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The Hills of Europe

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. Psalm 121: 1

Let’s suppose I’m a British soldier of the 19th century, just returned “from Injia’s sunny climes” where I was “servin’ of 'Er Majesty the Queen.” At the dinner party my friends and family throw for me, the subject of the lesser breeds without the law comes up.

“As far as I’m concerned, we should dig a huge hole and bury the lot of them in it,” one of the guests asserts.

“Not so fast,” I tell him, “they worship a black-hearted god, but some of them, if they are shown a different God, can become something better. Take my regimental bhisti Gunga Din, for instance…”

And the 19th century British soldier serving in China or Africa would say something similar to the “dig a hole and bury ‘em” civilian in those instances as well. When the white man’s role as the standard bearer for Christian civilization is taken as a given by his fellow whites, and when the white man is strong enough to impose his will on the colored people who resist white rule, the Christian soldier, because he is a Christian soldier, is generous in his praise of the colored people who are trying to move toward the light. A good soldier defends the wall of the fort that is under attack. So when the 19th century Christian soldier praised his colored allies, he was not betraying his people, because the racial wall of the European fort was not under attack at that time.

It is quite a different story when we come to the 20th and 21st centuries in which the rule of whites over the colored tribes is looked upon as something immoral and opposed to Christianity, and when the white man is considered some kind of venomous creature not fit to share the earth with the noble black savage, the oh-so-spiritual oriental, and the brave and honorable Indian. At such times as these, when the battle is raging at the racial wall of the fort, it is a base betrayal of the European people and the Christian faith to attend university seminars and church socials where the beautiful people talk about the true and noble colored people and the evil white people. It would be like attending a funeral of good and noble man and insisting on speaking nothing but evil about the deceased.

Our Lord enjoined us to read the signs of the times. Is it really time to cover the antique Europeans with scorn and hatred and anoint the black race and their supporting cast of yellow, red, and brown people as God’s elect? I don’t think so. I would suggest that now is the time to talk about the ignoble barbarism of the black savage, the fiendish cruelty of the Asian, the savagery of the Indian, the merciless heathenism of the modern Mexican Aztecs, and the incredible contrast between the antique European culture that liberals condemn, and the modern techno-barbaric, colored-barbaric culture that liberals bid us applaud and support.

The emergence of a barbaric, technocratic, white culture whose people worship the colored races is a direct result of the scientific revolution that took place in Europe in the late 1600’s and into the early 1700’s. That revolution triggered the great betrayal; in response to the scientific revolution the European severed his ties to his past. Who needs the past when a fun-filled future of gizmos and gadgets awaits man?

The first men of science were Christians as well as scientists and would have been appalled at the logical consequences that the Voltaires and Rousseaus drew from their findings. Nor did the first philosophers of the scientific era think of themselves as atheists. But what is the logical consequence of Descartes' declaration that a man could “only study the universe after divesting himself of all that he had been brought up to believe”? Do we see in Descartes the echo of the medieval monk who sought to ride the rationalist chariot all the way to heaven? Such a deification of man’s power to dissect and analyze led to the French Revolution and the rule of the metaphysicians.

Nothing can be conceived more hard than the heart of a thoroughbred metaphysician. It comes nearer to the cold malignity of a wicked spirit than to the frailty and passion of a man. It is like that of the principle of evil himself, incorporeal, pure, unmixed, dephlegmated, defecated evil. It is no easy operation to eradicate humanity from the human breast. What Shakespeare calls ‘the compunctious visitings of nature’ will sometimes knock at their hearts, and protest against their murderous speculations. But they have a means of compounding with their nature. Their humanity is not dissolved. They only give it a long prorogation. They are ready to declare, that they do not think two thousand years too long a period for the good that they pursue. It is remarkable, that they never see any way to their projected good but by the road of some evil. Their imagination is not fatigued with the contemplation of human suffering through the wild waste of centuries added to centuries of misery and desolation. Their humanity is at the horizon—and, like the horizon, it always flies before them. The geometricians, and the chemists, bring, the one from the dry bones of their diagrams, and the other from the soot of their furnaces, dispositions that make them worse than indifferent about those feelings and habitudes, which are the support of the moral world. Ambition is come upon them suddenly; they are intoxicated with it, and it has rendered them fearless of the danger, which may from thence arise to others or to themselves. These philosophers consider men in their experiments, no more than they do mice in an air pump, or in a recipient of mephitic gas. - Edmund Burke
Burke and later Herbert Butterfield and H. V. Morton were justifiably proud of their people’s refusal to jettison the past:

Let us praise as a living thing the continuity of our history, and praise the whigs who taught us that we must nurse this blessing—reconciling continuity with change, discovering meditations between past and present, and showing what can be achieved by man’s reconciling mind. Perhaps it is not even the whigs that we should praise, but rather something in our traditions which captured the party at the moment when it seemed ready to drift into unmeasurable waters. Perhaps we owe most in fact to the solid body of Englishmen, who throughout the centuries have resisted the wildest aberrations, determined never for the sake of speculative ends to lose the good they already possessed; anxious not to destroy those virtues in their national life which need long periods of time for their development; but waiting to steal for the whole nation what they could appropriate in the traditions of monarch, aristocracy bourgeoisie and church. - Butterfield
But in the latter half of the 20th century the British people did jettison their past. And they seemed to feel a need, like the American Southerners who were the Burkean conservatives of their nation, to jettison their past at an accelerated rate in order to show themselves just as forward-looking and modern as the liberals on the continent. It is difficult to say who is more zealous in their current pursuit of racial Babylon, the British or their continental cousins in Spain, France, etc., but it does seem that the white nations who were the most reluctant to mix their blood with the coloreds in the past are now at the forefront of the European suicide movements.

Great writers, great defenders of Christian Europe, such as H. V. Morton, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Edmund Burke, Walter Scott, Herbert Butterfield, and Rudyard Kipling all wrote about the dangers of caving in to the inhumanity of the scientific-philosophic, new age rationalists. “Don’t break faith with your past,” was their warning. However, none of those writers mentioned could foresee a time when the white European would allow the total annihilation of his past through race-mixing. It was too abhorrent to those men of blood. But is not race-mixing Satan’s supreme triumph? If he can kill the white race, then he can eradicate the past, the Christian past of the European people. Without that past there is no future for poor, unaccommodated mankind. It’s of no consequence to Satan if a theoretical Christ, fashioned to please the liberals and the colored races, exists in the Christian churches. All that concerns Satan is the non-abstract Christ, the Christ of the antique Europeans. If the European blood line dies, then faith in the non-abstract Christ dies with it. Racial Babylon is the work of a diabolical intelligence beyond the comprehension of our minute brains.

Satan’s plan to destroy Christianity through race-mixing seems to be succeeding, but there is a flaw in his plan. There always seems to be a few European recalcitrants who refuse to comply with Satan’s plan. Let’s call those Europeans 'the human element'. From first to last Satan has always hated the human element. He rebelled when God created man, and he laughed with scorn when Christ became incarnate. Humanity makes Satan livid with rage, because in the fully developed human being Satan sees the face of his arch enemy, Jesus Christ, the God-man born to destroy him. Is it any wonder then that he wants to eradicate the face of God in men through race-mixing? If the Christ-bearing race exists only in a past that is scorned and ridiculed by the Babylonians of the present, then where is the face of Jesus Christ? Whose face appears in the techno-barbarian, colored-barbarian culture of Babylon. Yes, it is the face of Satan, and he is exulting over his newly created world, the Babylonian world of white-hating, race-mixing Liberaldom.

The parasitic liberals of the academic and clerical professions, who owe their existence to the antique European culture which they despise, are all heirs of the scientific-philosophic revolution. Their great motivating fear is that they might be regarded as backward-looking ignoramuses. Balzac took their measure:
In Paris, when they want to disparage a man, they say: 'He has a good heart.' The phrase means: 'The poor fellow is as stupid as a rhinoceros.'
And I believe it was Péguy who said, “It will never be known what acts of cowardice have been motivated by the fear of not looking sufficiently progressive.” There is no room for the antique European in Liberaldom, because the existence of the liberal technocrat and the colored barbarian depends on the eradication of the European past. The threads of the past, which a European Christian wants to weave into his future because they are connected to Christ, must be severed by the Babylonians who look to a future world devoid of the faith, hope, and charity that permeated Christian Europe. Burke understood such liberals aright when he insisted that two thousand years of cruelty is nothing to them so long as they see themselves as progressing toward utopia.

But what kind of utopia is it that can only occur after the white race and the Christian faith are eliminated? And even the current petted and adored black gods of Liberaldom will not be as adored as the black gods yet unborn, who will be more noble and more progressive than the current ones, because true perfection is always in the future. I think much of the incredible liberal hatred of the unborn – for what is more hateful than willful murder? – is a bitter resentment that the unborn will be superior to the liberals because they will be further along the progressive highway toward utopia. It is the liberal who wants to stop the future, not the antique European, because the liberal glorifies himself by the abstract future he claims to be building for mankind. He doesn’t want non-abstract, real human beings to ruin his dream of utopia, and this is why the liberal yearns for the death of everything human that might impinge on his abstract unreality. In contrast, the antique European, who always moves into the future while holding on to the threads of the past, relishes the birth of concrete, non-abstracted Europeans, who will become part of a blood line that has its roots in His Kingdom, which is to come and is within us.

The late John Paul II once asked, with obvious perplexity, why the people with the correct views on racial equality and democracy had the wrong views on abortion. But it was John Paul II who was being inconsistent, not the liberals. The abortion that is race-mixing is akin to the abortion of the unborn. Once you permit the first type of legalized abortion you will ultimately permit, and even celebrate, the second type of abortion. You can’t stop halfway down the slippery slope of Babylon.

When I was a young man the charge that I “over-romanticized” old Europe usually forced me to at least re-examine my passion for Europe. But I always came back to my first love. And now that I am an old man, I can say, without ever intending to re-examine my passion, that it is impossible to over-romanticize antique Europe. The psalmist looked up unto the hills and saw his redemption. It is from the hills of Europe that we can see our Redeemer. Help will not come to us from the techno-barbarian, colored-barbarian world of Babylon. It will come to us when we honor our past by staying faithful to our people and their God. We are all, we Europeans, called to be Wilfred of Ivanhoe, William Tell of Switzerland, and Men of Harlech. Let Cyrano have the last word, for his white plume is the European vision:
Yes, all my laurels you have riven away
And all my roses; yet in spite of you,
There is one crown I bear away with me,
And to-night, when I enter before God,
My salute shall sweep all the stars away
From the blue threshold! One thing without stain,
Unspotted from the world, in spite of doom
Mine own!—

(He springs forward, his sword aloft.)

and that is…

(The sword escapes from his hand; he totters, and falls into the arms of LE BRET and RAGUENEAU.)


(Bends over him and kisses him on the forehead.)

--That is…


(Opens his eyes and smiles up at her.)

My white plume…


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