pure and noble without also reading about some movement to fight the forces of evil that are destroying everything pure and noble. When you hear about a fire-breathing dragon ravaging the countryside, you would also like to hear about the knight, or knights, who are venturing forth to slay the dragon. Granted, they might fail, but at least if you knew some knights were venturing forth, you would not be without hope. But if you are told only about the fire-breathing dragon you will despair. That is the problem with the writers for the white nationalist publications. They tell us what the malevolent Jews are up to, and they tell us about the colored atrocities, but they don’t tell us about the knights errant. Perhaps the white nationalists don’t tell us about knights errant because they don’t believe in knights errant. I read of terrible acts of violence being committed against white people, but all I ever see suggested by the white nationalists to counter the colored atrocities is letter-writing and voting. But where on the ballot in the last election was a candidate who ran on the platform of “white Europe and white America for white people only and death to all colored murderers and rapists”? We’ve perverted the old fire-breathing-dragon-versus-the-knights story. In the modern white nationalist version of the story the knights go out and watch the fire-breathing dragon destroy whole villages with a breath and consume large numbers of people for a snack. After seeing what the dragon is doing, the knights run back and tell the nearest villagers all about the dragon’s bloody rampages. Then they tell the villagers to form a political action group to go door to door in the village and collect signatures to get a candidate for mayor who is against fire-breathing dragons.

Some villagers protest. They say that a fire-breathing dragon doesn’t care about elections. He’ll just come into the voting section of the village and burn down all the wooden voting booths. They further maintain that they are peasants, ill-suited to combat dragons. “Isn’t that your vocation?” they ask the knights.

The knights get angry. “If you’re too lazy to vote, you deserve what happens to you. In a democracy there are no knight errants who fight dragons. We give you the information about the dragons and you vote the dragons away.”

The men who write for the conservative, nationalist publications are all university-trained men who still (or used to) make their living as political journalists. They look at every issue from within the democratic system: How can I motivate people to vote for anti-immigration candidates? How will the “American people” react to the Presidents’ latest initiative? Their analyses are usually quite astute, but they are like the West Point generals who fought with great success in the Civil War and then went out west only to lead their troops to ignominious defeat in the Indian wars. The nationalist journalists do not see that the white man is now fighting a very different battle from the one they were trained to fight. If they can’t grasp that fact they will only drive the remaining white loyalists to despair.

The conservative white nationalists have failed to come to terms with democracy. They persist in trying to fight for the rights of white men while following the rules of a democratic system that has only one rule – the white man must cease to exist. If the white nationalist leaders could somehow divest themselves of the democratic mindset and adopt one rule of their own – the white man will survive – then they could actually lead a movement instead of presiding over a funeral.

Of course the conservative, democratically-minded nationalists are never going to change their position on democracy, so the white peasant must go back to a more elemental response to existence than letter-writing and voting. He must go back, past even the Middle Ages, to a period of his history that the liberals labeled the ‘Dark Ages.’ In that age of light there was a hierarchy of the spirit. An Arthur or an Alfred could come to the fore more easily than in the moribund medieval ages or in the modern democratic age of institutionalized superficiality. When men are closely knit together, bound to each other and their country by ties of blood, a natural leader is much more likely to emerge because men of the village and the hearth fire value the heroic virtues, the virtues that inspire a man to defend his people. A more decadent people places their hope in a system of government and bureaucratic men who can run the system. The South lost the Civil War because in their time of need they gave power to bureaucratic West Pointers instead of the antique European warrior of the old stock, Nathan Bedford Forrest. The Southern leadership tried to oppose egalitarian democracy with the same democratic egalitarianism of their enemies. Why elect a President and a Congress like your enemies when you need a warrior king?

The first Christian Europeans fought for kith and kin in imitation of their God, the heroic progenitor of all European heroes. A man should not be asked to fight for an abstraction; a particular God and a particular people are the inspiration for true patriotism. The modern liberals are making war on the European people and their God. And the democratic system holds the liberals’ arsenal of war weapons. Anything that hurts democracy helps the European people. The new, clannish, anti-democratic European, who is a very old European, will do whatever it takes to destroy democracy and restore Europe.

Nietzsche wrote about the Übermensch, whom he hoped would restore the vitality of the European people. But Nietzsche did not understand the source of the European’s vitality. The pre-Christian European lacked the full, integral vitality that comes only from a connection to Christ, the Son of the Living God. Christ was the fulfillment of the European’s longing for a Hero worthy of his people just as He was the fulfillment of the law of the Jewish people. By rejecting Christ, the modern European has descended to the level of the Jews, and in doing so he has adopted the Jews’ hatred of the European. The fact that the Christian churches have become part of the liberals’ democratic arsenal should not deter us from venturing forth with Him as our inspiration. The spirit goes where it lists; if there is no place for Christ in the Christian churches He will go where two or three are gathered together in His name.

A British Nationalist Party bigwig once told me, when I made a reference to Britain’s Christian heritage, that he didn’t want to hear any “metaphysical b-------.” What then is the rallying cry of the British nationalist if it is not, “God for Harry! England and Saint George!” If the goal of white nationalists is to elect whites to public office in order to preside over a kingdom of dead souls, for what reason then does a man fight for a white Europe? Covenanter and Cavalier would be united to oppose such a kingdom. The fight must be for a white Christian Europe because without Christ the European hasn’t the spirit or the will to fight.

The BNP bureaucrat’s objection to the idea of invoking the God of the antique European people and sallying forth against the forces of Liberaldom was put more crudely than most of the white nationalists’ objections, but it was fairly typical. And that is the problem. The liberals believe in their Satanic, black-worshipping faith; only a stronger faith, a true faith, can defeat the liberals’ satanic faith. That is why the European’s situation vis-à-vis Liberaldom is at once hopeless and at the same time fraught with hope. It is hopeless if the European places his hope in elections and a leadership wedded to some kind of a dark, Nietzschean future. But there is hope for the European if he will only step away from the narrow parameters of democratic action and neo-pagan pragmatism and fight for what his ancestors fought for: Christian Europe.

A man who actually believes that the liberals and their colored minions are going to be voted away is a man who has ignored what he terms metaphysical b------- for so long that he can’t see the nature of the conflict between the antique European and the liberal European. The old hymn describes it well: “And still our ancient foe, Does seek to work us woe.” Black and white are not just skin pigments; they are spiritual principles. The liberals must, because they are compelled to do so by the inner dynamic of their satanic faith, worship the Negro. They won’t be compelled to allow the white man, who wants to remain white, living space on this earth by an appeal to their reason or their compassion. They are in league with the devil, and he has armed them with the “cruel hate” of the devil.

The spiritual Alzheimer’s disease of the white nationalist leaders is what makes them unfit to lead, because it is the remembrance of the European past that makes a European a whole man again. When united with his Christian past, the European becomes the Cyrano he was meant to be: “I feel too strong to war with mortals – Bring me giants!”

A man cannot fight any of the battles of life, whether it be the making-a-living battle, the battle against the lusts of the flesh, or a battle against an enemy on the battlefield, if he does not have a noble and pure image in his heart of what he is fighting for. For thousands of years the European took an image of a European hearth, presided over by the Son of God, into battle with him. That image, if we believe in it and hold to it, will sustain us in our war against Liberaldom. A bureaucratic vision of an equal share in the kingdom of Babylon is not a sustaining vision for the true European; he sees something purer and infinitely more beautiful than Babylon; he sees the Star of Bethlehem.+

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