Saturday, May 07, 2011

Returning Home

“Once beyond the village, where the cottages ceased abruptly, on either side of the road they could smell through the darkness the friendly fields again; and they braced themselves for the last long stretch, the home stretch, the stretch that we know is bound to end, some time, in the rattle of the door latch, the sudden firelight, and the sight of the familiar things greeting us as long-absent travelers from far oversea.”

Two sad events, sad from my perspective at any rate, both occurred within the last seven days. The first event was the royal wedding. I did not find the wedding sad because I am in love with pure democracy and think that all the money spent on the royal family should be absorbed by the working class. Far from it. White people thrived under monarchies, and they committed suicide in the democratic era, so I have no desire to see a democracy anywhere in the European world. What was sad about the spectacle of the royal wedding was that all the symbols of Christian Britain were dug out of moth balls to serve the new secular Britain. If the royal wedding was the occasion for the abdication of Britain’s mad-dog liberal Queen and the ascension to the throne of a fighting King, determined to wrest Britain from the Muslims, the colored barbarians, and the liberals, it would indeed be a wedding to celebrate. But that was not the case; the wedding was merely a celebration of the British peoples’ desire to leave traditional Christian Britain behind, while maintaining their right to have a big dress-up party once in a while. The modern Brits are like King Lear who wanted to retain all the privileges of kingship while abdicating the responsibilities of kingship. And if the Brits do not stop the colored invasion, they will soon discover that their colored “friends” will no longer allow them to have their little dress-up parties, just as Regan and Goneril did not permit Lear to maintain his one-hundred knights.

The second sad event was the death of Bin Laden. It was not a tragedy that he was killed – he was a murdering, Islamic jihadist, just as George Bush II was a murdering, democratic jihadist, but it was tragic that he was not killed for the right reason, which makes all the difference. Bin Laden was killed because he attacked Liberaldom. He was not killed because he was a militant Muslim who killed white Christians. The rulers of Liberaldom would not have tried to kill Bin Laden had he confined his killings to white Christians; it was his attack on Liberaldom that earned him the ire of the liberals and the grazers. A Christian is not permitted to choose the lesser of two evils, but if one was forced to choose between the evil of Bin Laden’s Muslim faith, and the evil of the liberals’ black-worshipping, Israel-worshipping faith, who’s to say which is worse? It’s the Cyclops vs. the Dragon.

On a certain level, it’s understandable that Americans should applaud the death of Bin Laden. He murdered people, and he finally paid for it, but when the applause becomes applause for America, the foremost nation of Liberaldom, it should sicken and anger every white European. As soon as Bin Laden was dead and buried, The Obama was proclaiming America’s undying love and respect for Islam. Is religious indifferentism something we should applaud? Is the death of Osama Bin Laden going to stop Negro worship and the massacre of whites? Is the death of Osama Bin Laden going to stop the ruling elites in Europe and America from allowing Muslims to overrun their nations? Is the death of Bin Laden going to stop Pakistani Muslims living in Britain from raping white British girls? Is the death of Bin Laden going to stop black barbarians from raping white women who join the Peace Corps to “help Africans”? Is anything good going to happen to white people as the result of Osama Bin Laden’s death? No, nothing good will come from Bin Laden's death because “once our grace we have forgot, Nothing goes right.” Our nation is not a traditional European nation. We are not a nation that treasures the evening lingering of Europe. Our people, like the European people throughout the world, look to a Utopian, Babylonian future, not to the Europeans’ Christian past.

A neighbor told me he was delighted with the Bin Laden killing because it showed that the “United States still had guts,” but that is hardly something to be so proud of. Every nation in the world can find men willing to fight for that nation’s government, but every nation cannot always produce men with the vision to see the good and the moral courage to fight only for that good. Even if the killing of Bin Laden ended terrorism, which of course it won’t, his death would not be a victory for white Europeans. The white European would be, and is, in the position of Tennyson’s King Arthur, in the chapter titled, “The Last Tournament.” Arthur’s knights win the last tournament, but in winning they break every rule of chivalry, “So all the ways were safe from shore to shore, But in the heart of Arthur, pain was lord.” When young white men are sent overseas to kill Arabs on behalf of Israel and Israel’s satanic partner, the United States, their success brings me no joy; in my heart, pain is lord.

If we could see with the eyes of an antique European knight of the cross, we would see something quite different than the modern European, who sees with not through the eye. The antique European does not see the Muslims, the Jews, and the liberals as separate and opposed religious groups; he looks upon them all as part of one religious body that is opposed to the mystical body of Christ. The Jews, the Muslims, and the liberals are all competing to fill the void left when Christian Europeans decided to abandon their God and their respective European nations. What we are witnessing are turf wars between religious atheists with denominational differences. Who will prevail? Will it be the Muslim, the liberal, or the Jew?

The white liberal tries to conquer by assimilating the other atheistic religious denominations into his own denomination. This is the reason the leaders of the Western world always insist that they are not against Muslims; they are just against fanatical Muslims like Bin Laden. The anti-Christian, anti-white rulers of the Western world are of the opinion that Muslims can be made conformable to Babylonian liberalism. Their plan doesn’t seem to be working, but viewing life realistically was never a favorite pastime of the liberal. The Jews seem to be more conformable to modern liberalism than the Muslims, but that could be because the white post-Christian liberal never opposes the Jews. It is not given to us to know who will conquer, the liberal, the Jew, or the Muslim. We only know that there is no place for the white Christian with the Jews, the Muslims, or the liberals, but then why should we want a place with any of the blasphemers?

The common thread of the religious atheists is their hatred of the incarnate God. They do not believe that the spirit can take flesh. Christian Europe stands as a monumental contradiction to the religious atheism of the Jew, the liberal, and the Muslim, so all three work to remove that monumental contradiction by demonizing the European past and destroying any remnants of that past. This is what makes the racial issue so important. God took flesh and dwelt among us, and the European people, as a people, took God’s loving embrace and made it the lifeblood of their culture. A home was no longer just a dwelling place to the European; it was an altar to the incarnate God. If the people who became a sign of contradiction to heathendom because of their faith in Christ can be eliminated, there will no longer be a sign of contradiction to the heathens. Without a human dwelling, Christ will become merely an idea for the philosophers to play with and discard as it suits their fancy. You cannot defend a king without defending his Kingdom. The halfway-house Christians who claim we can keep Christ while jettisoning the European people are either fools, cowards, or a combination of both. They would give a hungry man the bare bones of a carcass and tell him it was meat enough for him.

The European needs the incarnate God, not the black God of the liberals, or the cruel remote God of the Muslims and the Jews. (1) He is now a pawn of the Muslims, the liberals, and the Jews because he has accepted Gnostic Christianity as the true Christianity. Conservative politicians tell us that it doesn’t matter if all formerly white European nations become colored nations. What matters is that the idea of the conservative party, or the Republican Party, survives. And the way to survive is to “win the coloreds over to our party.” The coloreds are sacred to the white conservatives, and to the liberals as well, because they bring numbers, and in a democratic world numbers rule.

It’s the same in the churches. The churchmen tell us to let the sacred coloreds come to the Lord: “Christ’s church does not need Europeans to survive; so long as we have our church documents and pure, natural savages, we will survive and thrive.” Will they? The soul needs a body, a local habitation and a name. If the true faith that was embodied by the European is set “free” and forced to float through the airy halls of academia, how will men of flesh and blood, because the Gnostic’s denial of flesh and blood does not change the reality of flesh and blood, know God?

The royal wedding celebration and the celebrations of Bin Laden’s death were spiritually linked. In both cases the European people were celebrating the demise of the European people. At the royal wedding the Brits were celebrating a puppet monarch pledged to support the liquidation of white Britain. And at the celebrations of Bin Laden’s death we saw Europeans celebrating a victory for an anti-European government that is determined to turn the United States into a colored nation.

The experts tell us that human beings do not have a homing instinct as animals do. ‘Tis not so, at least it is not so for the European. The European does have a homing instinct. Liberaldom was built to kill that instinct, but there are certain men who refuse to let go of their homing instinct. They will make their way back through shipwreck, fire, and storm. And once back they will cleanse their home of heathens, be they liberals, Muslims, or Jews; they must do this because every European hearth fire needs to be kept pure and undefiled for the day when Europe’s King of King returns. +


When Christianity was supreme in Europe the Jews and the Muslim often came together to undermine the European status quo. They are natural allies really, as both worship only God the father and reject the Son who was the Light of Europe and is still and always shall be the Light of the world.

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